8 Best Crystals to Keep in Your Car

If you like to keep your car clean, fresh, and safe from the ravages of harmful elements that might harm your health, then you should ensure you have the best crystals to keep in your car.

In today’s world, where many chemicals are being released into the earth’s atmosphere, we must protect ourselves from these toxins with proper care.

This is where some crystals come in handy because they can help cleanse our bodies and our cars. Here are some of the best crystals that will be able to help out with making your car a cleaner place.

Why Use Crystals in Your Car?

Crystals are great to have around you because they help keep the air clean in the car so you can breathe freely and without any worries about contracting an illness. 

Secondly, they will also help you protect all the electronic devices in your cars, such as computers and phones. 

Thirdly, they will also help improve your energy levels in your car so that you can be energized all day long and never get tired sitting in traffic. 

8 best crystals to keep in your car

1. Black Tourmaline

If you want to protect your car from electromagnetic pollution, this crystal is one of the best for your needs. It can protect your vehicle from the kind of radiation used for communications that are harmful to people.

This crystal can absorb the radiation and turn it into a non-harmful form, so you will not be exposed to too much radiation. It’s easy to cleanse this crystal. Just run it under some water, but make sure no debris might damage it when you clean it.

This will ensure your car is protected from these damaging effects while staying healthy.

2. Selenite

This crystal is important if you want to enhance your vehicle’s energy. This is the best crystal for you if you want to create a sense of balance in the car.

It will come with a high vibration level, which you can turn into useful energy that will rejuvenate your body and give it the right stimulation it needs.

Aside from helping people heal, this crystal is also suitable for cleansing your car’s aura from negative energies that might be entering it and affecting its well-being.

If you want this kind of protection, ensure you get yourself one of the best crystals to keep in your car, such as selenite crystal.

3. Clear Quartz

If you want to clear the negativity in your car, this crystal combined with rose quartz can help you. It can clear out any negative energy inside your car so that things stay safe and suitable for your health.

You can place it inside your vehicle to eliminate all these negative energies such as electromagnetic radiation, harmful bacteria, viruses, and many other illnesses that might infect you while driving.

This crystal healing will also be able to keep your vehicle clean because of its vibration, which is very high in frequency and can remove dirt and grime from the surfaces of your car. Make sure to place it inside the roof area or near windows where light can pass through easily.

4. Carnelian

To keep your car’s aura clean and healthy, you must do it from the inside and outside. If the inside of your vehicle is not clean of negativity and there are other things such as electromagnetic waves that might be affecting your health, then you should try to get rid of these.

The best way to do this is by getting a carnelian crystal, also known as a protection crystal with a high vibrational frequency that can help remove all these negative energies in your car.

5. Amethyst

According to crystal lovers, amethyst is one of the best human crystals for keeping in your car because it has a high vibration. It is also known for being able to protect you and help you travel safely.

This is why it is also one of the favorite crystals to place on your dashboard or keep near you if you plan to go on a long journey.

The crystal’s powerful vibration will help keep you from getting motion sickness and luck. It will also help to improve your mood and keep you on a good track.

6. Black Obsidian

Black obsidian is the crystal for you if you want a stone that can work inside your car’s interior. This crystal can penetrate right into the seat and other parts of your vehicle so that it will be able to cleanse it properly. This crystal can even pass through the glass, penetrating all areas in your car.

7. Howlite

If you want to cleanse the interior of your car, then this is the crystal to use. This crystal has a vibration that can penetrate inside your car and work its way through all areas to cleanse it thoroughly and make it stay healthy.

It can also help you maintain your car in top condition as well, so if you are too busy running around and going on all these different trips, then this is the crystal that will be able to do its job for you at home while ensuring that everything stays healthy and clean.

8. Tiger’s Eye

This is one of the most popular crystals people can get today because it can clear out all the negative energy inside your car.

Like selenite, this crystal also has a high frequency and can work around your car’s interior to ensure everything stays clean. 

You should make sure that you place this healing crystal strategically so it will be able to cleanse your entire car and remove any harmful elements inside it.

crystals to keep in your car

How to use Crystals for Car Protection?

One way you can use crystals for car protection is to get one of the best crystals to keep in your car that can provide you with the shielding you need.

You should make sure that you place it inside your car so that it can cleanse all the negative energy inside and around it. Another way is to place this crystal near windows and areas where sunlight easily passes through. 

This is a great way to clear out any negativity without harming your body since these crystals are known to positively affect people’s health.

What crystals protect cars?

Clear Quartz is one of the best crystals you can use for the successful protection of your car from harmful ultraviolet radiation. This crystal is considered extremely powerful and effective in eliminating negative energy from its environment.

What crystal protects you while travelling?

Amethyst: Amethyst is a very powerful crystal that will help you in your journey. It also has cleansing and protective powers when used with other crystals. This crystal ensures you are always healthy and at peace while traveling.

Where should you keep crystal stones?

Display Them on an Altar or Table: Crystals should be displayed where they can receive lots of light. This will ensure that they are charged with positive energy. The crystals should also be placed on an altar or a table to protect them well.

Where do you put your crystal when traveling?

Wear crystals in the form of jewelry while traveling. If they are big stones, then you should keep them in bags or in the glove compartment of your car. You can also choose to keep your crystals in the compartment of your car where the CD changer is kept.

Final Words

All in all, many different types of crystals, such as rose quartz crystal, can be used to help purify your car. When choosing the right crystals for cleansing your car, it is important to consider your car’s needs. 

So do not forget to buy the crystals that can help you clean your car as well as make your car smell good.


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