6 Best Crystals for Headache and Migraine Treatment

As natural solution for headache and migraines, crystal healing has become popular as an alternative therapy. For centuries crystals have been used to protect against negative vibes and manifest positive energies for pain relief.

This blog post will discuss the different crystals that can help with headaches, how they are used and which colors may be beneficial. Join us in exploring this powerful therapy to find out the amazing potential of crystals in reducing pain from headaches.

6 Best Crystals for Headache Relief

1. Chrysocolla


Chrysocolla is a crystal associated with headache relief. It can help to ease headaches related to emotional issues. The crystal is known for its calming, peaceful effects that help reduce stress caused by negative emotions.

This healing crystal encourages the release of these negative energies. It promotes inner strength and emotional wellbeing. Chrysocolla has excellent power when used in combination with other healing crystals. It amplifies their positive qualities while allowing them to take effect inside the body at an intensely deep level.

When placed directly on affected areas during meditation sessions, it helps expand consciousness. The crystal also embraces change and rejuvenates the body. So you can manage your stress better and avoid more frequent headaches in future.

2. Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli is a powerful healing stone for headaches. It can be used in crystal therapy to treat the symptoms of migraines and other forms of headache pain. This deep blue stone has long been believed to possess mystical qualities. This gives it additional therapeutic properties that are beneficial when treating illness.

Lapis Lazuli is known for its ability to ease nausea and vomiting. It also helps with vertigo which is one of the many conditions associated with migraine headaches. Working with this crystal allows practitioners to tap into its grounding energy. This helps clear mental blockages associated with mild depression. It’s also effective in aiding relaxation on both physical and spiritual levels.

This crystal can also help hone intuition and intellectual thought processes. So, users benefit from improved cognitive function bolstered by an enhanced sense of lucidity. To apply lapis lazuli’s properties, simply place pieces around the affected area where pain relief is desired. You can also create a crystal grid around it using different types of crystals depending on what kind of relief you want most. This may include decreasing inflammation, drawing out toxins or reducing tension. It provides support during emotionally difficult times such as grief or loss etc..

3. Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz is the most powerful healing crystal among all known crystals. This is due to its mineral properties and energy vibrations. Clear Quartz has the ability to harmonize with the Crown Chakra. It helps balance energies released into our bodies that may be causing headaches and other physical pain.

Additionally, this crystal’s strong vibrational field amplifies power within its environment. It blocks out any negative energies that may contribute to headache issues. To relieve headaches, you can use Clear Quartz by placing it on the affected areas or in a crystal grid while meditating.

Furthermore combining it with other stones such as amethyst quartz and carnelian will result in an increased efficacy of healing and headache relief capabilities. Lastly when used appropriately clear quartz helps rid energy congestion from headaches so you may live a more balanced life!

4. Selenite


Selenite is a powerful crystal for headache relief, known for its calming and soothing properties. Its healing energies can provide relief from headaches and migraines. It also washes away stress and tension associated with them.

It’s even possible to wear Selenite on the body as jewelry to protect against tension headaches – a simple pendant or bracelet will do the trick! When combining crystals for headache relief, remember that Selenite has high vibration energy. This may amplify healing effects when paired with other stones like Chrysocolla or Lapis Lazuli.

Not only does this make it one of the best methods of natural remedies available today, but it also helps create balance and tranquility within emotions that instigate such discomforting conditions in the first place.

5. Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is considered one of the best crystals for combating headaches. It is connected to the heart chakra and believed to contain properties that assist in calming and balancing the emotions. These crystals can alleviate emotional stressors that contribute to migraines.

Many people trust its effectiveness as a natural remedy for headache relief due to its strong healing vibrations. Rose Quartz has an association with unconditional love, peace and harmony. This makes it ideal for releasing pent-up emotion or tension from within us.

Place Rose Quartz on affected areas or using crystal grids strategically placed over pressure points. Users claim they have been able to experience faster headache relief than usual without any adverse effects.

6. Amethyst


Amethyst is considered one of the best crystals for headache relief due to its soothing and serene healing energy. It can help bring clarity, cut through stress and tension headaches easily, and open up the crown chakra.

The stone has strong spiritual qualities that can promote emotional balance. In addition, it also encourages self-growth and inner strength. Amethyst works with the highest vibrations from the Universe. This adds another dimension of healing energy to your mind, body and soul when dealing with pain or inflammation in any way.

The calming energy also helps ease pressure away from other parts of the head such as around sinuses or temples. By removing energetic blocks on a spiritual level, it allows peace to be restored within. The physical symptoms of headaches naturally calm down without needing other treatments like medications.

How to Use Crystals for Headache Relief

Incorporating crystals into your wellness routine can be an effective way to help alleviate headache pain. Here are some suggestions how to use crystals for headache:

Placing them on affected areas

Crystals such as Chrysocolla, Lapis Lazuli, Clear Quartz, Selenite, Rose Quartz and Amethyst are believed to help relieve headaches. Placing them on the affected area is one way of using these healing crystals to soothe headache pains.

