12 Best Crystals for Strength, Courage and Healing

Are you looking to boost your strength and overall well being? Crystals are powerful gemstones that have the ability to activate healing powers within us. From promoting physical health to emotional and spiritual clarity, by utilizing crystal energy we can unlock hidden potentials in ourselves.

In this blog post, we’ll explore crystals for strength, courage and healing. We’ll include the best stones for each purpose, helpful tips on how to use them, as well as a few facts about their properties.

So let’s dive into discovering the power of crystals together!

Understanding Crystal Energies

Your crystal’s energy can be a powerful tool when understood and used correctly. Crystal healing involves tapping into the healing properties of these precious stones, a practice that’s been around for centuries.

Each crystal has a unique energy that can help in different ways. For instance, some crystals may be used for grounding, while others might aid in love and relationships. It’s all about understanding crystal energies and how to use them effectively.

When you start using healing crystals, it’s essential to connect with their energies. You’ve got to cleanse them, set your intentions, and then let them do their magic. When you’re in tune with your crystal’s energy, you’ll see a remarkable shift in your life.

12 Best Crystals for Strength, Courage and Healing

1. Clear Quartz: The Master Healer

Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz, often referred to as the ‘Master Healer’ for its versatile healing qualities. This powerful crystal carries a clear, clean energy that can help you overcome challenges and restore your body’s balance.

As a healing crystal, it’s known to cleanse, clarify, and enhance the body’s internal structure and surrounding subtle bodies to connect the physical dimension with the mind.

With its profound healing properties, clear quartz is a must-have for anyone seeking to tap into the therapeutic power of crystals.

2. Carnelian: Boosting Courage


Carnelian is renowned for boosting courage with its fiery, bold energy. This reddish-orange gemstone resonates with the root and sacral chakras, grounding you and cultivating a fearless attitude.

When you’re facing challenges, carnelian amplifies your bravery, encouraging you to take positive action. Plus, it’s a powerful healing crystal, repairing your energy field and fostering a sense of resilience.

By integrating carnelian into your routine, you’re not merely boosting courage, you’re also promoting healing, enhancing strength, and emboldening your spirit.

3. Amethyst: A Spiritual Powerhouse


Amethyst is known for its ability to bring about calm, balance, and peace, serving as an excellent tool for meditation and spiritual growth. Its healing properties are deeply linked to the mind, helping to relieve stress and anxiety, while promoting emotional stability and inner strength.

As a spiritual powerhouse, Amethyst can enhance your spiritual strength, providing comfort and guidance during times of uncertainty or grief. It’s not just its mesmerizing color that sets it apart, but the transformative strength and healing it imparts.

4. Jasper: Grounding Strength


Jasper is a stone known for its grounding and stabilizing properties. This strength crystal is especially beneficial when you need to harness your inner strength. Jasper for grounding strength is highly sought after, providing a calming influence that helps you feel secure and resilient.

One popular variety is red jasper. This robust crystal is linked with your root chakra, the energy center responsible for your sense of security and survival instincts. By stimulating this area, red jasper can help you feel more connected to the earth and your physical body. It’s an excellent choice when you’re seeking a crystal that embodies both stability and strength.

5. Citrine: The Success Stone


Citrine, often referred to as the ‘Success Stone,’ offers an incomparable boost to your courage and confidence. This radiant gemstone is renowned for its chakra healing properties, specifically targeting the solar plexus chakra, which is the core of your inner power. Embracing citrine in your life can help stimulate this energy center, empowering you to overcome obstacles with renewed vigor.

Moreover, the success stone is credited with the ability to dispel negative thoughts. When you’re feeling overwhelmed or doubtful, its positive energy can inspire optimism, encouraging you to focus on your goals without fear.

6. Tiger’s Eye: Fearless Confidence

tiger's eye

Often, you’ll find Tiger’s Eye, another potent stone, to be your trusted ally when it comes to bolstering fearless confidence. This captivating gem, with its golden-brown hues resembling a tiger’s eye, is renowned for its power to instill confidence and personal power.

