10 Best Crystals For Root Chakra – Meaning, Examples & Properties

Do you want to know more about the crystals for root chakra? The Root Chakra is an important energy center located at the base of the spine. It regulates how we feel about security, safety and our basic needs such as shelter, food, clothes, and money.

An imbalanced root chakra can manifest in physical, mental or emotional issues that can impair your quality of life. This blog will uncover 10 best crystals for the root chakra: their meaning, examples & properties to help you restore balance in your life and live grounded in joy! From Red Jasper to Tiger’s Eye – let’s dive inside this amazing way to reconnect with yourself.

The Root Chakra and Its Importance

The root chakra is situated at the base of your spine, and its function is to connect you to the energy of the Earth. It is associated with grounding, stability, integrity and safety — all essential for living a healthy life.

Imbalances in this energy center can lead to feelings of insecurity, fearfulness and anxiety.

Meaning and significance

The root chakra, also known as Muladhara or the base chakra, holds powerful energy and is located at the base of the spine. It symbolizes grounding and stability in a person’s life – both physically and psychologically.

Root chakra is one of seven main chakras in the traditions of Hinduism, Jainism, and Buddhism. It’s connected to basic needs like food, safety, and the joy of living with purpose.

By balancing this chakra, a person can have spiritual development. Yoga poses can help with this balance, especially when using stones like jasper that are linked to ancient teachings.

The first chakra helps us feel grounded spiritually. It’s about having enough money, feeling safe where we live, being healthy, and having stable relationships. This includes feeling emotionally secure and having close connections with our families.

Role in grounding and stability

The root chakra is tied to the core of the earth. It’s linked to things like stability, security, and feeling grounded. When the root chakra is open and working well, it helps us have a strong base. This helps us stay balanced and handle our feelings better.

Using crystal energy in the right way can make the root chakra feel better. It helps us connect with natural things like water, earth, and fire. These can help calm the chakra.

Crystals that ground us can make the base stronger. They can help us be physically stronger and understand the energies around us better. This makes us feel safer.

Effects of an imbalanced Root Chakra

If the root chakra is out of balance, it can really hurt someone’s health and life. They might start to feel scared or greedy and become confused and unsteady.

This imbalance can cause chaos in the mind, leading to problems like anxiety and not really knowing who you are. These issues can make it hard to have good relationships with people.

On the physical side, an unbalanced root chakra might cause feelings of tiredness or sensitivity to sound. If it’s not fixed, these problems can get worse over time. A person might become more and more tired and feel disconnected from what’s real.

10 Best Crystals for the Root Chakra

This section outlines 10 of the best crystals to balance and heal your root chakra. It includes Red Jasper, Hematite, Black Tourmaline, Carnelian, Garnet, Smoky Quartz, Bloodstone, Rhodonite, Obsidian and Tiger’s Eye.

Red Jasper

Red Jasper is a strong crystal that helps the root chakra. People use it for healing, finding balance, and staying grounded. It can help with emotional pain, making you feel safe and connected to the world again.

The dark red-brown color of Red Jasper can give you endurance, passion, and strength. It can also help you feel stable, both in your body and your emotions, and boost your creativity.

People also see it as a stone of respect and strength. If you were born under the signs Aries, Leo, or Virgo, Red Jasper might help you connect with your inner strength. This can help you keep going, even when life gets tough.


Hematite is one of the best crystals for the root chakra and provides grounding and protection. It has a shiny metallic black color, is rich in iron, and often used in feng shui to support healing.

The energy from Hematite helps to keep us stable and grounded. It makes our connection to the Earth stronger, helping us feel more rooted. This can also let us reach higher levels of thinking and understanding.

Hematite balances our mind, body, and spirit. It can even help balance other energy centers in our body, like the sacral or solar plexus chakras. Having this balance is an important part of being healthy.

Black Tourmaline

Black tourmaline is a stone known for its protective and grounding features. It’s linked to the root chakra, helping to make a person feel safe and steady, both physically and emotionally.

