7 Best Crystals for Positivity, Peace and Good Vibes

Are you looking for ways to fill your life with positive energy? Crystals have always been known as powerful tools of spiritual healing. Today, they are often used in the practice of metaphysical wellness.

Did you know that certain crystals can help boost optimism and bring more positivity into your everyday life? In this article, we will take a look at 7 crystals that encourage positive vibes and can provide emotional uplifting.

From clear quartz to rose quartz, these stones of healing make perfect additions to your spiritual toolkit! If you’re on board for cultivating inner peace and radiating good vibes, let’s get started on exploring all the best crystals for positivity!

7 Best Crystals For Positivity

Uncover the boosting power of Pyrite (Fool’s Gold), Sunstone, Peridot, Chrysocolla, Yellow Jasper, Citrine and Clear Quartz that when harnessed can bring positivity into your life.

1. Pyrite (Fool’s Gold)

Pyrite is a powerful crystal that symbolizes success, wealth and prosperity. It is believed to shield the wearer from negative energies. This crystal can be used in meditation and spiritual practices to boost your mindset for abundance.

It amplifies energy and boosts positive thinking, which increases self-confidence. This crystal can also activate motivation; it is helpful while manifesting wealth and prosperity into one’s life. Its magical powers bring balance in emotions too by dealing with stress due to its calming vibrations.

Using Pyrite in rituals or meditations allows astrology believers to gain clarity both of mind and spirit. So they can make decisions more easily without feeling stuck on them. Pyrite is extremely beneficial when attempting goals regarding personal finance, career advancement. It helps with creativity accomplishment or any pursuit that requires focus and enthusiasm!

2. Sunstone

Sunstone is a sparkling gemstone believed to be associated with abundance and joy. It is related to good luck when it comes to bringing positive energy into one’s life. Sunstone is believed by many that it can help attract happiness, success and other forms of good fortune due to its uplifting vibrations.

Sunstone can also be combined with other crystals such as Peridot or Yellow Jasper in order to boost its effectiveness. This creates a powerful combination for promoting positivity and effacing negative energies.

With the right kind of intention put behind it while using sunstone, this gem works by clearing away old patterns within the solar plexus chakra. This helps in imparting personal empowerment. It also re-energizes all seven major chakras at once – eliminating any feelings of insecurity or self doubt along the way too!


3. Peridot

Peridot is a powerful crystal for promoting feelings of joy and positivity. The crystal can help bring hope and support during challenging times. The stone is linked to the heart chakra, promoting kindness and compassion. It also helps us open our minds and hearts to positive energy.

Peridot carries strong symbolism surrounding abundance and good fortune. This makes it perfect for supporting us when we’re feeling spiritually drained or weighed down by life’s troubles.

It is believed to be capable of calming spiritual worries such as blame, self-condemnation, or guilt. According to Hawaiian religious beliefs this crystal has been associated with bringing prosperity into one’s life even in the darkest moments.

4. Chrysocolla

Chrysocolla is a beautiful blue green crystal with a high copper content. This powerful stone has gained popularity as one of the best crystals for infusing homes and hearts with positive energy.

The stone encourages spontaneity by promoting inner will to accept different experiences. It encourages people to take risks in life more often than not saying yes more often and making decisions on a whim.

It helps with emotions and feminine energy, connecting with the heart chakra and influencing the throat chakra. The crystal elevates communication skills while allowing us to express our emotions freely.

Not only that, but Chrysocolla helps boost self-expression, self-confidence, and spirituality. It inspires us to explore ourselves even deeper through creativity and unconditional love from within.

5. Yellow Jasper

Yellow Jasper is a long-believed crystal for its healing energy, joy and positivity. It is believed to bring protection during deep meditation and mind travel. This crystal is associated with the solar plexus chakra to energize body, mind, and spirit.

