Black Tourmaline Meaning, Healing Properties and Uses

Black Tourmaline, a symbol of protection and grounding, offers physical and emotional healing by detoxifying the body, easing pain, boosting immunity, and promoting positivity. 

It serves as a spiritual shield against negativity and enhances earth connectivity. Particularly resonating with Capricorn and Libra zodiac signs.

Read on to discover more about Black Tourmaline meaning, benefits, and how to use this stone for your life.

Quick Info

  • Main Usage: Purification, Health, Exorcism
  • Chakra: Root Chakra
  • Elements: Earth
  • Planet: Saturn

Black Tourmaline Meaning Quick Info

Origin of Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline, also known as Schorl, holds a rich and fascinating history. Originating from the island of Sri Lanka, its name derives from the Sinhalese term “turmali,” meaning “mixed gem.” 

This powerful crystal has been revered across various cultures for its protective and grounding properties.In ancient times, from the Middle East to Australia, people believed in the compelling protective powers of Black Tourmaline. 

Ab original Moors used it to ward off evil spirits and negative energy, while ancient Egyptians appreciated its grounding capabilities, embedding it into their Pharaoh’s tombs to ensure safe passage to the afterlife.

Black Tourmaline Meaning

Beyond its historical use, Black Tourmaline is a symbol of protection and grounding in the world of crystal healing. As a protective stone, it is believed to create an energetic boundary between you and external influences, shielding you from negativity, electromagnetic fields, and destructive forces.

Meanwhile, its grounding capabilities connect you to the Earth’s energies, enhancing your stability and resilience. Like a lightning rod, Black Tourmaline can help you channel and diffuse negative energy, transforming it into a positive, usable state.

Black Tourmaline Healing Properties

Black Tourmaline Healing Properties

Physical Healing Properties

Black tourmaline, can be used as your detox powerhouse and aids in cleansing your body from pollutants and toxins. It promotes overall wellness by acting as a shield against harmful substances encountered daily. 

This crystal also offers natural pain relief, easing chronic discomfort and making it an ideal companion for those with arthritis or muscular disorders. 

For an immune system boost, black tourmaline is your crystal of choice. It fortifies your immune system, providing an extra line of defense during flu season.

Mental and Emotional Healing Properties

You can also consider black tourmaline a beacon of positivity in challenging times. Black tourmaline can dispels negative thoughts and provides stability, grounding you in positivity. 

As a clarity crystal, black tourmaline removes mental fog, enabling you to focus and make confident decisions. Whether you’re dealing with a challenging situation or need a study or work boost, this crystal can foster a clear head and a positive mindset.

Spiritual Healing Properties

Black tourmaline can also serve as your spiritual shield, guarding you against negative energies and psychic attacks. It’s your spiritual security system, ensuring the safety of your energy field. 

This crystal also enhances your connection with the Earth, promoting stability and balance vital for spiritual practices. If you’re meditating, practicing yoga, or just enjoying a quiet moment, having black tourmaline nearby can enrich your spiritual experience. 

Black Tourmaline and Chakra

Black tourmaline is connected to the Root Chakra, also known as Muladhara in Sanskrit. This is the first of the seven chakras, located at the base of your spine. The Root Chakra is your center of stability and grounding, governing feelings of safety and security.

Working with black tourmaline can help to balance and open up this chakra, enhancing your sense of stability and connectedness. When your Root Chakra is balanced, you’ll feel more secure, grounded, and confident in your daily life.

Black Tourmaline and Zodiac Signs

Black Tourmaline and Zodiac Signs

Known for its grounding and protective qualities, Black Tourmaline is a gemstone that resonates powerfully with Capricorn and Libra zodiac signs. 

Capricorns: Embrace Stability and Strength

Capricorns, ruled by Saturn, are known for their disciplined, hard-working, and pragmatic nature. Black Tourmaline’s grounding properties provide a stable foundation for them, driving a sense of stability amidst life’s unpredictability. It bolsters their innate determination and resilience, encouraging them to remain steadfast in their pursuits.

