Eagle Eye Stone Meanings & Healing Properties

The Eagle Eye is one of nature’s most stunning gems. It takes on a velvety sheen when polished. Translucent stones like this one are ideal for emotional regulation and stress relief in cases of nervous system dysfunction.

The Eagle Eye is widely regarded as one of the most stunning gemstones in existence. When polished, it has a satiny sheen. 

As a transparent stone, it has a calming impact on the nervous system and is an excellent emotional balancer. This stone is especially helpful for those who have experienced trauma.

What is Eagle Eye Stone?

Eagle’s Eye Stone is a blue variation formed by the incomplete replacement by silica, a process of tiger’s eye stone. It is generally blue gray and appears like an eagle eye, hence it is called “Eagle’s Eye Stone.” 

The rich silk sheen and a single hue of the eagle eye stone make the eagle eye stone appear like a satin surface with a distinctive pattern, exquisite and opulent.

Ancient healers have utilized the eagle eye stone for centuries, and modern users continue a centuries-old practice. Since ancient times, this stone has been highly valued for its protective qualities against evil. 

In ancient Egypt, South Africa, and Ethiopia, the eagle eye stone was exploited for many years to manufacture beads and other jewelry.

Eagle Eye Stone Overview

  • Zodiac: Leo, Capricorn
  • Chakra: Root, Sacral, Solar plexus, Third eye Chakra
  • Element: Fire, Water
  • Energy: stability, protection, balancing
  • Healing: Its energy inspires faith in one’s own abilities and a belief that everything is possible with enough hard work. The eagle eye stone opens our eyes to the truth that we are not merely spectators in this world but, rather, its architects.

old man holding a bead composed of eagle eye stones

Eagle Eye Stone Meaning & Symbolism

The Eagle Eye gemstone is believed to improve its wearer’s logical reasoning and perception. You would be able to make the best choices by holding back your aura. The Eagle Eye stone is a stone that can control your feelings.

From ancient times, people have believed its power to get the skill to make decisions in a calm state. You would be able to make the best choices by holding back your mood. The stone can guide your sentiment.

It is a symbol of the eagle’s eye, and it also possesses the potential to infuse its wearer with a hearty helping of self-assurance.

Eagle Eye Stone Healing Properties

Eagle eye stone is believed to have a variety of healing properties, including the following:

Metaphysical Properties

The Eagle’s Eye stone, with its seemingly random patterns of blue, gray, and red, is actually quite useful for its ability to keep you connected to your etheric body during spiritual journeying ceremonies. 

This stone’s calming influence makes it a good choice for those who want to improve their focus and make better choices in the workplace or in the classroom.

Energy blockages in the sacral and solar plexus chakras, where Eagle’s Eye gemstones are typically placed, might stifle your ability to be creative. 

Putting on a necklace or bracelet with Eagle’s Eye stones can help calm a racing mind and ground you in the present. This allows you to tap into your deepest wellsprings of creativity.

Emotional & Mental Healing Properties

Eagle’s Eye stones can purify your energy field of negative feelings and remove delusions, enabling you to understand the deceit of others and your own deceptions with greater clarity.

As a result, you’ll be able to realize your full potential without internal roadblocks like self-doubt, lack of confidence, or low self-esteem.

Physical Healing Properties

Incorporating Eagle Eye into your healing ritual will help your body feel better. Having lower blood pressure and improved cardiac function are two of the many health benefits it provides. 

Lightheadedness and headaches can be cured thanks to its ability to mend the neurological system by stimulating the nerves and the brain.

a single eagle eye stone

Benefits of Eagle Eye Stone

It can ward off not only harmful psychological attacks but also harm to the body and the heart. The Eagles Eye was used in native american and possesses great strength and vitality, much like the mighty bird itself. 

Awakening your determination, good luck and giving you a boost to move forward are three of the benefits you may expect to reap from this. 

This stone’s transformative and introspective properties make it a potent agent of positive change. The Eagle Eye gemstone is believed to improve its possessor’s logical reasoning and perception.

Having Eagle Eye will help you accomplish your goals more quickly and see the fruits of your labors sooner. The Eagle Eye is also incredibly effective when dealing with emotional issues. You want to love deeply and receive affection in the way you prefer.

Use the gem if you want to:

  • Relieve bodily symptoms including lassitude and headaches.
  • Hone your latent preternatural skills.
  •  Lessen emotional and mental stress.
  •  Bring mental and physical stability;
  • Promote equilibrium and harmony;
  • Shield you from harm

How To Use Eagle Eye Stone?

Eagle eye stones and other quartz have mainly been used for decorative purposes by humans for the longest. Conversely, jewels have been associated with healing in many different traditions, both ancient and modern. Eagle eye stones are a part of the religious practices of some people. 

Eagle eye stones are used in rituals to bring about harmony, balance energy, and increase feelings of love and security.

For some therapeutic modalities, the application of natural gemstones to specific body parts is an essential part of the ritual. 

However, for most people, just having to own a piece of jewelry crafted with the stone is enough. In order for the gem to be effective, it need not make physical touch with your body.

How To Care For Eagle Eye Stone?

If you remove your bracelet constructed of eagle eye stone whenever you shower or swim, the bracelet will last longer; in particular, the metal portion will retain its luster.

Use a gentle brush to clean them, such as a baby’s brush, with soft bristles. Scrubbing the stone too vigorously might cause scratches. The stone should be washed and dried carefully using a soft, lint-free cloth. The best approach to care for jewelry set with stones is to clean it in water after every wear.

Even if you decide to have a professional take care of the mechanical cleaning of your jewels, you should still inquire as to their process and the care they take with your gemstones. 

If you’re not satisfied with their responses, look elsewhere. If you educate yourself about diamonds, their maintenance needs, and the many cleaning methods available, you can make an informed decision.

What Does The Eagle Eye Bracelet Mean?

It is believed that anyone who wears an Eagle Eye gem would gain the qualities of bravery and strength that are associated with the eagle’s symbolic eye. 

The gem also enables you to have the ability to see through the essential nature of things. As a consequence of this, a person’s level of comprehension and analytical prowess will improve.

What Does Hawk’s Eye Stone Mean?

This gem, sometimes known as Tigers Eye and Falcon Eye, is a blue variety of the more popular Tigers Eye. 

This stone, which is a deep bluish-gray color, portrays an iridescent quality called chatoyancy. Inner threads are crushed and twisted upon the gem’s creation, creating the dancing illusion.

What Are The Powers Of Tiger Eye Stone?

The stone is also referred to as a golden stone. This energy tool governs individual potency and self-confidence. Tiger’s Eye gems will assist in clearing shifts within the Manipura chakra. It will facilitate you becoming the most capable, self-possessed version of yourself you can be.

What Is A Falcon Eye Stone?

The valuable stone known as Falcon Eye, sometimes known as Hawk Eye, is a member of the same mineral family as Cat Eye and Tiger Eye. 

Blue Tiger Eye gets its name from the way the slate blue or grayish green luster pops out against the background of golden honey to crimson.

Final Words

Jewelry from this gem is a lovely addition to any jewelry collection, and it also has the added benefit of elevating your psychological and spiritual well-fare. Eagle’s Eye is a rare and intriguing stone that would be a fantastic piece to any assortment. 

The stone is a powerful collection for increasing stamina and provides the desire to progress despite obstacles present. 


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