8 Best Healing Crystal for Self Love

Have you been feeling a little down lately? The stress of the day gets to you, and suddenly you’re left with nothing but overwhelming feelings of self-doubt, sadness, and hopelessness. This post will teach you how to find hope again by healing your heart and soul with crystal for self love.

If you’re not sure where to start, here is a list of the eight best healing crystals for self-love:

8 Best Crystals for Self Love

1. Amethyst

The most popular and well-known crystal for healing is amethyst. This is a violet crystal that represents the Crown Chakra and healing. 

The color violet is associated with spirituality and helps open us up to receiving spiritual guidance from our angels, ancestors, or other spiritual beings helping us on our paths.

Amethyst is known to help heal the heart chakra and work as an emotional stabilizer even in the presence of negative people or emotions. It also helps balance our intuition with our inner voice to hear the quiet messages within our hearts. 

Amethyst works particularly well for those who have had past traumas or suffering, which makes it one of my all-time favorite crystals for self-love.

How to use Amethyst for Self Love

This crystal, combined with red jasper, must be placed on the sacral chakra, by the heart chakra, or at the root. Lay it out on an altar and light a candle under it to amplify the healing properties of this crystal.

You can also hang amethyst gems above your bed while you sleep to help you deal with unresolved emotional trauma. 

2. Carnelian

Carnelian is a red crystal that represents the root chakra and healing. This crystal is also used for grounding, protection, and balance. 

These properties can be helpful as we work through emotional issues by helping us to stay grounded and in the present moment.

It also works on all chakras from the root all the way up to the crown chakra, but it’s particularly helpful at helping to ground our emotions to let go of negative feelings and healthily deal with them. 

Carnelian can help us handle grief and emotional pain better and provides relaxation, which can help us release negative beliefs and find inner strength.

This is a crystal that is great for those who have had past traumas or suffering and can help us heal from it. It’s also a good crystal for anyone who wants to let go of negative emotions as it provides unconditional love.

How to use Carnelian Crystal for Self Love

Carnelian can be placed anywhere on your body, but I like to set this stone in the middle of my forehead or under my tongue while I meditate or focus on the color red. 

You can also burn red incense while you place this mineral. Carnelian is an excellent crystal for helping to ground negative energy and balance emotions.

3. Rhodonite

Rhodonite is a pink-red crystal that represents the heart chakra and healing. This crystal works on all chakras, from the root to the crown chakra.

The color pink has been known to have powerful properties, pink energy that can awaken our senses to bring new love into our lives and help us heal old wounds. 

Rhodonite is known to bring compassion, understanding, love, and forgiveness, which can help us let go of past relationships and heal old pains of the heart and soul. 

This crystal set helps ground us while we work through emotional issues to help us stay grounded during difficult situations. 

It also helps us forgive others for their actions or lack of actions, which is always good advice when working through painful memories or past life experiences.

How to use Rhodonite for Self Love

This crystal can be set on any chakra, but I like to set this stone on my heart chakra while I meditate. If you hold rhodonite, it will help you to forgive yourself and others. 

This is an excellent stone for helping us to stay grounded during difficult situations. While working with this stone, you can also burn incense that matches the color pink.

4. Aventurine

Aventurine increases self-esteem and stimulates creativity. It enhances the intellect and supports healing, bringing peace and a greater understanding of one’s true desires. Aventurine is also used for purifying the aura and for balancing emotions.

Aventurine is among the best stones and has a clear, blue-green color, and is usually found in combination with other stones such as clear quartz or calcite. The crystal can be found in Japan, Brazil, Mexico, and sometimes Africa.

Aventurine is one of the best healing crystals for self-love because it benefits all of your senses. Use Aventurine in meditation and during yoga to expand your consciousness, promote self-love, and stimulate the mind.

How to use Aventurine for Self Love

Aventurine can be worn on a pendant necklace, bracelets, and stones in artwork to promote self-love. The crystal can also be used in baths or personal cleansers. 

Aventurine can also be added to homemade bath salts. When using Aventurine, make sure to keep it near for you to be able to connect with its energies.

5. Amazonite

Amazonite helps to increase self-confidence and assists in the manifestation of ideas into reality. The stone promotes positive thought processes, healing, and luck.

