Unlimited Crystal® Orgonite Pyramid for Healing & Protection Energy

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  • Energetic Amplifier: Our Orgonite Pyramid acts as a potent amplifier of positive energy, optimizing the flow of life force within your surroundings. Feel its rejuvenating effects as it purifies and revitalizes the energy around you.
  • EMF Protector: In today’s digital world, electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs) abound, potentially affecting your energy balance. Fear not, as our pyramid creates a protective shield against harmful EMFs, ensuring you remain shielded from their adverse effects.
  • Spiritual Alignment: Immerse yourself in a realm of spiritual connection with our Orgonite Pyramid. Elevate your meditation practices, prayer sessions, and mindfulness exercises, as its presence aids in reaching heightened levels of spiritual alignment.
  • Emotional Balance: Experience emotional serenity with our pyramid’s calming influence. Let go of stress, anxiety, and negative emotions as its energies work in harmony to promote emotional equilibrium.
  • Handcrafted Excellence: Each Orgonite Pyramid is a work of art, meticulously handcrafted with passion and care. The skilled artisans infuse positive intentions into every creation, resulting in a unique masterpiece that resonates with your soul.


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♥ Orgone, known as ‘chi’ or ‘prana’ in different cultures, forms the very essence of life in our environment. It represents the fundamental element that sustains all energy and drives the movement of our planet.

♥ Orgonite Pyramid opens the heart, mind, and spirit through its powerful healing abilities. By transforming negative energy into positive energy, it enriches your spiritual energy, bringing inner peace, prosperity, good health, and success. It serves as an ideal tool for Reiki Healing, yoga meditation practices, and embracing positive vibes.

♥ Orgonite Pyramid serves as a wonderful decorative piece for homes and offices. It filters and balances the energy field in your environment, shielding against unfortunate events, and aiding in making wise decisions. Embrace the power of this pyramid to enrich your life and surroundings.


What Is Orgonite Pyramid?

An orgonite pyramid is a powerful energy tool that you can use to enhance your well-being. It’s made of a combination of organic and inorganic materials, such as resin, metal shavings, and quartz crystals. The main purpose of an orgonite pyramid is to harness and amplify orgone energy, which is believed to be a vital life force that surrounds us.

By placing an orgonite pyramid in your home or workspace, you can help balance and harmonize the energy in your environment. The pyramid shape is particularly effective in focusing and directing this energy, making it a popular choice for meditation and healing practices.


Benefits of Using an Orgonite Pyramid

1. Energy Cleansing: Orgonite pyramids are said to balance and cleanse energy in their vicinity. This can involve the transmutation of negative energy (often referred to as “orgone” or “life force energy”) into positive energy, creating a more harmonious environment.

2. Emotional Well-Being: Orgonite pyramids can help reduce stress, anxiety, and negative emotions by promoting a sense of calm and balance. They are thought to have a calming effect on the mind.

3. Improved Sleep: Placing an orgonite pyramid near the bed can improve sleep quality by creating a more peaceful and restful environment.

4. Enhanced Meditation: Orgonite pyramids can help with focus, mental clarity, and spiritual growth.

5. Electromagnetic Field (EMF) Protection: Orgonite can mitigate the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation from electronic devices, such as cell phones and Wi-Fi routers. The crystals and metals in orgonite are thought to absorb and neutralize these energies.


How to Use an Orgonite Pyramid

1. Choose a Suitable Location: Select a location where you want to experience the effects of the orgonite pyramid. This could be in your home, office, bedroom, meditation space, or any area where you spend significant time.

2. Set Your Intentions: Before using the pyramid, take a moment to set your intentions for what you hope to achieve or experience through its use. This could be related to emotional well-being, stress reduction, better sleep, or any other desired outcome.

3. Place the Orgonite Pyramid: Position the orgonite pyramid in the chosen location. Some common placement options include:

    • On a bedside table or nightstand for better sleep.
    • On a desk or workspace for increased focus and concentration.
    • In a meditation or relaxation area to enhance the practice.
    • Near electronic devices (like a computer or Wi-Fi router) to mitigate EMF radiation.



What is the use of Reiki pyramid?

You can enhance your energy healing practice with a Reiki pyramid. A Reiki pyramid is a type of orgonite pyramid that’s specifically designed to amplify the effects of Reiki energy.

The use of a Reiki pyramid during a healing session can help to create a more focused and powerful energy field. The pyramid shape is believed to attract and amplify energy, making it an ideal tool for Reiki practitioners.

What is the benefit of amethyst pyramid?

The benefit of having an amethyst pyramid in your space is that it can help to promote relaxation and peace. Amethyst is known for its ability to calm the mind and enhance spiritual growth.

When you’ve an amethyst pyramid in your space, it can create a serene and tranquil atmosphere, allowing you to unwind and find inner peace. The pyramid shape of the amethyst pyramid also amplifies the energy of the crystals, making its benefits even more powerful.

What is the use of clear quartz pyramid?

Having a clear quartz pyramid in your space can help to amplify and cleanse the energy, promoting clarity and balance. A clear quartz pyramid is a powerful tool for harnessing and directing life force energy. Its shape allows the energy to flow smoothly and evenly, creating a harmonious environment.

The clear quartz crystal acts as a magnifier, amplifying the intentions and desires you set forth. By placing a clear quartz pyramid in your space, you can enhance your focus and concentration, making it easier to achieve your goals.

What is the benefit of moonstone Pyramid?

When you’ve an orgonite pyramid made with moonstone, you can experience its powerful healing effects. Moonstone is known to bring calmness and emotional balance into your life, helping you to find inner peace and harmony.

This beautiful crystal has a soothing energy that can relieve stress and anxiety, allowing you to relax and unwind.



♥ Materials:Natural crystals and resin

♥ Size:1.97×1.97 inch

Package Included

1 x Unlimited Crystal® Orgonite Pyramid

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    Unlimited Crystal® Orgonite Pyramid for Healing & Protection Energy
    Unlimited Crystal® Orgonite Pyramid for Healing & Protection Energy
    Unlimited Crystal® Orgonite Pyramid for Healing & Protection Energy
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