Aquamarine Meaning, Healing Properties, and Uses

Aquamarine, a calming crystal linked to water, promotes emotional balance, reduces stress, and enhances creativity. Known for aiding communication and courage, it also has physical healing benefits for the respiratory system and vision. 

Whether worn as jewelry, used in meditation, or paired with other crystals, aquamarine is a powerful tool for emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being. 

Read on to discover more about aquamarine meaning, benefits, and how to use this beautiful stone.

Quick Info

  • Main Usage: Career, Study
  • Chakra: Throat Chakra
  • Elements: Water
  • Planet: Jupiter, Neptune

aquamarine meaning quick info

Origin of Aquamarine

Aquamarine is a type of beryl, a mineral composed of beryllium, aluminum, and silicon. The origin of aquamarine can be traced back to the ancient Egyptians, who believed it to be a symbol of happiness and eternal youth. However, it wasn’t until the 18th century that this crystal was officially discovered by mineralogist  Abraham Gottlob Werner.

Throughout history,  aquamarine has been highly valued for its beauty and believed healing properties. In ancient times, it was used as a talisman for protection during sea voyages and was believed to bring good luck to sailors. It was also thought to have calming and soothing effects, making it a popular stone for meditation and spiritual rituals.

Aquamarine Meaning

Aquamarine is often associated with the element of water, and its name comes from the Latin word “aqua marina,” meaning “water of the sea.” This connection to water gives aquamarine a strong spiritual meaning related to emotions, intuition, and inner peace. It is believed to have a calming and soothing energy that can help us let go of negative emotions and find inner clarity.

In addition to its calming properties, aquamarine is also associated with courage and communication. Its bright, vibrant energy is said to give us the courage to speak our truth and express ourselves authentically. 

Aquamarine Healing Properties

aquamarine healing properties

Physical Healing Properties

Aquamarine is known for its benefits to the throat and respiratory system. It has a soothing and calming effect, making it helpful for sore throats, coughs, and other respiratory issues. Its energy is also said to support the immune system, promoting overall health and wellness.

But that’s not all, aquamarine also has a positive impact on vision and eye health. It is believed to enhance eye strength and improve vision, making it a great crystal to have around if you spend a lot of time in front of screens.

Emotional Healing Properties

In today’s fast-paced world, stress and anxiety are common issues that many people face. Aquamarine can help with its calming and stress-relieving properties. It is a crystal that promotes tranquility and inner peace, allowing you to let go of stress and find a sense of calm.

Another emotional benefit of aquamarine is its ability to help overcome fear and phobias. Its gentle energy can help you face your fears and let go of any deep-rooted anxieties.

Additionally, aquamarine is known for encouraging better communication skills. It can help you express yourself more clearly and confidently, making it a beneficial crystal for those who struggle with communication.

Spiritual Healing Properties

Aquamarine is connected to the water element, which represents emotion and intuition. This makes it a perfect crystal for enhancing intuition and psychic abilities. It can help you trust your instincts and tap into your inner wisdom.

Aquamarine is also believed to promote clarity of mind and soul purification. Its calming energy can help clear your mind of negative thoughts and promote a sense of peace and clarity.

Aquamarine and Chakra

Aquamarine has a unique connection to the throat chakra, which is associated with communication, self-expression, and creativity. When this chakra is balanced, we are able to express ourselves clearly and confidently, and our words are in alignment with our thoughts and feelings.

Aquamarine’s energy is closely linked to the throat chakra, making it an excellent crystal for enhancing communication and self-expression. Its calming energy can help to soothe anxiety and fear, allowing us to speak our truth with ease and confidence. Additionally, aquamarine is known to stimulate creativity, making it a valuable tool for artists and writers.

Aquamarine and Zodiac Signs

aquamarine and zodiac signs

Aquamarine’s energy is most aligned with two zodiac signs: Pisces and Aquarius. Pisces, the water sign, is known for its sensitive, intuitive nature and strong connection to the spiritual realm. Aquamarine’s soothing energy can help Pisces to balance their emotions and connect with their inner wisdom.

Aquarius, the air sign, is known for its intellectual and humanitarian nature. Aquamarine’s calming energy can help Aquarians to communicate their thoughts and ideas more effectively and with greater compassion.

Whether you are a Pisces or an Aquarius, aquamarine can enhance your natural traits and support you on your life path. It can also be beneficial for those with other zodiac signs, as its energy is gentle and adaptable.