Aquamarine has been known to be effective in clearing out cluster headaches. It also eases tension located in the neck and shoulders that can sometimes lead up to a migraine attack. Rose Quartz is said to possess anti-inflammatory properties. It can be useful when dealing with migraines. Black Obsidian stones are productive for managing pain due to their ability to eliminate negative energy. Both Amethyst and Rose Quartz also form part of the list for treating migraine-like symptoms. 

When the nausea associated with migraines become unbearable, Lapis Lazuli is very helpful. The crystal is particularly effective in reducing vomiting sensations. It’s important not only what type of crystal but also how it’s used. Try focusing on placement when possible, this can make all the difference between relieving head pressure or not.

Creating crystal grids

Crystal grids are created by placing stones or crystals in a geometric shape. This harnesses their collective energy to manifest a desired outcome or healing goal. Crystal grids can be created using a single type of crystal or a combination of different crystals. The purpose of these grids is to amplify the healing effects, and to provide clarity to the user when it comes to the issue at hand. 

Black Obsidian, Amethyst, Clear Quartz, Lapis Lazuli, Herderite, Rhodizite, Afghanite, Trolleite, and Aventurine are all recommended crystals for creating crystal grids for headache relief. When assembling a grid for headache relief, do so with intention. Try to focus on your goal of reducing pain while adding each stone intentionally and strategically.

Using them during meditation

Performing meditation to help relieve headaches is very effective. Adding crystals to the practice boosts healing power and helps reduce headaches. The recommended crystals are chrysocolla, lapis lazuli, clear quartz, selenite, rose quartz and amethyst. To use them during meditation, you can:

  1. Place the crystals on relevant areas of your body such as the back of the neck or forehead to help relax the area and reduce pain.
  2. Create a crystal grid of multiple flat stones to help expand their energy field around you for more relief from headaches.
  3. Hold a stone in your hands while meditating for greater focus of its energy and healing properties.
  4. Visualize yourself surrounded by crystal energy. This amplifies its effects in relieving your headache quicker than without using crystals at all. Crystals may help improve blood circulation in the head region. They reduce muscle tension that can cause headaches or migraines. This combination helps fasten up the process of getting rid of headaches faster. It also reduces stickiness or hangover effects associated with certain medications.


crystals for headache

How to heal a headache fast?

Crystals can act as powerful aids to quickly reduce headache pain. Chrysocolla is our recommendation for relieving neck and shoulder tension associated with headaches. Lapis Lazuli also has a calming influence that makes it suitable for treating cluster headaches and migraines.

Black Obsidian stones are effective in clearing negative vibes from lower chakras. They provide much needed relief when dealing with migraine problems. For fast healing, you may place a stone of your choice on the affected area or create crystal grids for protecting

The soothing properties of Rose Quartz make it one of the best crystals for migraines and headaches due to its unconditional love element. Amethyst calms and refreshes aura making it useful for night-time headaches improving sleep in many cases.

Finally, don’t forget to practice mindful breathing exercises along with using crystals. They both work hand in hand in bringing positive energy towards the healing process!

What color helps with headaches?

Though no specific color is known to help with headaches, research suggests that colors can have an impact on the way we feel. For instance, some people find using green or blue calming and relaxing. They could be helpful in relieving pain associated with a headache.

Color therapy via crystals may also be beneficial for those seeking relief from migraine or tension headaches. Crystals such as amethyst and lapis lazuli soothe head pains due to their calming properties. Other crystals like selenite and clear quartz act similarly but more powerfully. They are useful for bringing balance and reducing inflammation.

Combining one or multiple of these healing crystals along with proper breathing techniques and aromatherapy, might offer additional headache relief revealing the power of combining therapies holistically.

Which stone is good for headache?

When it comes to relieving headaches naturally, crystals are an excellent option. Amethyst is regarded as the star crystal for this purpose due to its calming and soothing effects on headache pain.

It’s said that amethyst has a natural purifying energy. It helps clear out negative thoughts linked to migraines and tension-related headaches. One way of using amethyst in healing is by placing them on affected areas such as your forehead or temples, or keeping them close when sleeping.

Additionally, some people create grids with these stones around themselves. They also make use of a special headband featuring an amethyst stone at the front for greater relief. The combination of its unique properties makes this precious gemstone one of the best go-to crystals when seeking holistic techniques for easing migraine and related pains quickly!


Crystals are a natural and effective way to help alleviate headaches. Different crystals can be used separately or in combination with other therapies for headache relief. For instance, Chrysocolla is useful for calming the system and relieving pain. Lapis Lazuli supports healing of emotional issues that may lead to headaches.

Besides placing them directly onto affected areas of the body, crystal grids or a crystal bracelet can be created for different types of headaches depending on what type of healing needs to take place.

We recommend you to implement a variety of techniques such as deep breathing, guided meditation practices, and incorporating essential oils into your routine. They greatly improve the healing process when using crystals for headache relief. Crystals have been around since ancient times—they offer us many grounding benefits from which we all deserve!


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