The Complete Guide to Capricorn Birthstone

Are you a Capricorn looking for the perfect birthstone? This article will guide you through the history, selection, and care of Capricorn birthstones. Discover the significance of these gemstones and how to incorporate them into your life.

Capricorn Zodiac Sign Overview

  • Date Duration: December 22nd – January 19th
  • Symbol: Goat
  • Element: Earth
  • Sign Quality: Cardinal
  • Planetary Ruler: Saturn
  • Primary Capricorn Birthstone: Garnet
  • December Capricorn Birthstone: Onyx, Blue Sapphire
  • January Capricorn Birthstone: Garnet

Capricorn Birthstone

Capricorn, the tenth sign of the zodiac, is associated with determination, responsibility, and ambition. Born between December 22 and January 19, Capricorns are ruled by Saturn. They are hardworking and practical individuals who strive for success in their careers and personal lives.

Capricorns are known for their disciplined nature, reliability, and strong sense of duty. They are goal-oriented and often exhibit a patient and cautious approach to life. While they may appear reserved, they value loyalty and long-term relationships.

Capricorns can be seen as traditionalists, valuing tradition and stability in their lives, making them excellent leaders and achievers.

History and Origins of Capricorn Birthstones

The history of Capricorn birthstones is rooted in ancient beliefs and astrology. Capricorn’s traditional birthstone, Garnet, dates back to ancient Egypt and was revered for its protective and healing properties. It symbolizes strength and commitment, aligning with Capricorn’s determined nature.

Additionally, Onyx, a modern birthstone for Capricorn, has a history in various cultures, representing strength and focus. The birthstones’ significance comes from a blend of cultural, mystical, and astrological traditions, making them meaningful choices for Capricorns seeking to harness their energies and enhance their attributes throughout history and into the present day.

Capricorn Birthstones & Gemstones



Capricorn, as a garnet birthstone individual, you’ll be delighted to know that garnets are known for their deep red color and are often associated with love and passion. Garnet is the designated birthstone for Capricorn individuals born in January. It’s also considered the zodiac stone for Capricorn, making it an even more significant gemstone for those born under this sign.

The red garnet symbolizes strength, courage, and determination, qualities that resonate with the ambitious and hardworking nature of Capricorns. This gemstone is believed to bring success, prosperity, and positive energy into the lives of Capricorn individuals. Wearing a red garnet can enhance your self-confidence and help you overcome obstacles on your path to success.



As a Capricorn, you’ll find great significance in the onyx birthstone, known for its deep black color and powerful energy. Onyx is a beautiful and mysterious gemstone that resonates strongly with the earthy nature of Capricorns.

This black onyx gemstone is often associated with protection and grounding, making it the perfect Capricorn birthstone. Its dark hue represents the depth and strength of your character, while also providing a sense of stability and balance in your life.

Onyx is considered to be a powerful gemstone for promoting self-control, discipline, and perseverance, traits that are highly valued by Capricorns. So, embrace the energy of this Capricorn gemstone and let it guide you on your path to success.

Blue Topaz

Blue Topaz Meaning

You may often see blue topaz listed as one of the recommended birthstones for Capricorn. As a Capricorn, this beautiful gemstone holds a special significance for you. Blue topaz isn’t only a stunning stone but also carries a deep connection to your zodiac sign.

It’s believed that blue topaz enhances your ability to communicate clearly and express yourself effectively. This gemstone is associated with qualities such as wisdom, truth, and loyalty, which are all characteristics that resonate with Capricorns. Blue topaz is said to bring calmness and balance to your life, helping you navigate through challenges with grace and determination.

Blue Sapphire

Blue Sapphire

If you’re drawn to the color blue and are searching for a birthstone that resonates with your Capricorn sign, consider the enchanting blue sapphire. As the birthstone for Capricorns, it holds a special significance for both Capricorn men and women.

The deep blue hues of sapphires are reminiscent of the sea and the sky, evoking a sense of calm and tranquility. While the capricorn birthstone color is typically associated with lapis lazuli, the blue sapphire offers a similar shade of blue that captivates the imagination.

For Capricorn women, wearing a blue sapphire can enhance their natural ambition and determination, while for Capricorn men, it can promote clarity of thought and help them achieve their goals.

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis lazuli is believed to have powerful healing properties, both physically and spiritually. It’s said to enhance intuition and wisdom, promoting inner peace and clarity of thought. Lapis lazuli has been used by ancient civilizations for its protective qualities, guarding against negative energies and promoting harmony in relationships.

This gemstone is also known for its ability to stimulate creativity and enhance communication skills. With its deep blue hue and remarkable properties, lapis lazuli is truly a gemstone that resonates with the ambitious and determined nature of Capricorn individuals.



