Blue Crystal Meaning, Healing Properties and Uses

Throughout history, people have associated blue stones with peace, calmness and trustworthiness. In this article we will explore blue crystal meaning associated with each type of blue crystal as well as their healing properties.

So come along on an exciting journey to understand more about helpful powers that blue crystals provide us!

Blue Crystal Meaning

blue crystal meaning

Emotional healing

Blue crystals are widely used for emotional healing. Many people believe the soothing energy of blue crystals can help with managing emotions and relaxation.

Blue Crystals contain a nurturing energy that can open the throat chakra to promote communication and mental clarity. Lapis Lazuli, Aquamarine, Kyanite, Sodalite, Larimar, Azurite and Calcite are some popular forms of blue crystal. Each crystal represents different aspects of emotional healing.

These stones all have calming energies associated with them which provide emotional comfort. They encourage openness to deep conversations by opening up your throat chakra. Blue crystals also promote truthfulness when speaking about sensitive issues.

Additionally, they offer a sense of tranquility to incite relaxation within oneself as well as strengthen relationships. They have the ability to foster more romantic encounters between couples.

Mental clarity

Some blue crystals, like lapis lazuli and aquamarine, are thought to have calming energy and help with clear thinking. By using them in energy healing practices or wearing them on our person, we can access the energies of these stones. It potentially reduces scattered thoughts and enhances focus.

Blue crystals are associated with the throat chakra which helps open up communication paths. Many people believe it helps them express themselves and make important decisions.

Furthermore blue crystals like blue lace agate have long been used as a stone of encouragement. They bring strength to bear when facing difficult dilemmas & situations that require a quick wit via deep internal understanding & ability for clear personal discernment. This enables us to gain wisdom quickly without stress or chaos getting in the way.

Physical well-being

Blue crystals are known for their soothing energy and can help bring an abundance of benefits to one’s physical well-being. Wearing blue gemstones is said to have a calming effect on the body while at the same time charging it with healing, life-force energy.

These lovely stones are also believed to help remove blockages in your body’s energy pathways. They allow a smoother flow of vibrant chi throughout your system. Additionally, gems like lapis lazuli and sodalite offer support if you suffer from chronic pain due to injury or illness. These blue crystals ground, balance, and soothe the heart center releasing any excess tension or worries when held close.

Blue calcite is another excellent choice that helps with joint problems stemming from inflammatory conditions like arthritis. The possibilities and potential of this beautiful crystal family are now just beginning to be explored!

9 Common Blue Crystal Healing Properties and Uses

1. Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli is a beautiful, semi-precious gemstone that was highly sought after by ancient Egyptians. This blue crystal symbolizes royalty, honesty, loyalty and honor. It is known for its healing properties that can be used to maintain physical and emotional well-being.

Its deep hues offer protection against negative energy as it becomes grounded with the Earth’s vibrations. Lapis Lazuli helps open one’s inner consciousness giving access to higher states of awareness.

It encourages taking charge of life and reveals inner truth as well as helping find creativity. Physically it reduces inflammation in various parts of the body like the throat area. It helps purify blood while boosting the immune system.

2. Aquamarine

Aquamarine is a light blue stone that symbolizes courage, truth and trust. Its deep blue-green hue reflects the energy of wood, and promotes new beginnings, growth, healing and peace.

This crystal can help individuals who are struggling with communication anxieties. It is said to bring an air of confidence to conversations. It also helps in matters of the heart by encouraging harmonious living among different lifestyles.

Working with aquamarine’s vibrations at both the heart chakra and throat chakras connects us more deeply to our own true feelings. It makes sure we have appropriate means for expressing them correctly or effectively sharing them with others.

Aquamarine has strong metaphysical properties related to stimulating wisdom and intellect. This lets you move away from situations that no longer serve any purpose or desire for personal growth. Instead, it allows you to access acceptance, shortening your spiritual journey towards goals.

3. Blue Kyanite

Blue Kyanite is a unique crystal that is known for its powerful healing effects and energy cleansing properties. It is considered to be the Gemstone of Attunement, as it doesn’t absorb negative energies yet it helps to clear energetic blockages.

Blue Kyanite also strengthens psychic abilities such as clairvoyance and clairaudience. It allows one to open up their intuition and higher self. In addition, this stone can improve communication by opening the throat chakra. This helps with self-expression and clear speaking.

Not only does Blue Kyanite offer an array of emotional benefits but unlike many other crystals, it does not need to be cleansed on a regular basis in order to access its metaphysical powers.

4. Sodalite


Sodalite is a deep blue crystal associated with the third eye and throat chakra. Its calming, soothing properties make it ideal for promoting clear communication.

This royal blue stone often appears in shades of blue with white calcite streaks, making it easy to identify. It helps its owner calm their nervous system, develop better mental clarity and access psychic information. This helps to amplify creativity and problem-solving skills.

Sodalite is most commonly used during meditation or healing sessions to boost divine energy flow within the throat chakra. It aids in long-term emotional healing as well as physical wellbeing by helping them speak more truthfully from an informed place.

5. Larimar

Larimar is a stunning blue Pectolite gemstone that can only be found in the Dominican Republic. This stone is characterized by its mesmerizing turquoise-blue hue and distinct swirling pattern. Some people believe it has healing powers and can connect to spiritual realms. It is often linked to love, compassion, and feminine energy.

Additionally, it’s sometimes associated with those born under the zodiac sign of Leo due to its strong connection with courage and strength. Furthermore, Larimar’s lush blue depths instill peace and tranquility within one’s emotional body. It acts almost like a balm for anxieties or stress.

For these reasons many astrology believers seek out these crystals when needing direction on their path towards emotional enlightenment or mental clarity.

