8 Best Crystals For Solar Plexus Healing

Are you looking for an effective way to restore balance and promote emotional wellbeing? Solar Plexus Chakra healing, with its associated crystals, is a powerful method of doing just that.

The solar plexus – or Manipura chakra – is the source of our personal power and success. In this article, learn about the best crystals for solar plexus chakra healing to improve your energy flow and emotional balance! Discover how each stone resonates with the energy of this important center within us so that you can find true self-control and confidence in no time.

Let’s explore what solar plexus healing has to offer!

Meaning and Importance of Solar Plexus Chakra

The solar plexus chakra, more commonly known as Manipura, is the third and most powerful of all seven Chakras. It is said to represent fire energy that fuels the physical, mental, and spiritual bodies.

As a result of this strong connection with both personal power and inner strength, its themes heavily revolve around light, warmth, vital energy and determination.

Located in the abdominal area just above our belly button (Solar Plexus), it is symbolized through an upward-facing triangle complete with vibrant yellow rays radiating from inside it.

This shape serves to remind us about our utmost capability when used correctly on important matters such as self-belief or genuine confidence while at the same time providing healing during difficult moments brought upon by anxieties or fatigue.

That being said – regulating this Chakra can help bring about feelings like joyfulness and optimism which drastically improves emotional wellbeing over so many aspects of life!

As part of this healing process we can influence the solar plexus chakra via meditation or simply applying crystals that demonstrate attributes suitable for activating it; mainly those incorporating aspects related to some form of yellow hues such as Citrine & Amber but also Calcite Pyrite, Yellow Jasper, Yellow Topaz, Sunstone (stones specific for Solar Plexus).

Each brings forth its own varying energies beneficial for unblocking old traumas cluttering our paths towards progress – allowing us access toward increasing success in areas pertaining intellect development & understanding emotion transformations naturally leading toward higher levels of personal growth uniquely tailored per individual respectively !

Best Crystals for Solar Plexus Healing

Citrine, Amber, Calcite, Pyrite, Yellow Jasper, Yellow Topaz, Agate, Lemon Quartz and Sunstone are among the most effective crystals for promoting balance of the solar plexus chakra.


A highly energizing and cleansing crystal, citrine is associated with the solar plexus chakra, which centers around personal power and will. Its sunny yellow color resonates closely with this energy center as sunlight brings us warmth and joy.

Citrine is known to soften fears related to success, increase self-esteem levels, boost motivation and help clear blocks or emotional stagnation in our lives. It’s no surprise then why it’s been nicknamed “The Stone of Success”!

Citrine also helps stimulate the circulation of chi (or life force) and radiates positive energy that can attract abundance into your life; when used during meditation or visualization practices for solar plexus healing, its powerful vibrations encourage mental clarity due to its alignment with this particular chakra center.


Amber is a beautiful and unique crystal known for its healing properties when it comes to the solar plexus chakra. It is associated with the energy of the upper abdomen, which helps to balance and clear this chakra’s energies.

Amber is formed from fossilized tree resin embedded with flora, fauna, and other minerals that carries a strong life force. The crystal has a sunny color synonymous with self-confidence and cleansing negative energy from one’s environment, making it great for protecting against bad influences.

It also contains grounding and warm energies that can be used for calming purposes whenever emotions get overwhelming or excessive. Within streams of astrology belief systems, amber is often considered as a suitable zodiac stone for Leo and Aquarius signs while also being complementary to both sacral chakras as well as heart ones too.


Calcite is a powerful crystal that can be used to provide solar plexus healing. It works with the energy center located at our navel and helps us tap into inner wisdom, power, and self-confidence.

Calcite vibrates with positive energies of will power which make it one of the best crystals for solar plexus healing. Unlike other crystals like blue calcite which are known to support throat chakra activations, yellow Calcite specifically resonates with the solar plexus chakra providing both physical and spiritual balance and harmony within this important energy grid in your body.

With its metaphysical healing properties, Calcite was said to have been used as far back as 1000 B.C. by Cultures such as Egyptians when regulating kundalini energy or discussing matters related to money or ego between two parties.

Other recommended stones for solar plexus healing include Golden Mookaite, Tiger’s Eye, Pyrite Citrine, Golden Quartz Chrysoprase amethysts etc .When using them together they increase creativity since each individual stone has unique traits unto itself allowing specific information not found in any other combination. 

Given these special qualities , these stones when placed upon their own dedicated area on either side of your shoulder blades move towards representing an internal doorway; aiding you in awakening various cosmic frequencies


Pyrite is a crystal that can be used for healing the solar plexus chakra, bringing balance and strength to this area. It resonates with the power of personal determination and will-power and brings strong energies to those seeking success or greater self-confidence.

Being associated with both the sacral and Solar Plexus Chakras gives it dual abilities to bring emotional vision, courage to take action, and clarity in thought processes. It may inspire deep thoughts as well as help clear blockages from one’s mind, thus becoming a powerful tool during meditation sessions.

Additionally, its cleansing properties may get rid of all kinds of negativity while boosting feelings of positivity. Furthermore, Pyrite also offers financial benefits due its association with attracting wealth which adds further practicalness unto such a powerful stone for healing purposes.

Yellow Jasper

Yellow Jasper is a crystal associated with the solar plexus chakra and has powerful healing properties that can help to balance its energetic frequencies. It provides stability, protection and grounding while also nurturing emotional, spiritual and physical energy.

Yellow Jasper helps bring one back into the present moment and brings awareness of our actions as well as how we are touching others in each moment. This stone is ideal for activating the sun’s proverbial ray of light onto an abundance of positivity; enabling us access to joy within even if burdened with uncertainty or worry.