The yellow hued crystal can remove negative feelings from your life and replace it with happiness. If you are looking for a boost in mood or self-esteem then Yellow Jasper could be the one of best crystals. It’s a rare crystal that helps in promoting positive energy as well as calming stress levels.

6. Citrine

Citrine is an ideal gemstone to incorporate in your positive energy routine. It is renowned as one of the best crystals for improving your life. Citrine contains strong metaphysical properties that resonate with joy and abundance. This makes it a go-to crystal for manifesting great opportunities into your life.

It has long been used to attract wealth and prosperity, which is why it’s often referred to as the “Merchant Stone” or “Success Stone”. Additionally, Citrine’s vibrant yellow hue symbolizes the sun itself. The crystal brings its wearer clear thinking to help reach their goals.

Citrine is also known for spiritual purposes such as helping develop intuition and insight. It works by aligning all 7 of its user’s chakras; from crown to root. In addition, citrine can work wonders on lifting spirits when feeling down. Regular users have reported experiencing huge increases in confidence while using this particular crystal against depressive bouts.


7. Clear Quartz

Considered the master of all crystals, Clear Quartz is made up of strong vibrations. These vibrations act as a powerful form of positive energy while repelling negative energies. It has the ability to balance the crown chakra and clear your mind. It’s no wonder why this crystal has become a favorite of many looking for inner transformation. When you work with this special gemstone, you open yourself up to enhanced positivity, healing and spiritual balance. 

Clear Quartz carries both energizing and soothing properties. It is perfect for helping one find equilibrium in life through its power to cultivate happiness.

It can help us see more clearly through our inner struggles. Clear Quartz puts out calming vibes that purifies the soul. The different colors allow individuals to choose which hue resonates most with their mission.

Clear Quartz helps aid patience , prosperity while granting protection against toxic waste spreading out harmful energy decreasing emotional stress. It allows peaceful meditation so necessary for our human often chaotic existence.

Benefits of Positivity Crystals

Positivity crystals can help you to reach a higher state of mental and physical well being. Here are some of their benefits and tips to learn using them!

Boost mood and happiness

Crystals are often powerful tools in the journey of self-development. Many crystals are believed to contain healing energies that can assist us in improving our mental and physical states.

You can use crystals like Pyrite, Sunstone, Peridot, Chrysocolla, Yellow Jasper, Citrine, and Clear Quartz to boost positive feelings. Pyrite is said to reflect back negative energy. It provides an overall sense of protection from harm while also increasing one’s optimism.

Sunstone is a powerful crystal for positivity due to its ability to ward off anxiety and depression while inspiring hope and joy. Peridot symbolizes fresh beginnings by practicing cleansing practices. It removes empty energetics from the body allowing for renewal. Chrysocolla helps bring out inner wisdom allowing individuals to perform their best.

Promote positive energy

Crystal healing is the use of crystals to encourage positive energy and emotional wellbeing. It’s believed that crystals possess unique spiritual properties. This allows them to absorb, amplify and direct energy around their environment.

Some crystal stones are known to boost positive energy and have beneficial effects. For example, Turquoise is an excellent stone for absorbing negative or sluggish energies. It promotes self-confidence and aiding in achieving spiritual harmony and balance.

They are said to attract luck while providing a necessary boost in mood and happiness whether one needs it most. Rose Quartz is another crystal known as the “universal love starter”. It has the ability to promote unconditional love towards yourself or others through your chakras. This crystal allows you to embrace joy with an open heart.

Smoky Quartz also offers similar benefits by helping protect against unexpected negative vibes from people or surroundings. This could otherwise hinder progress towards personal goals.

Enhance self-confidence and self-esteem

Certain crystals are known for their ability to boost self-confidence and self-esteem. They promote positivity, optimism and emotional wellbeing. Clear Quartz and Citrine are two such crystals that can bring forth a sense of assurance, strength and courage. They can act as a reminder to embody qualities like patience, inner knowledge, wisdom and perseverance.