Additionally, as a protective stone, Black Tourmaline safeguards Capricorns from negative energies that could impede their progress. It acts like a personal bodyguard, shielding them from energy drainers and creating a safe space for personal development.

Libras: Achieve Balance and Harmony

Libras, on the other hand, are air signs ruled by Venus, the planet of love, beauty, and harmony. These individuals strive for balance in all aspects of life—be it in personal relationships or their inner world. Black tourmaline, with its balancing properties, can be a powerful ally for Libras.

Black tourmaline’s protective nature helps maintain Libras’ emotional balance, guarding them from external negativity. At the same time, it promotes internal balance, encouraging Libras to accept their light and shadow aspects.

How to Use Black Tourmaline

Black tourmaline could be a potent tool for everyday wellness, there are several ways you can use it in your life.

In Personal Spaces

You can place your black tourmaline near your space’s entrance, it can create a protective barrier, warding off any negative energy entering your space.  Additionally, you can also position a black tourmaline close to your electronics to counteract electromagnetic radiation.

Wearing Black Tourmaline

Wearing a black tourmaline can also be a good choice. From bracelets to pendants, there’s a wide range of chic options available. This allows you to reap the benefits of black tourism, regardless of your location.

Meditation and Healing Practices

If you have a meditation routine, incorporating black tourmaline into your meditation can also improve your grounding and protection. During meditation, hold the crystal in your hand or place it on your root chakra. This practice enables you to connect with earth’s energy, fostering a sense of security and stability.

How to Care for Black Tourmaline

Caring for Your Black Tourmaline

To maintain the energy and effectiveness of your black tourmaline, proper care is essential. Here are some tips to help you keep your stone in its best condition.

Cleaning and Maintenance

To cleanse black tourmaline, you can hold it under running water while visualizing negative energy washing away. Alternatively, you can also smudge  black tourmaline with smoke from a stick or incense, or place it on a selenite plate for cleansing.

Recharging and Energizing

For recharging black tourmaline, you can place it under the moonlight, bury it in the earth, or place it next to a clear quartz crystal. Whichever method you choose, remember that your intention plays a significant role in re-energizing your black tourmaline. 

Geological Properties

Chemical CompositionNaFe2+3AI6Si6O18(B03)3OH3(OH)
Crystal SystemTrigonal System
Main Producing AreaBrazil, United States, Madagascar

FAQs about Black Tourmaline

What is the benefit of black tourmaline?

Black tourmaline is a powerhouse of protection. It helps shield you from harmful electromagnetic radiation from tech devices. It’s also known for its ability to absorb negative energy, transforming it into positive energy. This crystal can help you feel grounded, secure, and more connected to the earth.

What does tourmaline do spiritually?

Spiritually, black tourmaline is a grounding stone that encourages a sense of power and self-confidence. It helps you overcome fear and anxiety, promoting emotional stability. It’s also believed to protect you from spiritual negativity, creating a psychic barrier against harmful energies.

What signs should wear black tourmaline?

While anyone can benefit from the protective power of black tourmaline, it is especially beneficial for those with zodiac signs Capricorn and Libra. These signs resonate with the energy of the crystal, providing them with an extra layer of protection and balance.

What is the black tourmaline protection from?

Black tourmaline provides protection from various forms of negativity- physical, emotional, and spiritual. It acts as a barrier against negative energy, blocks harmful electromagnetic radiation, and shields you from psychic attacks. It’s like a spiritual bodyguard, always ready to protect you from harm.


In conclusion, Black Tourmaline is a transformative crystal, offering protection, grounding, and clarity.

Black Tourmaline meaning and healing properties underline its profound influence. Whether used in personal spaces, worn as jewelry, or incorporated in meditation, its benefits are immense.

Just explore the wonders of Black Tourmaline and let it be your spiritual bodyguard.


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