Amazonite is an extremely powerful healing crystal for self-love because it can break down negative thoughts and energies from other people. It can also help receive wisdom from higher sources, bringing clarity to one’s purpose.

Amazonite can help you find your true calling in life. It will cause you to feel self-assured and able to implement your goals in life to achieve the desired results.

How to Use Amazonite for Self Love

Using amazonite for healing can be as simple as holding a piece of the stone and thinking about what you want. By thinking about your goals and desires, amazonite will help manifest your intentions into physical reality. 

The best crystal can also be used in meditation to clear the heart chakra of negative emotions and doubt. Hold amazonite to stimulate healing, self-drive, and courage.

6. Rose Quartz

Rose quartz enhances self-love and becomes aware of your own emotions. The crystal assists in healing and relieving emotional stress while allowing one to open up more compassion to others.

This self love crystal can help you feel more self-assured when loved and accepted. It can also invite you to allow love into your life again, as it can show its beauty by bringing out the good qualities in others. Rose quartz can be used for relaxation when you want to calm yourself down or relieve tension.

How to Use Rose Quartz for Self Love

Rose quartz is a special healing crystal for self-love because it is sometimes used in healing rituals. Hold the stone and allow your energy to activate it when you want to use it. 

For an added benefit, meditate with rose quartz and think about how your life will be different after completing this ritual. 

You can also wear the gemstone or have it accent a piece of jewelry or artwork. Meditation with rose quartz can help you see your beauty and find love again if love has been lost.

7. Rhodochrosite

Rhodochrosite is a very useful crystal for spiritual growth and development. It encourages higher consciousness and promotes self-awareness when feeling low or in need of guidance.

Rhodochrosite can also help heal heartache, fear, and insecurity by assisting one to connect with the positive energies of a loving universe. 

The stone encourages compassion, forgiveness, and understanding to make you feel at ease during difficult situations. 

Rhodochrosite contains a healing property and is said to provide the user with the ability to be confident in their actions without focusing on their flaws or mistakes.

How to Use Rhodochrosite for Self Love

Use rhodochrosite during meditation, yoga, or energy healing sessions when you desire to be of higher consciousness. 

The stone can also be worn on a necklace or bracelet or used in artwork to promote self-love and self-confidence. Rhodochrosite can be used in baths and personal cleansers as well.

8. Tiger’s Eye

Tiger’s eye is a very positive crystal for self-love. The stone can help you understand your dreams, personal goals, and desires. It increases faith and belief in one’s power by enhancing intellect and personal will.

Tiger’s eye promotes higher consciousness and stimulates the mind, helping one to become clear about the obstacles standing in the way of attaining their goals. 

When used with tumbled stone, the crystal also helps eliminate negative energies from others that may be seen as a hindrance to achieving one’s dream.

How to Use Tiger’s Eye for Self Love

Place a tiger’s eye on your altar during meditation or energy healing sessions when you desire a greater understanding of yourself and what you want out of life. Tiger’s eye can also enhance energy healing or be worn in a ring.

crystal for self love

What crystal is best for self-love?

Rhodonite is the stone of spirituality, peace, and harmony.  It will assist you in experiencing balance in all areas of your life.  Rhodonite will provide you with joy and abundance while helping you connect to your heart’s deepest desires. 

What crystals are suitable for self-care?

Smoky Quartz is used as an aid for self-care purposes.  It may help prevent illness, thus being an excellent option for anyone feeling unwell. Moonstone may serve as a valuable tool for helping you to rejuvenate and de-stress, which will be useful when you’re feeling fatigued and overworked.

Can Rose Quartz help with self-love?

Absolutely! Rose Quartz crystal is the stone of love, and it will bring a sense of loving-kindness to your heart. It will ease any feelings of loneliness and resentment you may be experiencing, thus allowing you to love yourself more healthily.

Final Thought

This list of healing crystals for self-love is just a small sample of the many different stones that can be used to enhance your emotional well-being. Use your intuition and explore the different stones that resonate with you and help you in your personal growth.

Crystal healing is about connecting with yourself, trusting yourself, and accepting your power and purpose. You are beautiful and loved, no matter how imperfect you may appear to others or what beliefs or thoughts you may hold about yourself.


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