Blue Lace Agate is another crystal that is believed to have calming properties. Its presence can soothe anxiety or stress which, in turn, helps build confidence. Furthermore, Rose Quartz carries the powerful vibrations of unconditional love. Regular use of this crystal can help you understand yourself better and love yourself more.

Sunstone is associated with warm vibrant energy as well as joyousness. It is known for its power to uplift one’s mood whilst banishing any negative energy. This makes it an excellent tool for those looking to increase positive vibes in both environmental spaces as well as within oneself.


crystals for positivity

What is the best crystal for positivity?

Citrine is believed to be one of the best crystals for promoting positivity and happiness. It has a unique ability to bring optimism, joy, and clarity into its environment. This crystal cleanses negative energies and provides mental clarity and enlightenment.

Along with cultivating positive energy in all areas of life, Citrine can also boost your mood through its warming yellow color. It is very effective in reducing stress levels. Additionally, it can help enhance self-confidence and self-esteem while also creating peaceful vibes that promote contentment.

To use this crystal effectively, you simply need to keep it within your living space or wear it as jewelry on yourself. Either way it will become a powerful channel of these positive vibes throughout your home or body!

What crystal is good luck and positive energy?

Citrine is the primary crystal for luck and positivity, often associated with the sun. Citrine is a translucent yellow-orange stone, which resonates with bright and cheerful energy.

This soft gemstone boosts mood through its abundance of positive vibes and brings life to anyone who comes in contact with it. Ayurvedic practitioners suggest wearing or placing citrine on an altar for good luck and prosperity.

It can also alleviate depression by balancing solar plexus chakras. This crystal has a strong vibrational field that allows your mind to open up enhanced mental clarity. Citrine has held many purposes throughout society since ancient times. Today it’s mainly seen as a source of power when it comes down to improving your wellbeing both physically and emotionally.

What stones bring good vibes?

Several different crystals are said to be emblems of positive energy and good vibes. Lapis lazuli is known to bring mental clarity and enlightenment, while Citrine can lead to happiness and presence.

Turquoise is believed to reduce general malaise. In addition, Amethyst encourages positivity in any space. Other popular crystals include Green Jade, Red Jade, Tiger Eye, Green Aventurine, Clear Quartz for good luck and Smoky Quartz for prosperity.

Place them around the home or carry them on your person. Doing this will enable these stones to work their magic in releasing feelings of optimism and contentment into a space or life.

How do you put positive energy in a crystal?

To cultivate positive energy in a crystal, we recommend you to follow these steps:

  1. Cleanse it: Use sage, Palo Santo, and sea salt to cleanse the crystal of any negative energy so that you can start off with a fresh slate.  
  2. Set your intention: Intentionally set your intentions while charging the crystals. This includes its purpose for providing positive energy in one’s life and space.
  3. Visualize your intention: As you infuse the crystal with good intent, visualize how this will impact both yourself or someone else positively.
  4. Charge it under bright light: Expose your crystals to direct sunlight or moonlight. So that it can charge up energetically and attract positive energy from nature into itself naturally.
  5. Create a crystal grid : By combining different stones together with points facing inward towards each other. These grids help create an amplified effect when all aligned correctly. It can act as a cocoon to keep all positive energies within the contained environment (additional Amethyst are advisable).
  6. Meditate over them : Spend some time meditating over these crystals while chanting or mantra-ing


Crystals have long been known for their ability to balance and heal energy. They provide a powerful ally in the journey of cultivating positivity. When choosing crystals as allies for positive energy, it is important to consider which stones are best suited to your individual needs and intentions.

The seven crystals suggested here each bring unique qualities. They can help promote feelings of joy and happiness, reduce stress, provide protection from negative forces, increase self-confidence, unleash creativity or simply inspire gratitude.

With thoughtful intention and openness we can draw upon these seven spiritual gems to bring us ever greater vibrancy as we work towards restoring our sense of connectedness with ourselves and others.


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