In addition, it enhances self-confidence which allows success by harnessing opportunities on our life’s journey with assurance about ourselves – leading ultimately on a happier path when facing any challenges that may come along after yellow jasper’s empowering vibrations have awoken all possibilities full of potentials from deep exploration into the divine sparkle now illuminated around us!

Yellow Topaz

Yellow Topaz is known to be one of the best crystals for solar plexus healing and is associated with the energy center responsible for personal power, confidence and determination.

In crystal healing practices, it is used to help individuals reconnect with their own inner-strength by balancing and cleansing the solar plexus chakra. Yellow Topaz can also be used to restore balance and harmony in cases where long term or dramatic imbalances have caused emotional hurts. Not only does this powerful crystal cleanse energetic blockages, it inspires joy and positivity as well as stimulating drive, motivation and overall well being. Its ability to evoke feelings of confidence makes it a popular choice among those seeking to heal all aspects of their mental health related to their solar plexus chakra.


Agate is a form of chalcedony quartz, known for being one of the best healing crystals for balancing and activating the solar plexus chakra. It has powerful grounding properties which make it ideal for working on emotional blockages in this area, as well as providing stability to our inner energies.

Agate also stimulates self-confidence and boosts our overall well being with its positive energy. In terms of color it is usually yellow or orange to symbolize the energy associated with the fourth chakra, so when placed around your solar plexus it can help open up and balance this major energetic center.

Additionally, Agate amplifies other rays and colors making it even more beneficial during healing sessions involving crystal therapy or meditation – helping us overcome fears that have been blocking our spiritual progress.

Lemon Quartz

This stone is one of the highest-recommended crystals for solar plexus healing due to its power and energy-amplifying properties. It amplifies thoughts and information when it comes to memory retention, leading to better problem solving abilities.

Lemon Quartz also allows users to attract some good fortune into their lives with its positive energy while blocking out all the negative vibes that may surround them. Its yellow color signifies its connection with the solar plexus chakra as this color is associated with abundance, joy, happiness and mental clarity – all of which can assist in achieving a state of balanced emotional healing.

On top of providing relaxation against stressful feelings such as anxiety, physical fatigue or exhaustion, this crystal can help restore balance needed for any kind spiritual recovery you are engaging in.


Sunstone is a powerful healing crystal that radiates the energy of good luck and fortune. Associated with the Solar Plexus Chakra, Sunstone helps to clear and energize it, while restoring balance to the emotions by strengthening masculine Yang energy flows at this energetic center.

This gemstone can also act as an opener for each of the lower chakras – root, sacral and solar plexus – bringing free-flowing physical pleasure to any being attuned with its vibration.

A joyful sparkly stone packed full of positive vibes, Sunstone has warm tones from pearly white off-white peach shades through yellowy oranges right up to deep reds; all these colors provide unique properties associated with higher states of awareness.

What stone represents the solar plexus chakra?

Citrine is the stone that best represents the solar plexus chakra. It has powerful healing properties and is a bright, sunny crystal recognized for its ability to restore balance. Tiger Eye is another commonly used sun-based solar plexus chakra crystal that enhances self confidence and emotional balance while decreasing stress levels in users.

Other crystals associated with healing of the mental and physical body include Amber, Calcite, Pyrite, Yellow Jasper, Yellow Topaz, Agate & Lemon Quartz. Citrine specifically aids energy flow which helps establish a positive mindset as it lifts spirits by infusing optimism and joy into our lives.

It’s known as ‘the lucky merchants’ stone due to its reputation for attracting fortune whilst reducing fear towards success or change in individuals.

What heals the solar plexus chakra?

The solar plexus chakra is connected to the element of fire and associated with the color yellow. Healing this chakra can be done through a range of crystals or stones such as Citrine, Amber, Calcite, Pyrite, Yellow Jasper, Yellow Topaz, Agate Lemon Quartz and Sunstone that help improve self-esteem and channel energy efficiently.

Crystals activate the area around the belly button where this chakra is located and restore balance for greater wellbeing. Crystal healing sessions involving manipulation of these crystals near your abdomen may boost personal power too.

Furthermore, placing them on the solar plexus during meditation techniques or carrying them in pockets throughout the day can remarkably evince positive switches in mental health. Utilizing suitable combinations of these gems conjointly support accumulating multiple benefits at once.

Is citrine good for solar plexus?

Citrine is considered one of the most powerful healing crystals for solar plexus chakra. This bright and sunny stone offers a refreshing boost of energy to help balance out your energies, while also helping you attract success and prosperity thanks to its association with luck.

By wearing citrine jewelry or keeping a piece of citrine in your wallet, you can open the blocked solar plexus chakra and invite positive energy into your life. Additionally, Citrine has long been known as the “merchant’s stone” for its ability to draw success, wealth and abundance into one’s life; this makes it especially useful for creative entrepreneurs looking to empower their dreams! More than just bringing good fortune, Citrine is said to offer strength during difficult times when courage dwindles due to emotional stress or fear in situations that call for making big decisions.


When working with crystals, they act as a source of energy and can help clear any blocks or disruptions in the solar plexus. Healing this chakra with healing stones helps us gain balance and regain our confidence, control over our thoughts and emotions, manifesting power within ourselves.

Citrine is considered the most powerful crystal for solar plexus healing due to its ability to stimulate creativity & productivity as well as restore balance. Other recommended Solar Plexus Crystals include Yellow Jasper, Pyrite , Tiger’s Eye , Amber , Golden Obsidian, Shungite and more! By using these gems on their journey of self-discovery people will discover that they are filled with an abundance of potential which only needs unlocking through harnessing personal power from within their bodies.

Remember that when it comes to solar plexus balancing there is not one single solution but many paths possible so pick the right crystal that resonates best on your journey towards achieving emotional stability and success!

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