Agate is a popular choice as a Capricorn birthstone due to its stunning variety of colors and patterns. This gemstone is known for its ability to enhance stability, strength, and grounding, which are all qualities that resonate well with Capricorn individuals.

Agate is believed to bring emotional harmony and balance, helping Capricorns navigate through life’s challenges with grace and resilience. With its smooth and polished appearance, agate is often used in jewelry and accessories, adding a touch of elegance and sophistication. Whether worn as a pendant, bracelet, or ring, agate is a wonderful choice for Capricorns seeking a stylish and meaningful birthstone.



As you explore the world of Capricorn birthstones and gemstones, you’ll find that obsidian offers a unique and powerful energy. Obsidian is a volcanic glass formed from rapidly cooling lava. It’s known for its deep black color, which symbolizes strength and protection.

As a Capricorn birthstone, obsidian resonates with your practical and ambitious nature. It helps you stay grounded and focused on your goals, providing you with the strength and determination to overcome obstacles.

Obsidian is also believed to have healing properties, aiding in emotional healing and releasing negative energy. It can be a powerful tool for self-reflection and personal growth.



As a Capricorn birthstone, ruby symbolizes passion, love, and courage, making it the perfect stone for those born under this sign. The deep red color of ruby represents the strength and determination that Capricorns possess. This gemstone is believed to enhance vitality, boost confidence, and bring success in all aspects of life.

In addition to its astrological significance, ruby is also a popular choice for jewelry due to its exquisite beauty and timeless appeal. Whether worn as a ring, pendant, or bracelet, ruby will add a touch of elegance and sophistication to any outfit.

Capricorn Birthstone Color

The birthstone associated with Capricorn, Garnet, typically comes in various shades of red. However, Garnet is not limited to just red; it can also be found in colors such as green, orange, yellow, and even black.

The most common and widely recognized color for Garnet is a deep red, which symbolizes qualities like passion, strength, and commitment, aligning well with the traits often attributed to individuals born under the Capricorn zodiac sign.

How to Select the Right Birthstone for Capricorn?

Here are some steps to help you choose the right birthstone for a Capricorn:

  1. Know the Traditional Birthstones: Capricorn’s traditional birthstone is Garnet, and the modern one is Onyx. Start by considering these two options.
  2. Consider Color Preferences: Take into account the individual’s color preferences. Garnet comes in various colors, including red, green, and more, while Onyx is typically black. Choose a color that resonates with them.
  3. Personal Connection: Connect with the gemstone that resonates with them on a personal level. They should feel a sense of affinity or attraction to the stone.

How to Use Capricorn Birthstones?

There are several ways you can use your Capricorn birthstone to harness its energy and bring positive influences into your life. One way is to wear garnet jewelry, such as a necklace or a ring, to keep the stone close to your body at all times.

You can also place garnet crystals in your home or office to create a harmonious and grounding environment. Meditating with garnet can help you connect with your inner strength and determination, allowing you to overcome any obstacles that come your way.

How to Care for Capricorn Birthstones?

To care for your Capricorn birthstone, avoid exposing it to harsh chemicals or extreme temperatures, as these can damage or discolor the stone. Clean your birthstone regularly using a soft cloth or a mild soap and water solution.

Store it in a separate compartment or a soft pouch to prevent scratches and keep it away from other jewelry.


Does Capricorn have two birthstones?

Yes, Capricorn is associated with two birthstones: Garnet and Onyx. Garnet is believed to bring prosperity and positive energy, while Onyx is thought to provide strength and protection. These birthstones are traditionally linked to the Capricorn zodiac sign and can be worn as jewelry for their symbolic significance.

What birthstone ring is Capricorn?

Capricorn is associated with the birthstone Garnet. A Garnet birthstone ring for a Capricorn can be a meaningful and stylish choice. Garnet is believed to bring luck, prosperity, and positive energy, making it a fitting gemstone to complement the qualities and traits associated with the Capricorn zodiac sign.

What stones should Capricorn wear?

Capricorns can benefit from wearing Garnet, Black Onyx, and Ruby. Garnet enhances their determination and success, Black Onyx provides strength and grounding, and Ruby fosters passion and confidence. These stones align with Capricorn’s ambitious and practical nature, offering both emotional and physical support.

Is Capricorn birthstone turquoise?

No, Turquoise is not typically considered the primary birthstone for Capricorn. Capricorn is commonly associated with Garnet and sometimes Onyx as its birthstones. While some zodiac systems and traditions may assign different stones, Turquoise is not widely recognized as the primary birthstone for Capricorn.


So, if you’re a Capricorn and looking for the perfect birthstone, you have plenty of options. Whether you wear your birthstone as jewelry or use it for its metaphysical properties, taking care of it’s important to maintain its beauty and energy.

Just go ahead and embrace the power of your Capricorn birthstone and let it enhance your life.

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