10 Best Crystals for Manifesting

Have you ever felt like you could use a little help when it comes to creating the life of your dreams? Whether you want to draw more health, love, money, or success into your sphere, you can amplify your abundant future by using the best crystals for manifesting.

What is manifesting?

Manifestation is the time-tested art of using your own positive energy, focus, and intention to make yourself a magnet for the things you want to draw into your life.

This magnetic artform is one you’ll see reflected in popular books like The Secret, the legendary writings of Hermes Trismegistus and The Kybalion, and the teachings of modern-day self-help gurus.

What all of these teachers share in common at their core is the idea that everything is made up of energy and whatever energy you put your attention and intention on grows, and that is what manifestation is all about!

Manifesting with crystals

One of the best ways you can amplify your energy is through the use of correspondence. Correspondence is just a fancy way of saying that items and colors have associations with energies and ideas like when we say that red symbolizes passion or a dove represents peace.

Correspondences allow you to tap into the energy of things like colors, numbers, and crystals that hold a friendly vibration to whatever you are trying to attract.

Our favorite way to manifest using correspondences is with crystals. Crystals are ideal for manifestation because stones come in so many types and colors. Each type of crystal has its own unique vibration.

That means there are specific crystals that carry the perfect vibration for manifesting love, crystals that carry the perfect vibration for manifesting abundance, and so forth. 

You can use this crystal energy as an added layer to your own when doing manifestation work.

Pretty cool, right?

But it gets even better! Read on for the best crystals for manifesting love, money, and health.

Best Crystals for Manifesting

Best Crystals for Manifesting Love

Want a little more love in your life? 

No matter whether you’re seeking self-love, the passionate spark of romantic love, or trying to mend a broken heart, there’s a crystal for it.

Some of our favorite crystals on team love include rose quartz, girasol quartz, amethyst, green aventurine, and carnelian.

Each of these stones has its own character and purpose when it comes to manifesting love.

Rose quartz is the consummate universal love stone with its delicate pink color matching the pink vibration attributed to the heart chakra.

If you’re looking for a similar but softer energy, there’s also girasol quartz, which is all about the manifestation of love and clarity.

Amethyst is a soothing friend to the broken-hearted helping them heal from the pain of lost love, while green aventurine is known for promoting luck in finding love.

Last in our lineup of love crystals is carnelian, which is a root chakra stone associated with sensuality and passion.

Best Crystals for Manifesting Money

While you’ll still have to do your part, crystals can be indispensable allies when it comes to manifesting abundance.

If you are looking to boost your manifesting mojo, there are a few key crystals you will want to have in your abundance-attracting arsenal.

Some of our favorites for kicking the Law of Attraction into action include citrine, pyrite, green jade, green aventurine, and tiger’s eye.

As with our favorite love stones, each of these crystals carries its own special manifesting gift.

Citrine packs a powerful punch when it comes to reaching your financial goals, while pyrite will help you find clarity in work and business. 

Green jade, on the other hand, is a great stone for easing anxiety around money, so you can relax and get to work. 

And finally, both tiger’s eye and green aventurine which are generally acknowledged as good luck stones, will especially increase your luck when it comes to money.

Best Crystals for Manifesting Health

Crystals have been a long-time favorite healing tool for centuries. They are still used by alternative medicine practitioners, and you can leverage their healing properties too.

While crystals are not a substitute for proper medical care, they can help you ease anxiety, increase your energy, and aid with a host of other complaints by restoring balance to your mind, body, and spirit.

Some of our favorite stones for crystal healing include citrine, amethyst, obsidian, and clear quartz.

Citrine is a happiness stone that brings positive energy to the body, while the soothing properties of amethyst make it great for anxiety and insomnia. 

Obsidian, which is generally known as a protective stone, will also help protect your health and outlook by dispelling negative energy.

And, saving the best for last, clear quartz is commonly known as a master healer because of its ability to strengthen your immune system.

10 Best Crystals for Manifesting

As you’ve probably noticed, when it comes to manifestation the power of crystal energy is practically endless. To get you started with your manifestation practice, we’ve compiled a list of the 10 best crystals for manifesting and how to use them.

1. Clear Quartz

Known as a master healer, clear quartz holds a place of honor at the top of our list because it can be used for manifesting just about anything. If you’re wondering how that works, the special thing about this power-packed crystal is that clear quartz is a magnifier, which means when you use it in tandem with any other crystal, it will amplify that crystal’s energy.

Here are the best ways to use clear quartz:

  • Use it to boost the energy of other healing crystals
  • Meditate with clear quartz when you are looking for clarity
  • Restore balance to your mind, body, and spirit
  • For healing the crown chakra while balancing all the chakras
  • Boost your concentration

2. Rose Quartz

Ask any crystal lover what their favorite stone for manifesting love is, and you’re bound to hear rose quartz. That’s because this beautiful, soft pink crystal is a stone of universal love and compassion toward self and others. No matter what kind of loving energy you want to attract, rose quartz is the perfect stone for healing hearts and relationships while amplifying love.

Here are the best ways to use rose quartz:

  • Use it to find balance and calm your emotions
  • Meditate with rose quartz to heal your heart
  • Let its loving energy soothe you when you are grieving
  • Wear it as jewelry to stave off negativity, boost your self-worth, and keep you in a loving vibe
  • For healing and restoring balance to the heart chakra 

3. Citrine

With its sunny yellow color, citrine is a strong positive energy and manifestation stone is a favorite for drawing prosperity, happiness, and confidence to those who work with it. If you want to significantly level up your sense of joy and abundance, citrine is your stone. 

