6 Best Healing Crystals for Anxiety and Stress

Many people experience stressful and anxiety-inducing moments at some point in their life. There are plenty of ways to help this, crystals are one of the undervalued ways to help calm our stresses and anxieties.

As someone with an anxiety disorder and always in stressful situations, some of these crystals I carry on my person regularly. 

6 Best Healing Crystals for Anxiety & Stress

1. Amethyst

Amethyst is one of the most popular crystals for healing. This stone is not just a beautiful violet shade but is also a very powerful healing crystal. Amethyst is wonderful at helping us to relax our minds, thus allowing us to think more clearly. This naturally helps soothe any stress or anxiety we may be experiencing. 

How to use amethyst for anxiety

Wearing your amethyst is a fun way to expand your crystal jewelry collection, and allow amethyst to be with you all day long, helping to calm your anxieties instantly. 

Opening your third eye also helps with clarity, using it by holding the stone or simply placing it nearby will make this happen while meditating. Simply placing amethyst in your room (or any room of your house honestly!) curates peaceful energy. 

2. Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is a lovely light pink, and unsurprisingly the crystal of unconditional love. It is often used to help strengthen or create loving or romantic relationships with others. What you may not know is that this is a very powerful crystal for balancing your emotions, which makes it perfect to use for crystal therapy. 

How to use rose quartz for anxiety

Having your rose quartz in your jewelry allows for the gentle energy and emotional balance of this stone to help center you all day long. You can also keep it in your purse or pockets. 

Meditating with rose quartz releases any negative emotions (bye-bye stress and anxiety) and, as an added bonus, it clears our heart chakra. 

Another way to use this crystal is by placing it anywhere in your room. This will help make your space more relaxing and calming. 

3. Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline is best known as a protective crystal, however, it is incredibly efficient for purifying and neutralizing any of your negative thoughts. Using black tourmaline promotes thinking clearly and is perfect for stress relief.

How to use black tourmaline for anxiety

Place it near your computer, as it can help block electromagnetic fields. Electromagnetic frequencies, or EMFs, are invisible areas of energy/ radiation which can affect your body in a variety of negative ways.  

Black tourmaline is a powerful crystal for grounding and healing when used in meditation. It is often used to soothe panic attacks.

4. Fluorite

Fluorite is a calming crystal that is multi-colored and is well known for its capability to absorb all your negative energy and turn it into positive energy. Using this stone truly provides you with clarity of mind. 

How to use fluorite for anxiety

Try placing a fluorite crystal by your bed or on your desk at work helps to detoxify and will raise your vibrational energy. 

You can bring fluorite with you everywhere you go to expel your anxieties and allow yourself to find peace of mind. 

A wonderful way to absorb the healing properties of fluorite and carry it with you spiritually is by holding the crystal in your palm while meditating. 

5. Celestite

These blue crystals are very popular, not just for their beauty but their incredible healing powers. Celestite crystals are amazing at helping to keep you centered and grounded, no matter how intense your stress or anxious thoughts. You will feel more balanced after using one of these crystals. 

How to use celestite for anxiety

This crystal can easily be kept on your person with a necklace, ring, or bracelet. It’s a beautiful stone and will bring make you feel tranquil. 

This soecific crystal is most powerful when used in meditation. When you are able to tap into the high frequency these crystals bring, you may be able to be more focused and less stressed in your day-to-day life.

6. Blue Lace Agate

Blue Lace Agate is a part of the agate family of stones and is a light blue color, sort of similar to a cloudy sky. This particular stone is more difficult to find than other stones. Blue Lace Agates are ideal for strengthening your emotional health. The blue of this stone represents the lowering of stress and anxiety levels.  

How to use blue lace agate for anxiety

You can use this stone in any room of your house to help promote tranquility. 

I believe the best way to use blue lace agate is by wearing it in jewelry. However, it’s unfortunately so difficult to get ahold of this stone it may be hard to find. 

one of the crystals for anxiety is amethyst

Do amethyst crystals help with anxiety?

Amethyst crystals are a huge help with providing anxiety relief. They are powerful healing crystals. Many call the amethyst a “natural tranquilizer” for how easy it is able to help people relax and find clarity. 

What crystals help with anxiety and sleep?

There are a handful of crystals that help with anxiety and sleep. Some of the stones that are recommended are amethyst, fluorite, rose quartz, and moonstone. 

What is the best calming stone?

There are so many calming stones, therefore picking the best one can be difficult for some. Some examples of the best calming stones are black obsidian, celestite, clear quartz, and fluorite. 

Final Thoughts

It’s clear there are a lot of different crystals, and ways to use them, that help reduce stress and anxiety. With so many options, there is no doubt you will find the best crystal that work for you.

When using your crystals, be sure to try out different methods to see which works best at bringing out the healing properties for you. Take note of how you feel now that you have your crystals, and you will surely notice the difference. 


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