Red Quartzite Meanings & Healing Properties

Quartzite is one of the most plentiful minerals on Earth and is often employed by healers because of its ability to elevate energy. While standard Clear Quartzite is readily available and easy to get your hands on, Red Quartzite is a different case.

Red Quartzite is a beautiful healing gem with much to offer. Recognized for its powerful capabilities, this is a gem that deserves a position in the collection of any collector.

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What is Red Quartzite?

The well-defined coloration of this gemstone originated from iron oxide of a sedimentary rock, which is also known as Hematite and originates from south dakota. The quantity of hematite varies, leading to lots of beautiful varieties. Red Quartzite is referred to with many names. But whichever name you refer to it as, this gem is rarer than other forms.

Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon to come across counterfeit Red Quartzite. Artificial samples are nothing more than standard quartzite countertop that’s heated and colored to get the distinct color. Most of this type of crystal comes from Brazil or Madagascar.

Red Quartzite Overview

  • Zodiac: Libra, Pisces
  • Chakra: Root, Sacral, Solar plexus
  • Element: Fire
  • Energy: manifestation, protection, defense
  • Healing: Red quartzite’s energy enhances your brain, gives you the zeal you need to accomplish anything and keeps you motivated. Red Quartzite can also affect how you think by repositioning your viewpoint.

Red Quartzite Meaning & Symbolism

At its core, the main Red Quartzite meaning is all associated with protection and strength. Two things that most of us can gain from. This natural stone is not a standard gem for safeguarding like many other gems you will come across.

 It doesn’t just dispense a blow of good luck and call it a day. Instead, Red Quartzite actively instills you with impressions of fortitude and confidence. For this reason, the properties and meaning of Red Quartzite can be enormous at first.

Red Quartzite Healing Properties

Red quartzite is believed to have a variety of healing properties, including the following:

Metaphysical properties

Red Quartzite is a sandstone that has a significant influence on your metaphysical plane. Its metaphysical qualities don’t just activate one energy point, according to most mediators and healers.

The root chakra is the first of your primary chakras and is responsible for your impressions of stability. It’s the access spot for life force energy to go into your body, so it’s one of the most crucial to keep open. Red quartzite ensures that it remains open.

Red Quartzite is also a good piece for anyone who desires a solar plexus chakra gem. The third chakra is situated in the stomach section and is bound to your feelings of self-esteem and confidence.

Emotional & Mental Healing Properties

Its properties can impart you with a newfound sensation of resolve and willpower. Many people fall prey to the weakening repercussions of emotional pain. Instead of trying to get better or push through those tough times, folks just end up wallowing and backing down in self-pity.

Red Quartz doesn’t allow that to happen. It gives you the fuel to restart your engines. What begins as a small sparkle of hope becomes a blazing glory or confidence! No matter what you’re going through, Red Quartzite’s energy and core meaning make you address every scenario with vigor.

Physical Healing Properties

Like most healing gemstones, Red Quartzite is most coveted due to its impacts on the soul and mind. However, many collectors believe that the qualities of this fiery gem can also be used to assist your physical being.

The most notable is your immune system. With regular exposure to healing energy and meditation, some say that you can experience a recognizable improvement in immune protection. The theory is that this marble helps your body become more accustomed to your needs and more efficient at battling off diseases naturally.

Benefits of Red Quartzite

Red Quartzite mostly targets the Root Chakra, it stimulates fearlessness, assertiveness, confidence and stability. 

This healing stone raises protection, strength, and self-assuredness.  Red quartzite keeps you on track and maintains you have the emotional stamina and physical energy to remain in your own power.

Another outstanding benefit of quartz grains is its spiritual healing qualities. More categorically, this stone is said to encourage past-life recovery. Those who hold on to the weight of residual pain or past-life wrong-doings can find consolation. It helps you press on and pay attention to the present.

Use the gem if you want to:

  • Approach every situation with vigor.
  • Look inward and explore your spirituality
  • Remain optimistic and driven

How to Use Red Quartzite?

Points, tumbled stones and polished stones are fantastic for meditation. Hold the gem in your hands and drive your intent into the Red quartzite for deliberation or simply get motivated by its meaning.

Red Quartzite is pretty elevated on the hardness scale. Even so, artists use it on a regular basis to create remarkable jewelry pieces that are good for royalty. From necklaces and pendants to bracelets and rings, you can find Red Quartzite in lots of jewelry.

In your office or home, you can utilize it to create a changing space for meditation. The stone is strongly connected to the fire element, so you can also utilize it in your feng shui attempts. Either way, it works to inspire you whenever you get into a room.

How to Care for Red Quartzite?

Cleansing is a two-step process.

The first step involves physical cleaning. Place the stone in a glass vessel and top up with water. You can utilize spring water to expunge it clean, but many professionals agree that saltwater is best. If possible, use actual ocean water for maximum regeneration. Let the stone settle for about two to three hours before withdrawing and drying.

Next, you must leave the Red Quartzite to the moonlight at night. Set the stone on a windowsill and let it absorb up the reflected sun rays throughout the night. For the best outcome, carry out this task during a full moon!

After soaking in the moonlight, the energy and qualities of Red Quartzite will be recharged and ready to go.

Can quartzite be red?

Pure quartzite is normally gray to white, though crushed quartzite often turns out in various shades of red and pink because of varying quantities of hematite. Other colors, such as green, blue, orange and yellow, are as a result of other elements.

What type of rock is red quartzite?

Red quartzite is a hard, compact, medium to roughly pellucid and almost mono mineral metamorphic rock with granoblastic consistency.

Is quartzite as expensive as granite?

Quartzite is comparatively more expensive as compared to granite countertops since it’s scarcer. Other factors that affect the pricing are the rarity of a particular shape and your region; it might be more expensive to get the gem to you if it’s not easily available in your region. 

Also, the harder the quartzite, the more challenging it may be for you to shape the material, subsequently the increased prices.

Is quartzite more expensive than quartz?

Quartzite costs more. For this reason quartz can be run into a cast to give virtually any shape. Quartzite must be shaped with diamond cutters in a procedure that takes skill and time. 

The more complicated the efforts, the more the cost of quartzite will outdo that of quartz per measurement.

Final Words 

Discover how to include Red quartzite into your relaxation practices so you can try to press into this important constituent that will assist you reopen your generators. Go ahead with this gem as you gain reliance on it, and you’ll notice minor characteristics of yourself reappearing. 

Little by little, your self-assurance will recharge, and the internal kinematics of your soul will start to show.


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