Unlimited Crystal® Crystal Set For Beginners | Healing Crystals Starter Kit

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  • Healing Crystal Set for Beginners: Perfect combination for beginnings to start crystal journey. This set of crystal can be used with massage, yoga, spiritual practices, chakra balancing, meditation, and help you relieve stress, awakens the chakras while healing, and achieve many mystical and surprising effects
  • 100% Natural Raw Chakra Stone: All crystals and stones are natural and will not lose their color, have unique sizes, shapes, and colors. They are all hand-selected to ensure you get the best crystals.
  • Best Value Pack: The healing stone set includes seven different stones and crystals, one pendant, one bracelet. The 7 raw chakra stones are clear crystal, amethyst, lapis lazuli, green aventurine, yellow jade, red agate, and red jasper, which with the function of powerful stone energy, enhance meditation, and the recovery of body and mind.


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♥ Discover the magic of crystals with our Crystal Set for Beginners. This carefully crafted set includes a selection of beautiful and powerful crystals that are perfect for those just starting their crystal journey. Each crystal has been chosen for its unique healing properties and energy, making it easy for beginners to tap into their transformative benefits. Whether you’re seeking relaxation, balance, or positive energy, this set has you covered. Embrace the wonders of crystal healing and embark on a journey of self-discovery with our Crystal Set for Beginners.

♥ Crystal Set includes:

#1. Red Agate – Root Chakra

Red Agate’s spiritual properties include grounding, protection, and emotional healing. It harmonizes with the Root Chakra, promoting stability, security, and a deep sense of connection to the Earth. By balancing this energy center, it instills a feeling of safety, boosts self-confidence, and anchors one’s spiritual journey with a strong foundation.

#2. Red Jasper – Sacral Chakra

Red Jasper’s spiritual properties encompass grounding, courage, and passion. It closely connects with the Sacral Chakra, igniting creativity, emotional balance, and enhancing vitality. By stimulating this energy center, it encourages self-expression, fosters sensuality, and empowers individuals to embrace their authentic selves and creative potential.

#3. Yellow Jade –  Solar Plexus Chakra

Yellow Jade’s spiritual properties include abundance, joy, and self-confidence. It closely connects with the Solar Plexus Chakra, boosting personal power, manifestation abilities, and emotional balance. By activating this energy center, it promotes positivity, enhances self-esteem, and empowers one to embrace their true potential and achieve their dreams.

#4. Green Aventurine – Heart Chakra

Green Aventurine’s spiritual properties include luck, abundance, and emotional healing. It strongly connects with the Heart Chakra, promoting compassion, love, and harmony. By activating this energy center, it facilitates emotional balance, encourages forgiveness, and opens the heart to attract love and foster deep connections with oneself and others.

#5. Lapis Lazuli – Throat Chakra

Lapis Lazuli’s spiritual properties include wisdom, truth, and inner vision. It aligns with the Throat Chakra, enhancing communication, self-expression, and spiritual insight. By activating this energy center, it empowers one to speak their truth, promotes effective communication, and fosters spiritual awareness and intuition.

#6. Amethyst – Third Eye Chakra

Amethyst’s spiritual properties include intuition, clarity, and psychic awareness. It harmonizes with the Third Eye Chakra, enhancing inner vision, intuition, and spiritual insight. By activating this energy center, it encourages spiritual awakening, improves perception, and fosters a deeper connection with the higher self and spiritual realms.

#7. Clear Quartz – Crown Chakra

Clear Quartz’s spiritual properties encompass amplification, clarity, and spiritual awareness. It resonates powerfully with the Crown Chakra, facilitating higher consciousness, divine connection, and cosmic insight. By activating this energy center, it purifies the mind, harmonizes spiritual energies, and empowers spiritual growth and enlightenment.


♥ Material: Natural crystal stones

♥ Size:

The box is about 9*9*4cm;

The irregular pendant is about 3~6cm;

The irregular seven stones are about 12~20mm;

The love is about 30*10mm;

The bracelet is elastic and adjustable. (There may be a slight deviation in the measurement of workers, please refer to the actual product)

♥ Weight: about 10~130g

Package Included

1 x Unlimited Crystal® Crystal Set For Beginners

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Single Pointed Set, Ball Set, Heart Set

7 reviews for Unlimited Crystal® Crystal Set For Beginners | Healing Crystals Starter Kit

  1. S***a

    Beautiful stones and jewelry

    Unlimited Crystal® Crystal Set For Beginners | Healing Crystals Starter Kit
    Unlimited Crystal® Crystal Set For Beginners | Healing Crystals Starter Kit
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  2. f***a

    crystal set arrived, good

    Unlimited Crystal® Crystal Set For Beginners | Healing Crystals Starter Kit
    Unlimited Crystal® Crystal Set For Beginners | Healing Crystals Starter Kit
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  3. H***n

    I loved it! To give gift is great! Beautiful and delicate, it was worth it!

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  4. d***o

    Great product will be again. Fast shipping.

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  5. B***o

    Everything is very nice, but it seemed to me that everything is smaller than in the images

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  6. Customer

    The round stones are smaller than I expected, but they are very good

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  7. Customer

    Beautiful stones, their wonderful colors and shapes.

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