Here are the best ways to use citrine:

Place it on your abundance altar to attract prosperity

  • Meditate with citrine to build confidence when you are plagued with self-doubt
  • Let citrine’s happy energy dispel negative emotions, combat depression, and improve your mood and spirit on days when you’re feeling glum
  • Wear it as jewelry to boost your self-esteem and attract abundance 
  • Use it to aid in healing the solar plexus chakra

4. Amethyst

Amethyst is one of the quartz crystals that has historically been associated with spiritual wisdom, clarity, calming energy, protection, and intuition. According to the ancient Greeks, the stone’s powers of clarity and protection were so strong that it would protect its wearer from intoxication no matter how much wine they drank. It has also been used for centuries as an aid for sleep disturbances.

Here are the best ways to use amethyst:

  • Use it to find balance and calm your emotions
  • Meditate with amethyst to enhance your intuition
  • Put a piece of amethyst under your pillow if you suffer from insomnia
  • Wear it as jewelry to calm your nerves find clarity, and reduce anxiety
  • For opening the crown chakra

5. Obsidian

While there are many types of obsidian, like most black stones, black obsidian carries strong properties of healing, clarity, and protection from negative energy. Because of its protective properties black obsidian, which is actually a type of volcanic glass formed from hardened lava, was used in ancient times for making arrowheads and weapons designed to protect their user from harm.

Here are the best ways to use obsidian:

  • Place it on your window sills or on the corners of your property for protection
  • Meditate with obsidian when you are seeking clarity
  • Carry a piece of obsidian with you whenever you want to feel grounded and protected
  • Wear obsidian jewelry to shield you from negative energy
  • For healing the root chakra

6. Carnelian

Revered by civilizations as old as ancient Egypt and Greece, carnelian has been loved for thousands of years for its bold reddish-orange color symbolizing passion, courage, and creative fire. If you’re looking for a stone for manifestation, raw energy, passion, and creativity, carnelian may be your new favorite healing crystal.

Here are the best ways to use carnelian:

  • Keep a piece of carnelian in your creative space to stimulate creativity
  • Meditate with carnelian to stoke your creative fire and manifestation power
  • Place a piece of carnelian on your nightstand or wear it to fill your love life with passion
  • Keep carnelian on your desk to encourage out-of-the-box thinking and manifest success in business
  • For healing the root and sacral chakras

7. Hematite

Like black obsidian, hematite has been used since ancient times for its properties as a grounding and protection stone. It was used by everyone from Native Americans to the ancient Greeks, who revered it so much they named this mirror-like iron oxide crystal after their word for blood.

Here are the best ways to use hematite:

  • Keep a piece of hematite in your pocket to banish negative energy and boost your self-confidence
  • Meditate with hematite to find your center of balance when you’re feeling ungrounded
  • Place a piece of hematite anywhere you feel could use the extra protection of this negativity transmuting stone
  • Wear hematite to keep you grounded when you’re feeling anxious
  • For healing the root chakra

8. Pyrite

Sometimes known as Fool’s Gold because early gold prospectors sometimes mistook this sparkly mineral for gold back at the height of the Gold Rush days, pyrite, whose actual name comes to us from the Greek word for fire, is another powerful stone that has been used for thousands of years for healing and protection. 

Here are the best ways to use pyrite:

  • Carry pyrite for emotional, physical, and psychic protection from negative people and spirits
  • Meditate with pyrite to enhance your memory and boost your divination skills
  • Put a piece of pyrite in your pocket to calm your nerves when dealing with difficult people who make you anxious
  • For healing the sacral and solar plexus chakras

9. Green Jade

Revered in particular by Chinese culture and sacred to the goddess of compassion, Kwan Yin, green jade has been seen by various cultures throughout the ages as a stone of luck. positive energy, and abundance.

Here are the best ways to use jade:

  • Carry jade with you to keep your thoughts positive
  • Meditate with jade to enhance your feelings of well-being and happiness
  • Give jade items as gifts to anyone you know who could use some extra luck in their life
  • Place jade on your abundance altar to draw prosperity to your home
  • Wear jade to keep you in a vibration of prosperity and abundance
  • For healing the solar plexus and heart chakras

10. Tiger’s Eye

Tiger’s eye has been revered since ancient times as one of the best crystals for manifesting good luck and as a catalyst for magnetizing money into your household. Associated by the ancient Egyptians with the sun god, Ra, who was the creator of all, tiger’s eye is the perfect symbol for all forms of abundance and growth.

Here are the best ways to use tiger’s eye:

  • Carry tiger’s eye to summon bravery, strength, and self-confidence
  • Meditate with tiger’s eye to banish self-doubt and enhance self-worth
  • Keep a piece of tiger’s eye on your desk to increase your motivation and boost your career
  • Wear tiger’s eye or keep it in your wallet to increase your luck in life and finance
  • For healing the root, sacral, and solar plexus chakras

Final Words

That wraps up our top ten list of manifestation crystals. With this list, you’re well prepared to go out and start using healing crystals to manifest all the health, wealth, love, money, and success you can handle into your life. The more you work with these powerful manifestation tools, the more you’ll find YOUR personal favorites.


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