Refund Policy

Return Items: We’re sorry the item did not live up to your expectations, but we’re here to help and we’ll reimburse any unused items in original packaging within 30 days. No mandatory questions asked! 

How to:

  • Notify us of the return on – please include the following info:
    • Your order number (XXXXX) 
    • If you would let us know the reason for the return, we’d appreciate it!
  • We’ll send you a prepaid return label.
  • Once the orders are received in our inventory we’ll refund the cost of your products less a shipping and handling fee of 10 USD. 

Defect items: We work very hard to produce products of the highest quality, but mistakes do happen. If you experienced a defect, we’re really sorry about that, but we’re here to help:  

  • Notify us of the defect on – please include the following info: 
    • Your order number (XXXXX)
    • A picture of the defect item
  • We will send you a replacement item free of charge.
  • For environmental purposes, please do not return the items, but dispose of them at your local recycling station.