If life gets too hard or overwhelming, black tourmaline can create a barrier that keeps negative feelings away. This stone helps people stay focused and balanced, even when they are dealing with tough situations every day.

People like black tourmaline because it helps them stay connected to the Earth’s energies. It’s also good for protecting against stress, fear, or trauma. Many people use it to bring more stability into their lives.


Carnelian is an orange crystal linked to the Root Chakra. People have used it for a long time to help heal and balance this energy center, making them feel stable and strong.

This crystal can help you feel braver and more confident when you need it. It is also believed to make blood flow better. Carnelian can spark creativity by connecting with lower energy centers in the body.

Its bright and joyful color can take away fear and help you see new possibilities in your life. It allows for a closer connection with the inner self, much like the red jasper stone.


Garnet is a strong red stone linked to the Root Chakra. It can help make you feel grounded and stable. This stone works with the base and top chakras, letting energy move easily.

In old Greek stories, Garnet has been seen as a stone that helps with feelings. It can take away long-held grudges and help relationships start fresh. The stone also brings energy and gets rid of things that are bad for you, all while making you feel calm and strong.

By removing blocks in the Root Chakra, Garnet helps build self-love, bravery, and hope. It makes you feel stable and secure.

Smoky Quartz

Smoky Quartz is an incredibly powerful crystal that is associated with the root chakra. This grounding stone helps to open up and balance this energy center, allowing for more stability and security in one’s life.

It is highly protective, so it should be worn close within the aura at all times. Smoky Quartz works with the root chakra by connecting to energies of Mother Earth – an element essential for good grounding and cleansing purposes.

This amazing stone can wake up energy in places where it might be stuck or blocked because of sudden changes or upsetting events. Smoky quartz can help make things balanced again in many ways. On the body side, it can help with digestion, bone health, and back pain. On the mind side, it can help with feelings of sadness and worry. On the spiritual side, it can give you inner strength and a sense of magic and change!


Bloodstone is a strong crystal tied to the root chakra. It can get rid of energy blocks and make you feel stable and brave, yet calm at the same time.

This crystal gives power to the lower chakras and helps heal the Root Chakra. This helps with inner balance. Bloodstone also boosts creativity and makes your thoughts clear.

People see Bloodstone as a symbol of spiritual protection. It’s known for calming you down when used in meditation or saying positive things to yourself. It helps keep negative energy away from your body.


Rhodonite is a calming crystal that helps with the root chakra. It’s linked to love, kindness, and forgiving others, and it can make relationships more balanced and peaceful.

This stone is strong in healing emotions, especially if you feel stressed from not believing in yourself or feeling ignored. Rhodonite can help you be patient and balanced, so it’s great if you want more steadiness in your life.

Its connection to the earth helps people stay focused, even when times are hard. Along with helping you feel emotionally and mentally stable, Rhodonite can also help your body heal from wounds because of its powerful energy.


Obsidian is a strong crystal tied to the root chakra. It’s a dark stone that looks like ash and helps balance energy inside your body.

This stone also keeps you safe from negative energy or harmful spiritual effects. If you use Obsidian during meditation for the root chakra, it can link the physical world to your soul.

Obsidian can take away fear, doubt, and anything else that might stop you from growing. It helps you move in a positive way so that you become more stable and grounded as you heal.

Tiger’s Eye

Tiger’s Eye is a stone known for its courage, strength, and lack of fear. It helps balance energy and connects to the universe’s big forces. Linked to both the root and sacral chakra, it makes these energy points stable.

This stone helps you feel grounded and calm. It helps you focus and tells false goals from true ones. Tiger’s Eye also helps you learn about yourself, makes you stronger, and helps you grow spiritually.

Plus, Tiger’s Eye can bring you luck, money, and more confidence. These things are all important if you want to keep the Root Chakra open and working right.

