Red Tiger’s Eye Meaning, Healing Properties and Uses

Red tiger’s eye is a powerful crystal that can be used to bring healing, clarity, and grounding into people’s life. Red tiger’s eye offers protection and courage, and is an excellent tool for manifesting your goals.

In this article, we’ll explore red tiger’s eye meaning and healing properties.

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What Is Red Tiger’s Eye?

Red Tiger's Eye Meaning

Red Tiger’s Eye is a type of quartz crystal with a mixture of red and gold hues. It’s also known as red tiger eye stone, and it’s highly sought after for its vibrant color and spiritual symbolism.

Red Tiger’s Eye Meaning

Red Tiger’s Eye is a powerful stone that gives you the motivation and strength to take on any challenge. This stone is known for its ability to increase determination and focus, while also helping to reduce any fear or anxiety you may be feeling.

It’s believed that this stone can help you to see the bigger picture in any situation and make a plan of action. It also helps to sharpen your intuition and creativity.

Red Tiger’s Eye is a great choice for anyone looking for an extra boost in energy and confidence.

Red Tiger’s Eye Healing Properties

Physical Healing Properties

As a tumbled stone and healing crystal, red tigers eye is believed to have healing powers for the physical body. It’s thought to help to strengthen and balance the root chakra, providing grounding energy.

Red tigers eye is a powerful crystal for healing physical ailments. It’s thought to be beneficial for bones, the spine, and the circulatory system. It can also help improve the body’s natural healing abilities, and can help to reduce pain and inflammation.

Mental & Emotional Healing Properties

Red tigers eye is believed to help with emotional stability and to ground its user, while also providing a boost of energy. It’s especially useful when overcoming fear, anxiety, and depression.

Tumbled stones of red tigers eye are often used in healing practices to create a sense of comfort and to reduce stress. When placed in the home, red tigers eye is believed to bring courage, strength, and protection.

Metaphysical Properties

The metaphysical properties of tigers eye are said to bring courage, strength, protection, and success.

It is a powerful stone that’s often used to attract good luck and fortune. Wearing red tigers eye jewelry is believed to bring courage, strength, and protection during difficult times. It’s also thought to give its wearer success and prosperity.

Zodiac Properties

Tiger eye is a stone associated with the Leo and Capricorn. Sterling silver jewelry with pieces of red tiger eye can be used to bring good luck, courage, and strength to the wearer.

Additionally, clear quartz can be used to amplify the power of the tiger eye. By combining these two stones, the wearer can experience even greater strength and courage.

How to Cleanse Red Tiger’s Eye

To cleanse red tiger’s eye, hold the gem in your dominant hand and wrap the other hand around it. Visualize a white light entering the gem and purifying it, and allow the energy to flow through your body as well.

You can also use smudging with sage, cedar, or Palo Santo wood to cleanse the crystal.


Red Tiger's Eye heart stone

What is red Tiger’s Eye good for?

You can benefit from the healing energy of red tiger’s eye. It’s believed to bring mental clarity and focus. When wearing red tiger’s eye jewelry, it’s thought to help you be passionate, confident, and protected from the evil eye.

This stimulating stone enhances your ability to take action, make decisions, and come up with creative solutions. It helps to settle disputes and facilitates understanding between people.

Red tiger’s eye is also believed to bring good luck and prosperity. It can increase your vitality and zest for life, and help to promote the flow of abundance. You can also use red tiger’s eye to increase your intuition and inner vision.

This gemstone encourages you to be centered and grounded. Red tiger’s eye can also be used to bring clarity of thought and help you to remain focused on goals.

What does Tiger’s Eye do spiritually?

Tiger’s Eye is a powerful spiritual stone that can help to bring you clarity of thought and focus on your goals. It encourages you to take full responsibility for your life, knowing that you have the right to take action with confidence.

It also helps to ground you to Mother Earth, giving you the strength to face any challenge that comes your way. Tiger’s Eye is also known to be an excellent stone to work with for any sexual issues, helping to bring balance and harmony within the body.

Additionally, it can be used to bring good luck in related products and other areas of life.

What are the healing properties of Tiger’s Eye?

The healing properties of Tiger’s Eye include promoting clarity of thought, taking responsibility for one’s life, grounding oneself, and bringing balance and harmony.

Furthermore, its grounding properties can help reduce anxiety and stress, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a sense of stability and security.

What is the difference between a Tiger’s Eye and a red Tiger’s Eye?

You can differentiate a Tiger’s Eye from a red Tiger’s Eye by its color, vibrancy, and inclusions.

Tiger’s Eye is a chatoyant gemstone with a golden-brown color, usually with a silky luster. It has inclusions of black or red fibers, which give it its characteristic eye-like appearance.

Red Tiger’s Eye is a more vibrant form of Tiger’s Eye, with a deep red or reddish-brown hue. It’s a type of quartz with shadowy red, brown, and black inclusions which create a unique, almost hypnotic depth. The inclusions are caused by the presence of hematite, which gives the stone its color and its distinct shimmer.


Red Tiger’s Eye is a beautiful, powerful stone that can help with physical and spiritual healing and provide protection from negative energies. It has many beneficial properties and can be used for a variety of purposes, from aiding in the manifestation of one’s desires to providing emotional balance and stability.

Whether you’re looking for protection, guidance, or a boost of positive energy, Red Tiger’s Eye can be a great addition to your spiritual practice.


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