Pink Opal Meanings & Healing Properties

Pink opals are a subset of the opal gemstone family. Common opal could be hydrated shapeless silica. However, there’s a variety of opal that shows different types of color due to the impedances, diffraction, and scrambling of the light interior of the opal’s microscopic structure.

Regularly found in Peru, pink opal could be opal with an unpretentious pink tint as it is sterling silver in color. It’s assumed to offer unwinding impacts; subsequently, it’s broadly utilized in adornments.

What is Pink Opal?

Opals were considered by antiquated Romans to be the foremost powerful gems, and they were frequently worn as images of sentimental ardor. Opals were worn for great fortune and well-being assurance all through the Center Ages. 

Opals were broadly utilized in jewelry all through Europe within the 19th century. Pink opal is still exceedingly looked after since its staggering appearance and is regularly set into rings, studs, and pendants. 

A Mohs hardness of 5.5 to 6 demonstrates that it could be a to some degree delicate stone that requires uncommon care to avoid scratching or chipping.

a group of pink opal

Pink Opal Overview

  • Zodiac-Taurus
  • Chakra-heart chakra
  • Element-water
  • Energy-Calming and Soothing
  • Healing-Mind calming

Pink Opal Meaning and Symbolism

The pink tone of pink opal is known for being especially tender and female. Cherish, kindness, and other solid sentiments are regularly credited to it. Numerous individuals utilize pink opal for contemplation and unwinding since they accept it contains an unwinding air.

Pink opal is associated with an assortment of positive sentiments and is thought to have physical and ethereal mending capacities. 

A few say it can offer assistance to keep one’s feelings in check and one’s resolve firm, whereas others say it boosts inventiveness and energizes one to be themselves more straightforwardly. Wearing or carrying a pink opal is also thought to bring its proprietor great fortune.

If you see an opal that looks pink or rose, you’re looking at a Peruvian pink opal. It’s a common opal, a hydrated silica mineral. Pink opal could be an effective enthusiastic tumbled stone connected with cherish and energy. 

It is additionally a stone of calm and serenity, utilized in a few otherworldly and thoughtful customs. Pink opal has been related to great fortune and assurance against the fiendish in a few civilizations. It’s regularly displayed as a token of appreciation or to energize somebody you care about.

a single pink opal

Pink Opal Healing Properties

Metaphysical Properties

The calm, adoring vitality that pink opal is known for makes it such a well-known gemstone. It is thought to help with recuperating both physical and passionate heart issues and is thus considered a “stone of peace” and “enthusiastic balance.”

It is accepted that the pink opal can help communication by calming the intellect and advancing clearer and more honest discourse. Numerous say that Australian pink opal can make its proprietor upbeat at whatever point they see or hold it.

Emotional and Mental Healing Properties

It is claimed that the pink kind of opal might offer assistance with mental and passionate well-being. It has been expressed that this stone can help ease push and stress. The positive feelings of cherish, kindness, and tranquility, as well as the soul of good faith, are said to be reinforced by this gemstone as it is excellent in emotional healing. 

Others say that pink opal can boost one’s sense of well-being and certainty and give a sense of security and consistent quality interior oneself. It’s commonly utilized in contemplation since it’s thought to help actuate a state of significant calm.

Physical Healing Properties

The gemstone isn’t ordinarily seen as having any corrective impacts on the body. In any case, numerous people accept that pink opal’s serene and relieving vitality can help reduce uneasiness, which in turn can assist in advancing physical unwinding and well-being. 

The relieving and caring air it oozes is advantageous to the cardiovascular framework. There is recounted proof that wearing a pink opal can offer to assist the wearer in feeling more adored and less separated.

Benefits of Pink Opal

Here are a few potential benefits of utilizing pink opal: 

  • It is accepted to have calm and alleviating properties, making it a prevalent choice for those looking to decrease uneasiness or stress. It is thought to improve inventiveness and empower passionate balance. 
  • Some individuals accept that pink opal has the capacity to progress self-esteem and self-worth. It is frequently utilized to advance cherish and compassion. 
  • Pink opal is additionally said to assist with communication and self-expression, making it a prevalent choice for those looking to move forward with their connections with others.
  • It could be a generally delicate and fragile stone, so it may be more reasonable for those who favor unpretentious, downplayed adornments.

How to Use Pink Opal

Pink opal can be utilized in several settings: 

  • Pink opal may be an excellent gemstone that will be worn as gems. It looks extraordinary in rings, hoops, and pendants. It is as often as possible seen in wedding and engagement rings. 
  • Put a bit of pink opal in a bowl or dish for the show, or utilize it to create a paperweight or other decorative item. 
  • Some individuals utilize pink opal for its indicated restorative properties, accepting it can lighten indications of uneasiness, restlessness, and other clutter.

How to take care of Pink Opal

For directions on ensuring your pink opal is safe, read on. 

  • Pink opals are delicate and can be harmed by chlorine and detergents.
  • Do not wear your pink opal if you arrange on locks in any sports or manual action that may hurt or chip it. 
  • Pink opals require scheduled cleaning with a delicate, dry cloth. Clean the gemstone with a delicate toothbrush and warm, lathery water if necessary. 
  • To maintain a strategic distance from scratching or something else harming your pink opal, it is best to keep it in a delicate cloth or an adornment box. 
  • Keep your peruvian opal flawless by having it tried and cleaned by a competent jeweler once each few a long time.

What does Pink Opal mean Spiritually?

The pink sapphire symbolizes gentleness and healing. Pink opals are a subset of opals that regularly show a pink, peach, or ruddy tone. A few have ascribed the otherworldly powers of this stone to its capacity to advance self-love, sympathy, and passionate recuperation. 

Due to its implied capacity to advance calm and tranquility, this stone is regularly employed in devout and reflective settings. Pink opal stone is said by a few to communicate to its client a sense of peace and concordance, as well as to decrease sentiments of stress and uneasiness. 

It is commonly used to bargain with heart-related disorders like shock or injury because it incorporates an unwinding and relieving vitality.

What are the benefits of Pink Opal?

Pink opal is known as the “love stone” since of the adoring and compassionate vitality it brings to connections of all sorts. 

Vision, heart issues, Parkinson’s, the lungs, and the spleen, all benefit from it physically. It’s valuable for treating diabetes and moo blood sugar as well.

How Rare is Pink Opal?

Due to its shortage, Mexican Pink Opal is mined in a modest number of areas. When extricated from the ground, the healing crystals have a ruddy hue. 

When compared to other opal colors, pink opal isn’t so uncommon. Its conveyance ranges from the globe, from Australia and Mexico to Peru. Despite its relative irregularity compared to other opal assortments, fire opal is commonly used within gems.

What does Pink Opal Attract?

Pink gemstones have long been related to adoration, sympathy, and self-acceptance within the common world. No wonder they’re highly regarded for helping with Heart Chakra opening and recuperating.

Pink opal is a gemstone that’s accepted to have different properties that can draw in certain things or encounters. A few individuals accept that this Ethiopian opal has the capacity to draw in cherish, peace, and tranquility.

It is also thought to improve the wearer’s passionate well-being and assist them in discharging negative feelings such as stress and uneasiness.

Final Words

Pink opal may be a sort of gemstone that’s accepted to have different properties that can draw in certain things or encounters. A few individuals accept that pink opal has the capacity to draw in cherish, peace, and tranquility. 

It is also thought to improve the wearer’s passionate well-being and assist them in discharging negative feelings such as stress and uneasiness.


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