The Tiger’s Eye works primarily with your solar plexus chakra, the energy center associated with self-esteem and courage. Its energy helps to balance this chakra, enhancing your sense of personal power and fearless confidence in the process.

Moreover, the Tiger’s Eye is a protective stone, guarding against negativity and self-doubt. It’s an empowering gem that encourages you to step out of your comfort zone and embrace your inner strength.

7. Garnet: Enhancer of Energy


Moving onto Garnet, this energy-booster is a must-have in your crystal collection for those times when you’re feeling depleted or low. Known as the ‘garnet: enhancer of energy,’ this rich red stone is famed for jump-starting your physical energy when you’re running on empty.

But it’s not just about the physical. Garnet also fortifies mental strength, helping you tap into reserves of resilience you didn’t know you had. It encourages courage, not just in the face of physical challenges, but also when dealing with emotional or psychological hurdles.

8. Rose Quartz: Emotional Healing

Rose Quartz

While garnet’s power recharges your physical and mental strength, rose quartz’s gentle energy focuses on your emotional healing. This beautiful pink stone, known as the ‘heart stone’, is renowned for its ability to stimulate emotional strength. It’s believed to emit a powerful vibration of love, peace, and positive energy, which can help you to overcome negative emotions.

By embracing the energy of rose quartz, you can foster emotional healing and release past traumas. Its soothing vibrations can help to calm your heart and mind, promoting peace and emotional stability. You’ll find yourself more resilient and open to love from others as well as yourself.

9. Lapis Lazuli: Inner Wisdom

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli is renowned for its power to stimulate mental clarity. When you’re feeling confused or unsure, this brilliant blue stone can help clear the fog.

It’s not just about clarity, though. Lapis Lazuli also fosters inner peace. This crystal’s energy resonates with the innermost self, promoting a deep sense of tranquility. As you start to feel more at peace, you’ll notice your inner wisdom shining through.

In essence, Lapis Lazuli doesn’t just grant you clarity and peace—it empowers you to trust your intuition. Embrace the wisdom within and let Lapis Lazuli guide you. This crystal can truly be a beacon in your spiritual journey.

10. Black Tourmaline: The Protection Stone

black tourmaline

Known as a protection stone, Black Tourmaline has been used for centuries to ward off negative energy. Its strong vibration acts as a barrier against harmful forces, giving you the strength and courage to face any situation.

This stone’s healing properties also extend to emotional and mental health, aiding in the release of fear and promoting a positive outlook. Its grounding effect helps you stay rooted in your convictions, fostering resilience in the face of adversity.

Incorporating Black Tourmaline in your daily ritual can provide a safeguard while amplifying your inner strength. This powerful stone truly embodies protection, strength, courage, and healing.

11. Moonstone: Emotional Balance


Known as a stone of new beginnings, Moonstone stabilizes your emotions, making you more receptive and in tune with your inner self. It promotes a calm, stress-free state, enhancing intuition and empathy.

Adding Moonstone to a crystal grid, along with Green Aventurine, amplifies its healing properties. The Green Aventurine, a crystal known for good luck and prosperity, synergizes with the Moonstone, creating an energy field that fosters emotional equilibrium and personal growth.

Incorporating these crystals for strength, courage and healing into your routine can be a life-enhancing experience.

12. Aquamarine: The Stone of Courage


If you’re seeking a courage-boost, Aquamarine is your go-to crystal, known for its potent properties of bravery and fearlessness. Touted as the best crystal for strength and energy, it’s no wonder that Aquamarine, the stone of courage, is cherished by many.

This beautiful sea-blue crystal is also renowned for its healing properties, believed to aid physical strength and vitality.

Aquamarine works by cleansing your energy and aligning you with your inner truth. It’s particularly associated with the throat chakra, helping you to articulate your thoughts and feelings with clarity and conviction.