How to Use Aquamarine


One of the easiest ways to incorporate Aquamarine into your life is by wearing it as jewelry. Not only does it make a beautiful statement piece, but it also allows you to carry the energy of this crystal with you wherever you go. 

As a calming stone, Aquamarine can help reduce stress and anxiety, making it perfect for those who struggle with day-to-day worries. You can wear it as a necklace, bracelet, or even as a ring, depending on your personal preference.


Our homes are our sanctuaries, and it’s important to create a space that promotes peace and harmony. Aquamarine can help with this by bringing a calming and soothing energy into your home. 

You can place a piece of Aquamarine near your entrance to invite a tranquil vibe into your space. You can also incorporate it into your home decor, such as placing it on a shelf or using it as a centerpiece.


Meditation is a powerful tool for self-care and inner peace. Adding Aquamarine to your meditation practice can enhance its benefits. 

As you meditate, hold a piece of Aquamarine in your hand or place it on your throat chakra to amplify its effects. You can also visualize the calming blue energy of Aquamarine flowing through your body, helping you let go of any negative thoughts or emotions.

Crystal Combinations for Aquamarine

Aquamarine can also be combined with other crystals that have complementary properties to create a specific healing intention. Some effective combinations include:

Aquamarine and Rose Quartz

This combination is perfect for promoting self-love, compassion, and emotional healing. Rose quartz’s gentle and nurturing energy complements the soothing and calming effects of aquamarine, making it an ideal combination for those struggling with self-love and acceptance.

Aquamarine and Black Tourmaline

If you’re looking for protection and grounding, this combination is for you. Black tourmaline is a powerful protective stone that can help to shield you from negative energies, while aquamarine’s calming energy can help to release any tension or anxiety.

Aquamarine and Citrine

This combination is great for manifesting abundance and success. Aquamarine’s gentle energy can help to remove any emotional blocks, while citrine’s vibrant energy can attract prosperity and abundance into your life.

Aquamarine and Moonstone

For those looking to enhance their intuition and spiritual connection, this combination is perfect. Moonstone’s feminine energy can help to enhance the intuition and psychic abilities of aquamarine, making it a great combination for spiritual growth and insight.

How to Care for Aquamarine

how to care for aquamarine

There are a few methods to cleanse your aquamarine, you can choose the one that resonates with you the most:

1. Water: Aquamarine is a water element crystal, so it’s natural to cleanse it with water. Simply hold your crystal under running water for a few minutes, visualizing any negative energies being washed away.

2. Moonlight: Aquamarine also responds well to the energy of the moon. Leave your crystal out under the light of the full moon for a few hours or overnight to cleanse and charge it.

3. Smudging: Using sage or palo santo, pass your aquamarine through the smoke to cleanse it. You can also use sound, such as a singing bowl or tuning fork, to cleanse your crystal.

Geological Properties

ColorBlue, Blue-green, Colorless
Chemical CompositionBe3AI2Si6O18
Crystal SystemHexagonal
Main Producing AreaBrazil, Russia, China

FAQs about Aquamarine

What is the spiritual meaning of aquamarine?

The spiritual meaning of aquamarine is associated with calmness, clarity, and communication. It is believed to enhance spiritual awareness and deepen meditation practices.

What is aquamarine stone good for?

Aquamarine stone is good for promoting emotional balance, reducing stress and anxiety, and enhancing creativity. It is also known for its protective properties, shielding the wearer from negative energies.

Does aquamarine have a special meaning?

Aquamarine does have a special meaning, representing courage, hope, and everlasting youthfulness. It is also considered a stone of good luck and is often given as a gift to bring good fortune to the recipient.

What does aquamarine mean in love?

In love, aquamarine is believed to promote  harmony, trust, and loyalty in relationships. It is also thought to enhance communication and understanding between partners, making it a popular choice for engagement rings or anniversary gifts.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, aquamarine shines as a powerful tool for emotional balance, physical healing, and spiritual growth. Its calming energy soothes stress, boosts creativity, and aids clear communication. 

Start incorporating aquamarine into your life today – wear it as jewelry, integrate it into your home decor, or use it in meditation. Experience the transformational power of aquamarine and let its tranquil energy guide you to inner peace and clarity.

If the aquamarine doesn’t resonate with you, take a look at our Complete Crystal Guide here and find a crystal that taps into your own intuition.


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