9 Best Crystals for Necklace To Wear

You’re about to delve into the magical world of crystal necklaces. Whether you’re a seasoned gemstone guru or a curious newcomer, you’ll appreciate our roundup of the 9 best crystals for necklaces.

From the love-attracting Rose Quartz to the truth-seeking Lapis Lazuli, we’ve got you covered. So, sit back and let’s discover together how these sparkling gems can enhance your style and wellbeing.

It’s more than just a piece of jewelry, it’s a personal journey.

Understanding Crystal Necklace

Before you embark on your journey towards choosing the perfect crystal for your necklace, it’s essential to grasp what a crystal necklace is and how it can impact your life.

A real crystal necklace isn’t merely a piece of jewelry; it’s a personal statement and a source of energy. Each crystal pendant carries its unique vibration that resonates with your energy field, influencing your emotions and thoughts, enhancing your wellbeing.

Understanding crystal necklaces involves recognizing their power and potential, not just their physical beauty. Crystals for necklaces are chosen with care, based on their properties and your personal needs.

9 Best Crystals for Necklace

1. Amethyst: Enchanting Allure


Diving into the world of amethyst, you’ll discover its enchanting allure that makes it a top choice for crystal necklaces. A remarkable gemstone, the amethyst is known for its striking purple hue that ranges from deep violet to soft lilac. Donning an amethyst crystal necklace, you’ll exude an aura of mystique and sophistication, effortlessly catching attention.

The beauty of an amethyst pendant necklace doesn’t stop at its appearance though. Many believe it to possess calming properties, infusing your day with tranquility. Crystal jewelry, specifically amethyst, is also associated with spiritual growth and protection. So, not only does this jewelry add a vibrant splash to your outfit, it also serves a purpose beyond aesthetics.

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2. Rose Quartz: Love’s Stone

Rose Quartz

When you’re looking for a crystal necklace that embodies unconditional love and compassion, there’s no better choice than rose quartz. Known as ‘Love’s Stone,’ this pink crystal is a symbol of gentle love and healing.

It’s not just a pretty accessory; it’s also a powerful healing crystal necklace that can open up your heart chakra to all forms of love—self-love, family love, platonic love, and romantic love.

Imagine a delicate piece of rose quartz, cradled in a sterling silver setting, hanging gracefully around your neck, radiating its healing energy. This isn’t just jewelry; it’s crystal healing you can wear.

You aren’t only buying a beautiful piece of jewelry, you’re investing in your emotional wellbeing. Let the rose quartz, the sterling silver, and the healing power of Love’s Stone bring you peace.

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3. Citrine: The Success Crystal


If you’re seeking success and prosperity, a citrine necklace should be your go-to accessory. Known as the ‘Success Crystal’, citrine is a powerful healing crystal that’s been revered for centuries.

With its warm, radiant hues ranging from pale yellow to rich amber, it’s not only aesthetically enchanting but also believed to manifest success and abundance in your life.

When choosing citrine pendants for your necklace, opt for ones with a natural, untreated finish to harness its full potential. Remember, jewelry care is crucial to maintain the vibrancy and potency of your citrine.

Avoid exposing it to harsh chemicals or direct sunlight, and gently clean it with a soft cloth. So, adorn yourself with this stunning crystal and let citrine’s energy lead you to success.

4. Lapis Lazuli: Truth Seeker

Lapis Lazuli

Continuing your journey of personal growth, consider adding a Lapis Lazuli necklace to your collection, especially if you’re on a quest for truth and enlightenment. Known as the ‘truth seeker’, this crystal’s deep celestial blue is a symbol of wisdom and truth.

Lapis Lazuli has been cherished since ancient times for its powerful healing properties. When worn as a necklace, it rests close to your heart, amplifying its effects. This crystal helps to stimulate your intellectual abilities and enhance your desire for knowledge.

It’s not just a beautiful piece of jewellery, it’s a tool for personal growth and self-discovery. Let this lapis lazuli necklace guide you on your quest for truth.

5. Clear Quartz: Master Healer

Crystals for necklace: Clear Quartz Crystal Necklace

Moving on to another powerful crystal, you’ll find Clear Quartz, often referred to as the ‘Master Healer’, to be an essential addition to your necklace collection.

This raw crystal is more than just a pretty gem; it’s a beacon of healing properties. When worn as a healing necklace, clear quartz can amplify energy and thought, as well as the effects of other crystals.

Its purity and light can help clear the mind, aiding in concentration and unlocking memory. This master healer can absorb, store, release, and regulate energy, making it a versatile tool for both physical and emotional healing.

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6. Black Tourmaline: Protective Power

black tourmaline

After embracing the healing journey with clear quartz, you’ll want to discover the protective power of Black Tourmaline next. This raw crystal necklace isn’t just a statement piece, it’s a shield. Black Tourmaline, known as the premier talisman of protection, is a grounding stone, absorbing negativity like a sponge.

Fierce and protective, it encircles your energy field, deflecting harmful vibes and turning them to positive energy. It’s like having a personal bodyguard against life’s energy vampires. As a healing stone, it also promotes self-confidence and diminishes fear, warding off any emotional vampires in your life.

7. Aquamarine: The Sea Stone


Your next crystal companion could be Aquamarine, a gemstone that’s as serene and deep as the sea itself. This stone, with its calming blue-green hue, resonates with the energy of the ocean, fostering feelings of peace, tranquility, and balance. It’s a gemstone that’s often used in spiritual practices to cleanse and activate the throat chakra, empowering you to communicate with clarity and conviction.

