Golden Sandstone Meanings & Healing Properties

Not all that shimmers is gold, but this gem of aspiration calls in a different kind of abundance and wonder. Sometimes, the most precious things you have include your own mind’s magic, the lofty lore of our fascination, and the ability of self-belief. 

These are all the features that the precious gem encompasses. It’s a stone that speaks of creating, believing, and grounding in your own prowess to heal.

What is Golden Sandstone?

The shimmering Goldstone is neither made of gold nor is it even a stone but that doesn’t unlade from its glimmering splendor. This shimmering glass has gone by many names including Gold Star, Monk’s Stone and Aventurine Glass too. 

While it’s often referred to as Goldstone thanks to its rich shades, there is also blue goldstone, brown goldstone, and green goldstone.

The origins of Golden sandstone are gloomy. It was believed to be invented by Italian monks in the 17th century. However, there is older evidence of Goldstone existence – even if that was in Iran in the 12th century or by the Romans. 

Golden sandstone can be evidently followed to Vincenzo Miotti and Venice who was tasked by the leader of state to create this mesmerizing ornament of glass.

Golden sandstone Overview

  • Zodiac: Sagittarius
  • Chakra: heart, Sacral, throat, Root
  • Element: Earth
  • Energy: grounding, creating
  • Healing: The gem is made by humans to heal humans; the golden sandstone is warm, sensual, forever compelling and creative.

Golden sandstone Meaning & Symbolism

As an attractively created form of glass, Golden sandstone represents the fire and capability of ingenuity. While not occurring naturally from the earth, Golden sandstone has a beautifully spiritual meaning and  magical past. 

Golden sandstone’s meaning is that of a gem of inspiration, and even a warrior stone, for its potential to transfigure lofty ingenuity into physical expressions of capability.

If you think about all the things that go into Golden sandstone it suddenly becomes comprehensible. It’s a stone that was invented by humans but motivated by nature, meaning that it becomes a connection between these two things. 

It is a symbol of pure ingenious originality and what could happen when you fully dedicate your mind to something.

Golden Sandstone Healing Properties

Golden sand stone is believed to have a variety of healing properties, including the following:

Metaphysical Properties

As Golden sandstone rouses your feeling of valiance and joy, it signifies that you can allow your heart to be widely open-ended when it comes to manifesting the life that you aspire. When you are modulating your energy to positivity, this means that you can allure the same thing from the world.

Golden sandstone not only prepares us for great triumph but also on a spiritual level, it encircling us with good vibes and positive capability. It keeps us safe guarded as we are able to reflect back any pessimistic energy thrown our way. Golden sandstone works on some chakras.

Emotional & Mental Healing Properties

Even though Golden sandstone is known to be a stone of drive, and ambition, this doesn’t mean it’s all about burnout. 

Golden sandstone seems to intuitively know that the manner in which you get to great victory is through calm, perfect patience and harmony. It’s a gem that assists big emotions to stabilize and confidence flow through.

Being a kind of glass also means that Golden sandstone has reflective features too. It helps you to vision yourself clearly and to utilize that knowledge to make decisions that advantage you in all the most successful ways. 

Golden sandstone keeps you grounded all while summoning vitality to fill your cup. Goldstone is also known for encouraging courage, better risk evaluation, generosity, and joy.

Physical Healing Properties

As a divine detox gem, this stone is here to replenish your mind, spirit, and body. Golden sandstone is a good up lifter for the body as it promotes healthy circulation and tissue rejuvenation. It can also sharpen the mind and put up an appearance to the dial on those truncated energy magnitudes.

The additional benefit of copper being very infused in Golden sandstone also means you get those healing capabilities. Copper is recognized for battling inflammation and underpinning the body’s natural healing process too.

Benefits of Golden Sandstone

Known as the Stone of Ambition, Golden sandstone can assist you achieve your goals with determination and persistence. No goal is too large or too tiny with Golden sandstone.

When you decide that your desire is to achieve something, Golden sandstone’s energies will work for you to make it happen!

It will help you remain relaxed even in emotionally eruptive experiences. It makes sure that you neither say nor do anything that you may regret.

Use the stone if you want to:

  • Stay and maintain calm
  • Lessen emotional and mental stress;
  • Bring mental and physical stability;

How to Use Golden Sandstone?

Bring a piece of Golden sandstone with you when you go out to travel for business or on an adventure. Its energies will keep you safeguarded from harm, danger, or any kind of mishap.

When you put on Golden sandstone jewelry, you will allure abundance, homogenize all your professional and private relationships, and supplement your inspiration.

Place it in your house to fill it with relaxation and elevating energies or put it in your workplace to enliven productivity and promote originality.

It can also attract abundance and prosperity, and even make a pay rise possible.

How to Care for Golden Sandstone?

Golden sandstone can be cleansed by immersing it in warm water and a little bit of detergent soap or dish soap. 

Using a cotton wool ball wipe off the dirt, and then use a brush with soft bristle to clean the hard to reach sections. Rinse with warm water and wipe dry with a soft cloth or a paper towel. Don’t scratch it but only do gentle smudges to wipe off the water.

What Is Golden Sandstone Good For?

It can be used as an energy producer and can fend off undesired energies, making it used as a safeguarding gem. It is also used for long spans revitalizing and healing your energy field. 

A lot of people are in awe with the qualities of this gem because it sheds energies of balance and new conceptions as well.

a large gold sandstone rock

Is Gold Sandstone Real?

Yes, golden sandstone is synthetic and fully human-made. Golden sandstone is usually made up of Feldspar and gypsum and often comes in a red brown color. But there are Golden sandstones that are also colored green and blue.

Is Goldstone The Same As Gold Sandstone?

Golden sandstone: Also known as sandstone, goldstone is a glittering man made gemstone that can be elegant or flashy, according to how you utilize it. 

All colors of golden sandstone beads – whether red, deep blue or lush green goldstone – are made of glass diffused with tiny copper specs.

a gold sandstone wall in a wilderness

What Are The Healing Properties For Goldstone?

It is known to lessen tension, re-energize the owner and encourage a positive mood. Brown golden sandstone, with its copper properties, is believed to contain many of the metaphysical aspects of copper.

Final Words

Golden sandstone is delightful. It’s a simple strengthening stone that isn’t tricky to use and assists you to welcome breathtaking things into your life. 

For those who want to awaken any inert aspiration or for those who just want to stay open to personal capability, self-preservation, and possibility, Golden sandstone can bring a lot of gratification to your collection.


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