6 Best Crystals for Prosperity & Abundance

Throughout history, people have used crystals to find financial success. Using the right crystals to focus on your financial goal, you can manifest prosperity and abundance into your life.

This article will show you which gemstones you should use in your crystal grid to attract wealth. You’ll also discover how to use these stones together with feng shui to amplify the properties of each powerful crystal. 

6 Best Crystals for Prosperity

1. Citrine

Since its discovery, people have associated citrine’s vibrant yellow tones with wealth. You can use citrine to strengthen your intentions for attracting more money. While meditating, try to visualize yourself achieving your financial goals. 

How to use citrine for prosperity & abundance

To maximize citrine’s potential, you should put it in the left corner of your living room. According to the principles of feng shui, this position signifies prosperity. If you have your own space at work, you can place a piece of citrine on your desk to attract abundance. You can also carry a small citrine crystal in your pocket, wallet, or purse to attract money. 

2. Jade

Traditionally known as a good luck stone, genuine jade comes from the jadeite stone. Although jadeite is sometimes confused with nephrite, they have very different properties. 

Most people think of jade strictly as a green stone, but it comes in many colors. These colors include grey, black, brown, lavender, orange, white, yellow, and red. Each color has different properties and can help you attract different things. 

How to use jade for prosperity & abundance

Green jade can help you attract prosperity and abundance by allowing you to overcome self-limiting behavior. You can connect with this crystal by wearing it in a lovely piece of jewelry. Each time you look at the jewelry, you will remember your intentions for prosperity and abundance. You could also carry a small piece of jade in your pocket. Any time negative emotions try to take hold, you can hold this stone and repeat your affirmations.

You can also harness jade’s power by placing it in your home in the southeast corner of your living room.

3. Pyrite

With its sparkly golden crystal formations, pyrite looks like a piece of gold. It’s known as fool’s gold because it fooled miners into thinking they’d struck gold. Its healing properties include protection and mental stimulation. It can boost self-assurance and give you the confidence to accept who you are.

How to use pyrite for prosperity & abundance

Pyrite repels negative energy and attracts positive energy. This makes it the perfect choice for attracting prosperity and abundance. Place this stone in the far left corner of your home or on your front door to invite abundance into your life. If you’d like to attract prosperity at work, you can put a piece of pyrite crystal on the far left corner of your desk. If you prefer to keep the stone close, you can carry a small piece in your wallet. 

4. Sunstone

First discovered on the fjords of Norway, sunstone is also known as heliolite or goldstone. Its name comes from the fiery red, orange, and yellow tones that run through this crystal. 

Sunstone is linked to fortune and good luck and can energize every chakra. It can also boost feelings of self-assurance.

How to use sunstone for prosperity & abundance

You can wear a piece of sunstone in a ring on your receptive hand to help you attract what you need and desire. You could also wear it in a necklace to activate your solar plexus chakra. This necklace will align your mind’s wisdom with your heart’s desires. 

5. Green Calcite

Calcite comes in many colors, like green, blue, black, white, pink, gold, red, orange, and rainbow. While each color has different properties, green is known for attracting abundance. Green calcite can help you remove negative energy and increase positive vibrations. It can also help you see your financial future and help you know how much money you will need to manifest.

How to use pyrite for prosperity & abundance

There are two good ways to use green calcite for prosperity and abundance. If you wish to attract more money, you can put a small piece of the crystal in your wallet. You could also place a piece of green calcite on an altar, surrounded by a ring of five green candles. Light those candles every morning for seven days to reap the benefits of the stone.

6. Moss Agate

Moss agate has long been considered a lucky stone. This lovely green crystal can bring balance to your life and boost your self-esteem. These properties can help strengthen your resolve and give you mental clarity to overcome financial obstacles.

How to use moss agate for prosperity & abundance

You can wear moss agate in a piece of jewelry or keep it in your pocket to keep its energy close to you. You could also put a bit of moss agate in the north corner of your home. Placing the gemstone in this location can help you harness the crystal’s properties.

Pyrite is one of the best crystals for prosperity

Which stone is best for prosperity?

Pyrite, or Fool’s Gold, is the best crystal for prosperity. It has long been considered a lucky stone and is known to attract extra cash for its user. You should carry a small piece of pyrite in your wallet for the most potent effect.

What is the most powerful crystal for money?

Citrine is a yellow quartz crystal known as the merchant stone. It is the most powerful crystal for attracting money. This stone may help clear negative energy, giving you the confidence to manifest more money into your life. Citrine is an excellent stone to keep in your wallet to maximize its full potential.

What crystals are good for wealth and money?

Many green crystals are good for attracting wealth and money, but green jade is the most powerful stone for financial success. Keeping a piece of green jade under your pillow could help you see your dreams more clearly. Let this crystal help you let go of negative energy. Removing negative energy can help you open yourself to a new opportunity while you manifest money.

Final Thoughts

Whether you need more money to get by or want to increase your wealth substantially, using the right crystals can help. You can use crystals for prosperity and abundance to help you attract more money into your life by wearing them, carrying them with you, or keeping them in your home.


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