Tips for using Crystals for Strength and Healing

It is important to remember that crystals can be used for physical, emotional, and spiritual healing, as well as to strengthen your overall personal power. And here are some tips for you when you are using crystals for strength and healing:

Carry or wear them

Wearing crystal jewelry or carrying them can provide strength, empowerment, and courage. They help to build resilience and embrace challenges. Crystal prayer or mala beads can be worn against the heart or on the wrist to inspire positive feelings of hope, courage, or peace. Also, specific crystals have specific properties assigned to them for healing purposes.

Place them in your work area

Placing crystals around your work area can promote physical strength and boost productivity. They also help to provide focus when it’s needed most. For mental clarity and increased energy levels while working from home or the office –try placing some of these gems nearby:

Repeat positive affirmations

When working with crystals for strength and healing, it is important to include positive affirmations. Using positive phrases can channel the energy you put into your crystal intentions to achieve your goal. This calming practice opens up pathways of possibility in our lives. They allow us to focus on what we desire most while getting out of our own way of that manifestation happening.

Chakra healing

Chakra healing is a form of alternative medicine. It uses vibrational energy and crystals to promote and grow the energies attached to an individual’s chakras.

It is based on the concept at the core of spiritual or vibrational healing in which vibrations between stones or crystals send energy frequencies into your body to help you become more balanced and energized. Different crystals have specific healing properties as they are associated with different chakras.

Cleansing and Charging Your Crystals

Once you’ve used your stone, it’s essential that you cleanse and charge it to ensure it’s ready to support you in your journey towards strength and healing.

To cleanse your crystal, hold it under running water, envisioning any negative energy washing away. Next, place it in sunlight or moonlight to charge, infusing it with positive energy.

Regularly cleansing and charging your crystals keeps them at their most potent, allowing them to fully support you as you navigate life’s challenges. Remember, the bond between you and your crystal grows stronger with each cleansing and charging ritual.


crystals for strength and healing

Which crystal for healing and strength?

Amethyst is a popular crystal for healing and strength. Its soothing energy can aid emotional and mental balance, while promoting inner strength and spiritual growth. It’s known to alleviate stress, enhance intuition, and empower individuals to overcome challenges, making it a valuable tool for personal well-being and inner resilience.

What stone represents strength and courage?

Red Jasper is a stone that symbolizes strength and courage. Its deep red color embodies vitality and determination, empowering individuals to face challenges with resilience and confidence. Red Jasper is believed to boost one’s physical and emotional strength, making it a powerful symbol for fortitude and bravery.

What is the gemstone of physical strength?

Hematite is the gemstone associated with physical strength. Its metallic luster and iron content are believed to enhance endurance, energy, and vitality. Hematite is thought to boost the body’s physical well-being, making it a symbolic representation of strength and stamina.

What stone gives strength?

Tiger’s Eye is a stone known for providing strength. Its golden-brown color symbolizes resilience and self-confidence. Tiger’s Eye is believed to boost courage, willpower, and determination, empowering individuals to overcome challenges and achieve their goals, making it a powerful talisman for inner strength and personal growth.

Which gemstone is best for healing?

Amethyst is often considered one of the best gemstones for healing. It is associated with emotional and spiritual healing, promoting inner peace and balance. Amethyst is believed to alleviate stress, enhance intuition, and aid in personal growth, making it a versatile and widely appreciated crystal for overall well-being.

What crystal is good for strength and courage?

Red Jasper is a crystal known for enhancing strength and courage. With its deep red hue, it instills determination and vitality, empowering individuals to face challenges with confidence. Red Jasper is believed to boost physical and emotional resilience, making it a powerful talisman for fortitude and bravery.


In the world of holistic healing, these 12 remarkable crystals provide valuable tools for inner strength and healing. From Amethyst’s calming influence to Red Jasper’s fortitude, each crystal offers its unique gifts.

Remember, while they are powerful allies, the true wellspring of strength lies within you. These crystals are guides on your journey to balance and resilience. Embrace their wisdom, and may they help you find the serenity and courage you seek.


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