10 Best Crystals for Passed Loved Ones

Do you know you can connect with loved ones who have passed through crystals? Each crystal holds a special energy, providing comfort for your heart and soul. Choose from an array of colors, shapes, and sizes to feel their loving presence, receive guidance, and cherish memories. 

Embrace the beauty of these powerful gems as you create a meaningful connection that transcends physical reality.

5 Stages of Grief

The stages of grief are like milestones on our journey when someone we love passes away. These stages help us process our feelings and heal our hearts. Let’s explore them one by one, learning how crystals for passed loved ones can provide comfort during these trying times.

a grave for passed loved ones

Stage 1: Denial

When we first hear sad news, it can be easy to be in denial. Our minds may tell us “This can’t be true!” This is called denial, and it’s our way of protecting us from feeling pain. During times like these, crystals like rose quartz can provide comfort as they remind us that love is always present – even when our hearts are hurting.

Stage 2: Anger

After denial comes anger, we feel angry and ask, “why did this happen?” Anger can be a strong emotion, but it’s normal to experience it. Crystals like black tourmaline can help us remain grounded during this stage; they provide strength to face our anger head-on and move forward.

Stage 3: Bargaining

Eventually, we may try to bargain with the universe. We might say, “If only I had done this or that, maybe they wouldn’t be here”-this is known as bargaining. 

This stage involves us trying to gain control over a difficult situation. Crystals like amethyst can provide comfort during this stage by stilling our minds and helping us let go of our need to control.

Stage 4: Depression

Once we accept our loss, it’s normal to feel depressed. But remember, you are not alone. Crystals like lapis lazuli can bring hope and light into our lives, even on the darkest days.

Stage 5: Acceptance

Eventually, we come to accept that our loved one has passed away, but their memory lives on in our hearts. Crystals like clear quartz can comfort us during this challenging time as reminders that even though someone has gone, their love and light remain with us.

a girl crying with a crystal for her passed loved ones

10 Best Crystals for passed loved ones

Losing a loved one can be heartbreaking, but crystals offer comfort and connection. So let us enter the magical world of healing crystals together! Here are the 10 best crystals for passed loved ones:

1. Amethyst: A Comforting Crystal for Passed Loved Ones

Crystals for deceased loved ones can be comforting when we miss them. Amethyst is one such crystal that people use to feel close to those they have lost, not only due to its beauty but also because it radiates warm energy of love from the person you miss most. Holding Amethyst may allow you to feel that warm energy coming from that special person you miss so much.

Amethyst is also renowned for its spiritual properties, meaning that it can help you feel more connected to those whom you have lost. It acts like a bridge between you and those whom you miss; providing comfort during difficult times.

2. Rose Quartz: The Stone of Unconditional Love

Rose Quartz is an exquisite pink crystal healing that symbolizes love for those who have passed away. This stone will help you remember all of the wonderful times spent with those you hold dear. When you hold Rose Quartz, you may experience a warm and loving energy surrounding you, reminding you of all of your wonderful times together.

Rose Quartz can also help heal the heart as it is a healing properties. If you are grieving over someone you’ve lost, this stone can provide comfort and make you feel better. It’s like receiving a hug from your beloved, reminding you they are still with you in spirit.

3. Rhodonite: A Gentle Acceptance Crystal

Rhodonite is an exquisite crystal that can serve as a memorial for our dearly departed. It has long been recognized as a healing stone, helping us cope with grief and loss. Rhodonite possesses a soothing energy that may soothe emotional discomfort and bring peace to mind.

Rhodonite crystal is believed to help us connect spiritually with our loved ones, offering comfort during difficult times and helping release any negative emotion we may be holding onto, enabling us to move forward more positively.

4. Black Tourmaline: Protection and Grounding

Black Tourmaline is an enchanting crystal that can help you feel safe and grounded with emotional wounds and when missing your loved ones. This black stone has long been known for its protective abilities, keeping negative thoughts away. When held close, one may experience a sense of comfort from those who have passed away.

Crystals can also help you feel more connected to the earth, which can be comforting when grieving for someone you’ve lost. It’s as if your loved ones are still watching out for you and making sure everything remains secure.

5. Smoky Quartz: An All-Important Calming Stone

Smoky Quartz is a crystal that has long been believed to bring comfort and healing to those who have experienced the loss of someone close. Its grounding, calming qualities can help ease feelings of grief and sadness for those grieving during a difficult time.

When someone you care about passes away, feeling overwhelmed and uncertain is understandable. Smoky Quartz can help you feel more grounded and connected to the earth, providing a comforting sense of stability during this trying time.

