Angelite Meaning, Healing Properties and Uses

Angelite is a beautiful crystal that has powerful healing properties. It is believed to connect us to the spiritual realm and provide protection.

Keep reading and learn more about what angelite meaning is, how to use it, and what it’s good for.

Angelite Meaning

Angelite meaning

Angelite is a beautiful blue-gray stone that has many spiritual properties. It is known for its calming, comforting energy. It’s associated with the angelic realm and is believed to facilitate angelic communication.

Angelite is said to be a powerful stone for healing and transformation, and its calming properties can help one to find inner balance.

Angelite Healing Properties

Physical Healing Properties

Angelite crystal can encourage physical healing and strength, as well as the ability to cope with pain and discomfort. It’s said to help heal broken bones and muscle aches, reduce inflammation, and increase energy levels.

It’s also thought that angelite can be used to help with physical problems like joint pain, headaches, and digestive issues. When used in combination with other healing crystals, angelite can be even more powerful and beneficial.

With its calming energy, it’s an ideal crystal to use for physical healing.

Mental & Emotional Healing Properties

Angelite is believed to have strong mental and emotional healing properties, helping to restore inner peace and balance. It’s said to be especially useful for those experiencing high levels of stress or anxiety, allowing them to experience a greater sense of inner peace. Green angelite in particular is thought to be able to awaken the throat chakra and bring one closer to the angelic and spiritual realms.

Angelite is also thought to be helpful in encouraging self-expression and allowing one to move forward in life with greater clarity. It can help to open up the heart and soul, allowing for greater spiritual and emotional healing. It’s believed to assist in emotional healing, providing a sense of calm and peace.

Metaphysical Properties

Experiencing Angelite’s metaphysical properties can bring about a greater understanding of the spiritual realm. This blue anhydrite gemstone gives its wearer gentle vibrations that can help to connect with one’s spirit guides.

The crystal shape of angelite helps to meditate and brings a sense of peace and tranquility. It’s said to be a powerful stone for spiritual communication and for connecting with the angelic realm. It’s also a stone of awareness and encourages its wearer to become more aware of their true spiritual nature.

Angelite can help to bring about a greater understanding of the spiritual realm and its metaphysical properties can be used to bring about a sense of harmony and balance.

Zodiac Properties

Purple angelite is a great zodiac stone for those born under the sign of Libra. It’s believed to bring clarity and balance, which can be very helpful for those who are looking to make important decisions.

This stone is also believed to be beneficial for those with other zodiac signs as well. It can help to remove blockages, allowing for better communication between the physical and spiritual realms. It can also help to calm and relax the emotions.

How to Use Angelite?

To use angelite, you can wear it as a necklace or bracelet, carry it in your pocket or purse, or simply keep it in your home or workspace.

You can also place it under your pillow or near your bed for peaceful sleep. To benefit from its healing energies, hold it in your hands and meditate while focusing on your intention. You can also use it for crystal grids and chakra balancing.

How to Cleanse Angelite?

To cleanse your angelite, you can either hold it in your hands and imagine a white light surrounding it or you can place it in a bowl of saltwater overnight.

You can also use a singing bowl or a bell to cleanse the stone. If you don’t feel comfortable with holding it in your hands, you can just place it on a windowsill during a full moon for natural cleansing.


polished Angelite stone

What is Angelite good for?

You may find that wearing angelite helps you to experience peace, balance, and harmony in your life. Angelite is a gemstone that’s believed to help bring a guardian angel closer to you. It’s believed to help connect you with a higher vibration of energy and to help bring inner peace.

This crystal is said to be good for calming and soothing the heart, as well as promoting communication and understanding. Wearing angelite is also said to strengthen intuition and promote spiritual awakening. It’s also thought to be helpful in reducing stress and anxiety.

Angelite is said to be beneficial for helping to balance out emotions, allowing you to think more clearly and to make decisions from a place of inner peace. Many people believe that this gemstone is great for promoting spiritual growth and helping one to reach a higher level of consciousness.

What crystal pairs well with Angelite?

Popular choices for pairing with angelite are tumbled stones such as amazonite, gypsum, and celestite.

Amazonite is known for its ability to increase psychic ability, while gypsum is believed to help enhance meditation and communication with angels. Celestite is thought to bring inner peace and serenity, making it a perfect companion for angelite.

Other stones found in nature that pair well with angelite include blue apatite from the Solomon Islands and a variety of calcite found in the United Kingdom.


Angelite is a powerful crystal that brings peace and tranquility to its user. It’s incredibly helpful for healing, calming emotions, and connecting with the angelic realm.

It can be used in many different ways, such as meditating with it, wearing it as jewelry, or placing it in your home. You should cleanse and recharge it regularly to keep it functioning effectively.

Angelite is a great crystal to pair with other crystals like blue calcite or rose quartz to amplify their healing properties.

With its many benefits, Angelite is a must-have for any crystal enthusiast.


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