How to use Crystals for balancing the Root Chakra

  1. Wear the crystals as jewelry: Wearing crystal jewelry is an easy and attractive way to benefit from the stones’ healing properties. Opt for larger pieces such as necklaces or earrings that hang close to the Root Chakra for the best results.
  2. Carry them in a pocket or pouch: If you don’t like jewelry, you can put the crystals in a pocket or small bag. Carry them with you all day. When they’re close to your body, they’ll keep giving you their energy.
  3. Place them on the body: If you’re working on healing yourself, put the crystals on different parts of your body. Leave them there for 10-15 minutes. This can help you feel more balanced and focused.
  4. Use them in crystal patterns: You can use these strong stones in any mix to help you feel more balanced and strong. One way is to make a pattern with 7 stones and 3 quartz points. This can make the effect even stronger.
  5. Set a goal: No matter how you use the crystals, have a goal in mind. Think about what you want to happen. Imagine yourself being filled with love and kindness, and picture what it would be like if everything was working just right.
  6. A specific thing to try: If you want something more structured, try thinking about these stones for 15 minutes each night. Close your eyes and hold a stone that means something special to you. Focus on things like the color red, your family history, and letting go of bad feelings. Keep doing this until those bad feelings turn into good ones.

How do you open your root chakra with crystals?

Crystal healing is an effective way to restore balance and promote healing in all areas of the body, including the root chakra. Crystals have specific properties that make them well-suited for harmonizing energy centers, such as the root chakra. We suggest you wear crystals like Red Jasper, Hematite, Black Tourmaline, and Smoky Quartz for balancing the root chakra.

What activates root chakra?

There are many ways to activate your root chakra, some of them are listed below:

  • Practicing mindfulness and deep breathing to help ground yourself in the present. 
  • Feeling safe and secure in your home could activate your root chakra.
  • Eating grounding foods like root vegetables or foods that are traditionally associated with nourishment, such as grains.
  • Drinking red tea which is considered to be an excellent remedy for root chakra healing.
  • Connecting with nature by spending time outdoors and being intentional in streaming natural light into your space.
  • Wearing essential oils, bath salts, incense or perfumes with grounding scents like patchouli and cedarwood.
  • Listening to instrumental music based on natural sounds of nature like rain, wind and birdsong to create harmony within the body.

What blocked root chakra?

Here are some reasons that can block your root chakra:

  1. Negative beliefs, patterns and behavior can all lead to the root chakra becoming blocked. These can include false beliefs about oneself or others, such as feelings of unworthiness, fear of lack and abandonment. Fear is one of the strongest blocking energies that can prevent us from feeling connected to our sense of safety in life, which is governed by the root chakra.
  2. Physical traumas or serious sickness experienced during childhood can also cause a block in the root chakra, leading to feelings of instability and vulnerability.
  3. Anxiety and chronic stress are major contributors to blocking the root chakra since chaotic energy prevents grounding stability formed through powerful roots at this level.
  4. Addictions or attaching your worth to material things leads to a block in the root chakra energetically since we don’t create true grounding stability when looking to fill a void externally rather than within ourselves first.


The root chakra is a powerful energy center that helps to ground us and bring stability to our lives. The 10 best crystals for the Root Chakra – Red Jasper, Hematite, Black Tourmaline, Carnelian, Garnet, Smoky Quartz, Bloodstone, Rhodonite, Obsidian and Tiger’s Eye – all have their own meanings and properties and can be used to balance your Root Chakra.

Using these stones in conjunction with certain visualizations or meditations can profoundly assist grounding us as individuals. For example: placing a crystal at the base of your spine while practicing breathwork may help realign an imbalanced Root Chakra.

Additionally, combining one or more crystals with aromatherapy oils such as sandalwood or myrrh also prove beneficial in supporting this energy center within you. Through efficient balancing of the Root Chakras we are able to gain strong foundations from which we can manifest our life’s purpose firmly on stable soil allowing ourselves ease of navigation through physical life’s challenges and experiences without feeling overwhelmed by them collapsing in defeat.

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