8 Best Crystals for Study and Concentration

Notebook? Check. Pen? Check. 

Crystal kit? Hmm. This might be missing from the average student’s bag. All students face a certain level of performance anxiety and may have trouble focusing as a result.

Those plagued with depression, anxiety, and ADHD can use crystal healing for concentration and confidence during homework, tests, and group projects. Neurodivergent individuals may find that crystals help with studying when other traditional methods fail.

Healing crystals such as clear quartz, smoky quartz, and rose quartz can help ground and refocus students for studying. Some less obvious but helpful crystals for studying are outlined below. 

8 Best Crystals for Studying

1. Sodalite  

At the beginning of a study session, bringing balance into the mind can set the tone for productivity. Often referred to as the “Thinker’s Stone” or “Poet’s Stone,” Sodalite is a healing crystal that balances rationality and spirituality. 

Analytical thinking can join forces with creativity under the influence of sodalite. This is helpful for a student who must read, digest, and create a product from study materials in the form of an essay, speech, or presentation. This healing crystal can help dissolve social anxiety and place mental focus on the subject matter because the student is no longer worried about what other people think. 

If receiving feedback on a project or assignment, sodalite can help calm knee-jerk reactions to criticism. Viewing constructive criticism from a calm, renewed state of mind can help a student be more receptive to improving their work. 

How to Use Sodalite for Studying and Concentration

Sodalite can be worn as a necklace from class to class for mental focus. When the school day is over, placing a sodalite crystal on the student’s desk naturally wards off study-related ailments such as migraines and electromagnetic pollution from electronics. Pair sodalite with essential oils such as eucalyptus, bergamot, or coriander.

2. Citrine 

Citrine is a honey-colored crystal that brings positive energy to any studying ritual, especially when a student feels bogged down by schoolwork. By providing a dose of optimism, citrine can help a student step into a place of confidence and empowerment.

How to Use Citrine for Studying and Concentration

Setting intentions for the school year with citrine and rose quartz is a good practice to add to the beginning of a student’s study ritual. The student can visualize the grade they want in their mind while holding citrine in their hand and wearing rose quartz to align the study intentions with the heart.

After holding the crystal and visualizing their ideal academic self, the student should write it down. Mental focus on the words will help manifest the student’s goals with repetition.

Wearing citrine as a necklace or bracelet while public speaking can boost confidence. If a student is growing frustrated by material that he or she cannot understand, this crystal can help instill confidence that he or she will be able to grasp the material.

3. Purple Fluorite 

Purple fluorite is useful during periods of brain fog and mental lethargy. Muddled and long-winded thoughts can transform into clear, concise statements under its influence. Purple fluorite helps students access their mental abilities that may be clouded by everyday stressors, emotions, and distractions. This crystal helps with math and science.

How to Use Purple Fluorite for Studying and Concentration

Because students are forced to study a variety of subjects such as Humanities and Mathematics, they are forced to constantly switch back and forth from a creative state of mind and an analytical state of mind. Purple fluorite makes the transition from a creative state of mind to an analytical state of mind more smooth. 

Students can place this crystal on their desks when switching from a creative subject to an analytical one. This crystal on any workspace will also help the student stay organized with their papers, notes, and books. This is useful when preparing a complex assignment such as a lab report or research project.

4. Kyanite  

The crystal Kyanite is associated with memory, logical thinking, and problem solving. This crystal pairs well with mental focus surrounding rote memorization practices. If a student needs to memorize equations and processes for math and science subjects, this crystal may help accelerate the learning process. 

On an emotional level, kyanite can help a student organize their needs and voice their priorities to others in the room. With its calming energy, it can alleviate tension in a group setting. Compassionate and effective communication are key with this crystal. 

How to Use Kyanite for Studying and Concentration

Kyanite can be stashed away in a student’s pocket or backpack before meeting up with a group to work on a project. The presence of this crystal will activate the student’s voice as they advocate for themselves in a group dynamic. 

For a particularly challenging group dynamic, the student can create a grid in the meeting room beforehand by placing black kyanite in every corner of the room. This promotes positive energy and protection from toxic and dysfunctional energy.

5. Rainbow Moonstone 

For sustained mental clarity throughout the day, rainbow moonstone is the go-to crystal. Also known as “White Labradorite,” rainbow moonstone is akin to the energy of the moon which cycles through different phases of change and energy smoothly. 

