Larimar Stone Meaning, Healing Properties and Uses

Do you have a unique Larimar stone in your collection? Its beautiful blue-green color and mesmerizing swirls make it a truly captivating gemstone.

Learn about larimar stone meanings, healing properties, and uses to get the most out of your Larimar stone.

What Is Larimar Stone

Larimar Stone Meaning

Larimar stone is a rare type of pectolite found only in the Dominican Republic. It is known for its beautiful blue color.

Its healing properties and uses have made it a popular choice for those seeking spiritual and emotional support. It is believed to be a stone of communication, helping us to express our emotions and thoughts in a more loving and positive manner.

Larimar Stone Meaning

Larimar is said to be connected to the throat chakra, which is associated with communication and self-expression. It is believed that wearing or carrying larimar can help you to be more confident and find your inner voice.

In terms of larimar meaning, it is said to represent courage, strength, and wisdom. It is also believed to be a stone of protection and compassion. The colors of the stone represent different aspects of life such as love, harmony, joy, and peace.

All of these qualities make it a great stone for anyone looking to bring more meaning into their life.

Larimar Stone Healing Properties

Larimar stone has some incredible healing properties that may benefit you physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

Physical Healing Properties

The physical healing properties of larimar can help reduce inflammation and improve overall physical health. Larimar is believed to be beneficial for the reproductive system, as well as the heart and lungs. It is thought to help with physical ailments such as headaches, arthritis, and muscle pain.

The larimar crystal is said to balance hormones, regulate metabolism, and reduce stress. Additionally, it can improve circulation and strengthen the immune system.

With its ability to heal a variety of physical ailments, larimar is an excellent choice for those seeking a natural way to improve their physical health.

Mental & Emotional Healing Properties

In addition to its physical healing properties, larimar is also known to have powerful mental and emotional healing abilities.

The larimar gemstone can help you to find inner peace and clarity, aiding in emotional healing. It can also provide calming energy and a sense of balance and harmony to its user.

This stone has the ability to help you to look within yourself and understand the root cause of negative emotions and mental blocks. It can also help you to gain a better understanding of your own feelings and emotions, and the feelings and emotions of those around you.

Larimar can help you to heal from any emotional trauma and help you to let go of any pain or hurt associated with it. With its help, you can find the courage to move forward and create a better life for yourself.

Metaphysical Properties

You can use larimar to gain insight into the metaphysical aspects of your life and gain a deeper understanding of yourself and the world around you. The healing crystal is known for its spiritual properties, including aiding in self-discovery, inner peace, and expanded awareness.

Larimar is also said to help one connect with higher realms, providing insight and clarity. When searching for larimar, make sure to avoid fake stones as they won’t have the same metaphysical properties.

With its calming and soothing energy, larimar is an excellent choice to explore the metaphysical aspects of your life.

Zodiac Properties

Larimar is associated with many zodiac sign. For instance, those born under the sign of Aries can benefit from wearing larimar jewelry, as it encourages them to be more adventurous and take risks. Taurus can use larimar to find balance and stability in their lives, while Gemini can use it to discover their true voice.

Cancer can use the stone to help them develop deeper connections with others, while Leo can use it to build self-confidence. Virgo can use larimar to help them become more organized and focused, while Libra can use it to make decisions more easily.

Scorpio can use larimar to help them understand their emotions better, and Sagittarius can use it to find spiritual fulfillment. Capricorn can use larimar to improve their self-discipline, while Aquarius can use it to boost their creativity. Finally, Pisces can use larimar to become more emotionally open and accepting.

How to Use Larimar Stone?

The simplest way to use it is as a worry stone. You can keep a Larimar stone in your pocket or in a pouch close to your body. Rubbing it between your fingers or with your thumb can help to release stress and worry.

It can also be used as a focus stone – hold it in your hand and use it to focus your energy and intentions on a particular goal. You can also put it on your third eye chakra and meditate with it, or place it around your home to create a calming energy.

Larimar stone is a powerful tool that can be used to bring peace and healing into your life.

How to Cleanse Larimar Stone?

To cleanse your Larimar stone, hold it in your hand and visualize a white light washing over it. This process helps to clear and reset the healing properties of the stone.

Afterward, you can place it in a bowl of salt water for a few hours. The salt will act as a natural cleansing agent and help to remove any negative energies the stone may have accumulated.

To finish the cleansing process, rinse the Larimar stone in cold, running water. Afterward, you can store it in a safe, dry place until you’re ready to use it again.


Larimar stones

What is a Larimar stone good for?

Larimar is believed to be a powerful tool for spiritual growth and emotional balance. It is said to be able to clear and open the Heart Chakra to promote acceptance, forgiveness, and unconditional love.

Larimar stone is an excellent tool for healing, allowing the user to access higher levels of consciousness and connect with their inner wisdom.

The healing properties of the stone are believed to be beneficial for physical ailments, such as headaches, as well as for emotional issues, such as depression and anxiety. Its calming energy is also said to be helpful for reducing stress and calming the mind.

Additionally, Larimar stone can be used to facilitate communication and open up new perspectives. It is believed to provide clarity and insight to help the user make better decisions and stay focused on their goals.

Why is Larimar so expensive?

Larimar is quite a rare stone, and so it can be quite expensive due to its limited availability. The rarity of the larimar stone adds to its value, as it’s only found in certain parts of the Dominican Republic where it is mined from the earth.

Furthermore, the rarity and the time-consuming process of mining the stone, combined with its beautiful blue hues, make it a highly coveted stone.

Therefore, its price can be quite high, depending on its quality and the amount of larimar stone available.

How can you tell if Larimar stone is real?

One way to tell if a Larimar stone is real is to look at its coloring – real Larimar is usually shades of blue and green, sometimes with white and gray mixed in. When looking at the stone, you should also check for any signs of it being fake, such as discoloration due to bleaching or man-made chips.

Additionally, you should note its weight – Larimar stones are heavier than other stones, so if it feels light, it’s likely not genuine.

Is Larimar a gemstone or crystal?

Larimar stone is a gemstone, though it is often confused with a crystal due to its appearance.

Larimar is a rare blue form of pectolite, a type of volcanic rock. The stone is only found in the Dominican Republic, and it is said to bring peace and clarity to its wearer.

Larimar is different from most gemstones due to its unique blue coloring, which is caused by the presence of copper in the stone. It is also known for its healing properties, and it is believed to help with anxiety and negative emotions.


You’ve learned about the beautiful and unique larimar stone. Its soothing blue color is said to bring peace and clarity, and its healing properties can help with emotional issues.

You can use it in your jewelry, meditate with it, or even just carry it with you. Just remember to cleanse it regularly to keep its energy strong!

Whatever you decide to do with your larimar stone, may it bring you joy and peace.


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