This crystal is believed to help release negative emotions and promote positive energy. It can be used during meditation or placed in a special spot, such as heart chakra, as a tribute to those who have passed away.

a hand with a butterfly representing a passed love one

6. Selenite: The Cleansing Crystal

Selenite is a white crystal that helps cleanse and purify your energy, which is especially helpful when missing passed loved one. This stone has the unique power to remove negative energy while bringing in positive ones.

Holding Selenite can bring about a deep sense of peace and comfort. This gemstone helps you feel close to your loved ones even though they may not be physically present, reminding you that they remain with you as a spirit guide.

7. Lepidolite: A Stone for Emotional Healing

Lepidolite is a lavender crystal known for emotional healing. This stone helps you feel better when you’re sad or upset; when held, you might experience its soothing and calming energy, which can help lift your mood.

This stone is also renowned for its connection to the heart, meaning it can help you heal from the grief of losing someone you care about. It is a gentle reminder that your loved ones are still with you in spirit, and wish you nothing but happiness.

8. Labradorite: The Stone of Spiritual Transformation

Labradorite is an enchanting healing crystal that can help you connect with those dear to you who have passed away. This stone holds great spiritual power and may bring about spiritual transformation. You can experience feelings of awe and mystery as if your beloved are guiding you on this journey.

Labradorite can also give you inner strength, reminding you that your loved ones are always there to support and guide you. It’s like receiving a message from them, letting you know they are still with you.

9. Carnelian: A Stone of Courage and Strength

Carnelian is an orange crystal that can provide courage and strength when you miss your loved ones. This stone encourages us to feel strong and brave even in times of sadness about someone we have lost. Holding Carnelian may cause you to experience an intense burst of energy and determination, reminding us that we are capable of overcoming anything life throws our way.

It also helps you remember the wonderful times you shared with your loved ones and inspires you to carry on their legacy with strength and bravery. They cheer you on and inspire you to strive for greatness.

10. Apache Tear: A Stone for Grieving and Healing

Apache Tear is a black crystal that can help heal the pain of losing someone you care about. This stone has long been known for its ability to comfort those grieving and allow them to move forward with love and hope. When holding Apache Tear, you might experience an exhale of sorrow as if you can release all your feelings associated with losing someone special.

This gemstone also serves to remind you that your loved ones are still with you in spirit and want you to be happy and healthy. It’s a gentle push from them, telling you it’s okay to grieve but also reminding you they remain in your heart as it has excellent crystal meaning.

How to use Crystals for Someone Who Is Dying

Crystals can bring comfort and serenity to those facing death. Here’s a simple guide on how to use them:

First, choose the appropriate crystal. Amethyst, rose quartz, and clear quartz are all excellent choices. Amethyst aids spiritual growth, while rose quartz brings love and comfort. Finally, clear quartz balances energy levels while amplifying intentions.

Next, cleanse your crystals. Hold them under running water or place them in a bowl of salt water for several hours, eliminating any negative feelings from them.

Now, set an intention for the crystal. Take it in your hands and envision providing comfort and love – this will help it work more effectively.

Place a crystal near your loved one’s bed or hold it during visits. Alternatively, you could create a small crystal grid around them for extra support and protection.

Remember, it is essential to respect the person’s wishes. Discuss using crystals with them and ensure they feel comfortable with the concept.

Crystals for lost loved ones can be a beautiful reminder of them. Keep the crystal you used as a token of affection, or give it to someone who needs comfort.


What crystals help with the loss of a loved one?

Crystals for lost loved ones can bring comfort in trying times. Rose quartz heals your heart, while apache tears soothe sadness. Amethyst promotes spiritual connection, and Angelite communicates with the departed. Hold these gems close, let their energy soothe you, and remember the love you shared.

What crystal is best to wear to a funeral?

Crystals for a deceased loved one can bring comfort during funerals. Black obsidian is the ideal choice, offering strength, protection, and healing during trying times. Wear it as jewelry or carry it in your pocket to feel its calming energy – remember that black obsidian supports you while honoring those who have passed away.

What is the black crystal for grief?

Apache Tears, the black crystal for grief, provides comfort and support during times of loss. This crystal helps release sadness and bring peace. With its gentle energy, it heals heartache and gives strength. These special friends become invaluable allies during difficult times, providing strength to get through them. Apache Tears are friends who bring comfort during difficult times – these crystals become like family members who make all the difference when things seem hopeless.


Crystals for deceased loved ones provide comfort and strength during trying times. With the 10 best crystals, you’ll find peace, love, and healing – these gems connect you to those whom you cherish, encouraging communication and cherishing memories. Let their gentle energy guide you as you navigate life, honoring that connection that endures.


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