If a student is struggling with a heavy course load or transitioning from one activity to another, rainbow moonstone may offer some support. This crystal calms the mind and alleviates anxiety around trying new things. 

Fears can be met with creativity and optimism. Rainbow moonstone users may increase their intellect in the face of new opportunities as one cycle ends and another begins.

How to Use Rainbow Moonstone for Studying and Concentration

Students who are energetically affected by the moon cycles can carry this crystal for balance and mental focus. For example, a student may be sleepy during a new moon and insomniatic during a full moon. Adding rainbow moonstone to their space can help eliminate these energetic distractions. Pair this healing stone with red jasper for emotional balance.

This crystal can be cleansed in the moonlight for optimal use. Pairing it with selenite will accelerate the cleansing process.

6. Pyrite 

Also known as “fool’s gold,” pyrite increases confidence while eliminating negativity. Much like citrine, it can help a student get out of a funk by increasing positive energy toward a subject. When a student feels empowered, they can move forward in their studies.

Pyrite serves as a reminder of the intended career path of the user and their place in it. If a student feels overlooked, they can call on the energy of pyrite to help their light shine through.

How to Use Pyrite for Studying and Concentration

Wearing pyrite can increase protection from negative and unhealthy energies in a library during finals during cold and flu season. 

Pyrite can also be worn by a student who has taken the lead on a group project for increased confidence. This paired with rose quartz allows compassionate motivation and communication to flow naturally.

In order to gain recognition for an assignment, a student can place a piece of pyrite on the south side of their room. Another option is to place it on a table facing the front entrance of their home.

7. Mozarkite 

Mozarkite enhances concentration and comprehension with mental clairy. New and difficult academic subjects are easily tackled with the sharp mental focus this crystal brings.

Mozarkite increases a sense of responsibility in its user. Students who feel helpless and victimized by their schoolwork can take back their power by making conscious decisions to change their situation with a renewed perspective. This power can be felt in the user’s voice and may enhance public speaking. 

How to Use Mozarkite for Studying and Concentration

Mozarkite helps alleviate addictions, harnessing willpower to say no to distractions. If a student is feeling drawn to the phone, TV, or the internet, they can place a piece of Mozarkite in their space to redirect their concentration on their studies.

8. Hematite 

Hematite is useful for grounding, staying focused on the task at-hand, improving long and short-term memory, and eliminating distraction. 

Students who feel frustrated that they cannot recall material for a test they studied for can draw on the power of hematite to help them. Staying grounded with this stone, students can more easily access information in both long-term and short-term memory banks. This is helpful if a student needs to learn a lot of information quickly before a test. 

This stone may also alleviate heavy menstruation. In some cases, it may also help prevent “period brain,” which is a state of brain fog that some women experience when they bleed monthly.

How to Use Hematite for Studying and Concentration

Hematite is most effective when worn as jewelry with skin contact. The stone is associated with the circulatory system, so it may be helpful to wear a hematite bracelet over the wrist where the veins meet.

Right before studying, hematite can be placed in the first left corner of the room upon entering. If this option is not available, the stone can be placed on the desk while studying to improve concentration.

Hematite can be worn daily and cleansed often with selenite, but should not be worn to bed. This stone can promote circulation and energy in the user, which is ideal for morning but not for winding down in the evening.  


many crystals for study are on the table

What crystals are good for studying?

Healing crystals associated with the crown, third eye, solar plexus, and root chakra are good for studying. Air is considered a vital element for information, communication, and knowledge. Choosing a crystal that embodies the air element or one of the chakras listed above is helpful. Examples include mozarkite, rainbow moonstone, kyanite, clear quartz, smoky quartz, and citrine.

What crystals help with exams?

Crystals that promote energy, memory recall, concentration, and stress relief are best for exams. Examples of these include hematite, pyrite, clear quartz, smoky quartz, and rainbow moonstone. Purple fluorite may help with math and science exams. Sodalite may help alleviate stress migraines for students that deal with test anxiety.

Final Thoughts

The right crystals for study and concentration have been interpreted subjectively for thousands of years. The list above is not comprehensive or complete. Each individual should experiment to find healing crystals for their own personal crystal kit as they navigate uncharted territory socially and academically.


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