Wearing an Aquamarine necklace is said to infuse your aura with positive energy, boosting your spirits and bringing harmony to your life. The stone is also believed to help you let go of old emotional issues, inviting fresh perspectives and encouraging personal growth.

8. Labradorite: Magic & Transformation


Basking in the tranquil energy of Aquamarine, you’re now ready to delve into the mystical realm of Labradorite, a crystal known for its transformative powers. Like a magical cloak, Labradorite shields you from negativity, much like a black onyx, but with an added touch of enchantment. It’s a silver bullet for stress relief, melting away tension as easily as green aventurine brings prosperity.

Adorn your necklace with this mesmerizing stone and watch as its iridescent hues dance with every movement you make. You’ll find yourself drawn to its cosmic allure, a beacon in the face of adversity. Embrace Labradorite’s transformative energy, and you’ll discover a new sense of strength and resilience.

With Labradorite, you’re not just wearing a necklace, you’re donning a piece of the universe.

9. Moonstone: The Feminine Crystal


While you’re reveling in the strength and resilience offered by Labradorite, it’s time to explore the divine femininity of Moonstone.

This mesmerizing gem is often dubbed the ‘feminine crystal’, radiating with an ethereal glow that mirrors the moonlight. When fashioned into a necklace, a Moonstone crystal becomes an emblem of balance, intuition, and inner growth.

It’s a perfect complement to the fiery energy of red jasper, offering a soothing, feminine counterpoint. Its translucent, milky surface, kissed with iridescent flashes, creates a captivating visual appeal.

Moonstone’s mysterious allure is more than skin-deep, though. It’s believed to nourish, heal, and awaken the feminine energies within you.

How to Choose Your Crystal Necklace?

Consider the energy or healing properties you’re seeking when selecting your crystal necklace. Each crystal has a unique vibration that can act as a conduit for healing, channeling energy where it’s needed most. Perhaps you’re drawn to the loving energy of Rose Quartz or the protective power of Obsidian. Like tarot cards, these energy stones hold a mystical allure.

Take a good look at the necklace itself, considering the design, length, and material; make sure it suits your style and feels comfortable to wear. Trust your gut feeling – go with the crystal that resonates with you.

Once you have your necklace, don’t forget to cleanse and charge the crystal to keep its energy at its best. Your crystal necklace should be like a positive and empowering companion, enhancing your well-being and bringing those good vibes into your life.

Crystal Necklace Maintenance Tips

Cleansing and charging your crystal necklace is like giving it a little energy makeover. Here’s how to do it in a more down-to-earth way:


  1. Wash it Gently: If your crystal can handle it, give it a gentle rinse with lukewarm water. But be careful, not all crystals like water – some can get damaged.
  2. Salt Bath: For crystals that can’t get wet, try a salt bath. Just leave your necklace in a bowl of sea salt or Himalayan salt for a few hours to clear out any bad vibes.
  3. Smudging: Wave your necklace through the smoke of sage, palo santo, or incense. As you do, think about clearing out any negativity.
  4. Sun and Moon Bath: Place your necklace in the sunlight or moonlight for a few hours. But remember, some crystals like amethyst can fade in direct sunlight, so check your crystal’s needs.


  1. Set an Intention: Hold your necklace and think about what you want it to help you with. Speak or think your intention clearly.
  2. Buddy System: You can put your necklace on a bigger, clear quartz or selenite crystal to give it an energy boost.
  3. Visualization: Picture your necklace surrounded by a bright, pure light. This helps infuse it with positive energy.

Keep in mind, regular cleansing and charging keep your crystal necklace at its best, especially if you wear it often or use it for energy work. And always, always check the specific needs of your crystal, because some methods might harm certain stones.


What crystals to wear as necklaces?

Select crystal necklaces based on your intentions and needs. Amethyst promotes tranquility, while rose quartz attracts love. Clear quartz enhances clarity, and black tourmaline provides protection. Citrine brings abundance, and lapis lazuli encourages communication. Hematite offers grounding, and moonstone connects with intuition, creating meaningful and personal accessories.

What crystal should I always wear?

For everyday wear, choose amethyst. This beautiful purple crystal offers tranquility, protection, and spiritual insight. It helps balance emotions and enhances inner peace. Amethyst is versatile, making it a great companion for daily life, whether you seek calm, insight, or simply appreciate its aesthetic appeal.

What crystals are safe to wear everyday?

Crystals that are generally safe for everyday wear include amethyst, clear quartz, rose quartz, and citrine. These stones have gentle energies and can harmonize well with daily life, promoting tranquility, clarity, love, and abundance without overwhelming your energy field.

Should you wear crystals as jewelry?

Wearing crystals as jewelry is a personal choice. Many people believe it can enhance well-being and intention. It’s an aesthetic and potentially meaningful accessory, but its effectiveness may vary, so trust your own experiences and beliefs.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, you’ve got a world of choices when it comes to selecting the perfect crystal for your necklace. Each gemstone, with its unique properties and radiant beauty, offers a different kind of allure.

You might choose a lustrous amethyst for its calming energy, or perhaps a vibrant turquoise for its bold, protective qualities. Maybe it’s the clear quartz you’re drawn to, with its power to amplify and balance.

You’ve also learnt about the importance of proper maintenance to ensure your crystals retain their brilliance.

The right crystal necklace isn’t just an accessory, it’s an expression of your personality and an extension of your energy. So take your time, trust your intuition, and you’ll find the crystal that resonates with you perfectly.


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