Healing Crystals Necklace Meaning

While every healing crystals necklace meaning is unique, they all share the same theme in common; they offer healing and protection. They are not meant to heal disease or illness but to decrease physical ailments’ negative effects. 

This article will explain the meaning of each healing crystal necklace. This will be the most effective way for you to see which crystal belongs to you or your loved one.

Healing Crystals Necklace Meaning

What Does Wearing A Crystal Necklace Mean?

  • Healing and Energy: Healing Crystal Healing necklaces are meant to help you experience increased energy within your body. Depending on which healing stone you choose, you can expect dramatic changes in your health. 
  • Spiritual Power: Not only will you receive healing but spiritual guidance as well. Each healing crystal necklace is believed to have a specific spiritual power. The necklace’s power is meant to help you connect with your own spiritual force.
  • Protection: A healing crystal necklace is believed to protect you from negative energy and even evil spirits. Even those who do not believe in the power of crystals believe wearing a necklace will protect them. 
  • Energy Booster: Wearing a healing crystal necklace can be used as an energy booster in times of stress or fatigue. Each crystal is unique, so find out which one will work best for you.

Healing Crystals Necklace Meaning In The Crystals

The crystals found on a crystal healing necklace will explain these healing crystals’ meaning.

Amethyst (The Peace Necklace)

Amethyst is a type of quartz purple in color. Amethyst is a third eye symbol, the back door to the unconscious where psychic concepts reside. This crystal has been used for centuries to help bring calm and peace to those wearing it. 

Stressed or nervous people can wear the amethyst. It helps by relieving feelings of stress and anxiety, which will help release one from allowing worries to pile up on top of them.

Rose Quartz (The Love Necklace)

Rose quartz is a symbol of love. It is said that the wearer of rose quartz will find it easier to achieve and maintain love in their lives. 

This crystal can be used to reduce stress in relationships. If the relationship is in trouble, this crystal can be used to repair it by removing negative feelings and thoughts toward each other.

Rose quartz will also work for single people who want to change that. It can help one find a soul mate.

Lace Agate (The Wealth Necklace)

The lace agate is a type of crystal used in the past by people who wanted to attract wealth into their lives. 

Blue lace agate can be used to do the same thing in present times.  This crystal is used to help one achieve financial stability at a level they desire when placed in the crown chakra.

Aventurine (The Luck Necklace)

Aventurine is a type of quartz that has a sparkle to it. It is the crystal of good luck. Aventurines can help those with financial problems and allow them to turn their situation around. This crystal can also help one receive the things they wish to have when used with sterling silver.

Clear Quartz (The Energy Necklace)

Clear quartz is a symbol of energy. It has been used for centuries to help boost the energy of the owner of it. 

Clear quartz can also help heal injuries in the physical body by removing negative energies that have been stored in that area. 

This healing crystal jewelry is a symbol of clarity in thought. It has been used for centuries to help one achieve calm and peace of mind.

Sodalite (The Creativity Necklace)

The sodalite is a crystal that has been used in the past and present to help those who want to express their creativity and inner feelings. This crystal can help one be more creative in making art, music, writing, etc.

Healing Crystals Necklace Meaning In The Colors

1. Red Crystal Meaning

Red is the color of action, drive, energy, and sexuality. So it could be said that red is the main color of “action.” 

The red crystal necklace also possesses a strengthening effect. It can help your body to endure difficult situations, like when you are feeling depressed, or one side of your face is a little swollen.

In physical healing, red healing crystal necklaces help with any disorders of the circulatory system, such as ulcers, hypertension, or high cholesterol. 

Also, this crystal assists in anger issues. Examples of red crystals are Ruby, Red Jasper, Garnet, Red Aventurine, Fire Agates, Red Tiger Eye, and Red Phantom Quartz.

2. White And Clear Crystal Meaning

The ideal crystal necklace color for cleansing and purity is white. White crystals are usually clear, glass-like stones like clear quartz. Clear quartz can be found in just about every store in the crystal jewelry department.

Clear crystals can help you change your thoughts to positive ones when placed in heart chakra. They stimulate the brain and help you reach out, expand, and grow as a person. 

Clear Quartz, Herkimer Diamond, Selenite, and Moonstone are examples of white and clear crystals.

3. Pink Crystal Meaning

Pink represents self-love, peace and happiness, joy, friendship, and compassion. Pink crystals are excellent to wear when you are having a hard time. 

Things like stress at work or an unexpected bill could be stressful to think about while trying to focus on something else. 

If you want some help with your ability to concentrate and focus, the pink crystal necklace combined with yellow crystals is a good choice because it will help calm your mind. Examples of pink crystals are Rose Quartz, Morganite, Rhodochrosite, and Kunzite.

Healing Crystals Necklace Meaning In The Patterns

1. Round 

The round healing crystals necklace means the need to think and reflect on different issues. It also shows a sign of change, the ability to adapt and adjust well with others. A round healing crystals necklace is helpful for people who have a big heart and are big-hearted.

2. Square

The square healing crystals necklace represents the need to stay organized and plan. People who wear square healing crystals necklaces are serious in their career pursuit and highly concerned with their career development.

The healing crystals necklace is suitable for people who need help to achieve goals in the long term.

3. Heart

The heart-healing crystal necklace relates to the need for love and affection. Those who wear heart-healing crystal necklaces show that their ability to win over the affection of others is already well-rehearsed. They are considerate in their behavior and compassionate in their actions.

4. Oval 

The oval healing crystals necklace symbolizes the need to endure and overcome obstacles. People who wear oval healing crystals necklaces have strong personalities and think independently. They have realistic expectations in life, which helps them avoid future disappointment.

Final Words

Healing crystals are a way to relieve pain, induce a calm state of mind and offer protection from negative energy. These are the most basic healing properties they have when they receive the positive energy of an individual suffering from an ailment.

It’s best to choose a crystal necklace explicitly designed for healing purposes. Other healing products like oils, gemstones, and even flowers may be used to relieve ailments, but only if you agree with their purpose.


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