6. Azurite

Azurite is a deep blue mineral composed of copper and commonly found in ore deposits alongside malachite. It is soft, porous, and has an almost velvety texture. Its crystalline structure makes it particularly eye-catching with its intensely beautiful dark hue.

Azurite has long been prized for its vivid color palette ranging from glossy blues to bright teal greens and grays. This makes it highly sought after since ancient times as an ornamental material, or as pigment for creating artworks.

Azurite’s healing properties are well known throughout many cultures worldwide thanks to the power of copper – something that was revered by our ancestors thousands of years ago.

The stone grants clarity of thought. It also promotes mental health and overall energetic balance for emotional healing. Possessing a powerful connection to earth energies gives rise to physical well-being. Azurite also has strong effects on the digestive system and blood circulation too.

7. Blue Calcite

A blue crystal of the third eye and throat chakras, Blue Calcite is an excellent stone for both mental clarity and emotional balance. It encourages soothing energy and expansive thinking, brought by its connection to the spiritual realm.

Its calming energies offer spiritual protection. This allows one to explore inner realms with confidence. This special stone stops the “inner editor” that can block creativity, unlocking new and amazing ideas.

Its vibration also resonates in such a way as to promote positive thinking. It suggests ways around any roadblocks or obstacles between you and your goals of peace, harmony, prosperity and abundance! Use its properties wisely to gain deep understanding of family matters or boost psychic abilities as necessary.

8. Blue Lace Agate

Blue Lace Agate

Blue Lace Agate is a beautiful crystal that can bring great benefits to astrology believers. Associated with lightheartedness, loyalty, and trustworthiness, Blue Lace Agate helps people express themselves through communication more clearly and supports the voice.

It has healing properties too—it has the power to soothe and calm emotions, neutralize anger, inflammation as well as infection. Blue Lace Agate is also believed to promote freedom and serenity at its highest level. This stone will provide all these benefits plus the emotional security of being able to trust yourself in any situation.

During stressful or chaotic times, it brings clarity and calmness, helping us stay focused and balanced.

9. Chrysocolla

Chrysocolla is a beautiful blue-green crystal made of copper and other minerals. It can be found on every continent, except Antarctica. Its unique appearance makes it easily distinguishable from other stones. Its bold shades of green, blue, and teal coloring and swirled lines resemble paisley.

Chrysocolla has many healing properties including emotional balance, mental clarity, physical well-being and more. It’s said to help people communicate clearly while connecting them to their emotions in a balanced way.

Astrology Believers can also use chrysocolla as an amulet or charm. It can also be used for luck amidst any kind of distress in order to regain communication between themselves and the universe.

Blue Crystal Necklace Meaning

You might be wondering about the meaning behind your blue crystal necklace. Well, let me tell you, it’s not just a piece of jewelry. This necklace holds a special significance that goes beyond its beauty.

The blue crystal represents calmness and tranquility. When you wear it, you’ll feel a sense of inner peace and serenity wash over you. It’s like carrying a little piece of the ocean with you wherever you go.

The color blue is also associated with communication and self-expression. So, wearing this necklace can help you express yourself more confidently and effectively. It’s a reminder to stay true to yourself and let your voice be heard.

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1. What does the color blue crystal mean?

Blue crystals are associated with patience, forgiveness, compassion, sincerity and trust. They provide a sense of tranquility and calmness to the possessor. They have calming effects which make individuals more mellow and thoughtful.

Blue crystals help promote mental clarity through their relaxing energy that helps an individual let go of rigidity. Some blue stones also have healing powers like antiseptic properties. These stones can be used by healers themselves for therapies.

2. What are the blue crystals called?

Blue crystals come in a range of names, depending on the type. Lapis Lazuli, Aquamarine, Blue Kyanite, Sodalite, Larimar and Azurite are some of the more popular blue gemstones. Each stone has its own unique healing properties and meaning that is associated with it.

For example, Lapis Lazuli is thought to bring inner power and an enhanced sense of knowing one’s purpose in life. Aquamarine is strongly connected to clarity of thoughts as well as divine communication. It works powerfully with the throat chakra energy center.

Blue Kyanite will open up all energetic pathways within the body. It allows you to gain insight into any situation or person without judgment or interference from your own biases and prejudices. This frees you from confusion and energizes your healing process by opening blocked energy channels.

3. What are the spiritual benefits of blue stone?

There are many spiritual benefits associated with blue stone, including to provide strong mental clarity and a sense of connection to higher dimensions.

By promoting qualities such as patience, forgiveness, compassion, sincerity and trust we can tap into our own spirituality. This allows us to reach a level of understanding that previously felt out of reach.

Blue crystal stones have the power to improve communication and awaken hidden knowledge. They are also used for energy healing, especially emotional healing.

4. What is crystal blue used for?

Blue crystals, such as blue lace agate and blue chalcedony, are known for their soothing properties. They’re believed to promote peace, serenity, and relaxation.

When you wear a blue crystal necklace, it can help to alleviate stress and anxiety, allowing you to feel more at ease. The calming energy of the blue crystals can also assist in enhancing communication and self-expression.

5. What is the benefit of blue quartz?

The benefit of blue quartz is that it promotes calmness and clarity in your life. When you wear a blue quartz necklace, you’ll feel a sense of tranquility wash over you.

The soothing blue color of the crystal has a calming effect on your mind and body, helping you to release stress and tension. It also enhances your ability to communicate effectively and express your thoughts and feelings with clarity.

Blue quartz acts as a gentle reminder to slow down, take a deep breath, and find your inner peace. It helps you to let go of negative emotions and thoughts, allowing you to see situations from a more balanced and objective perspective.

6. What is the blue crystal for inspiration?

Blue crystals, such as blue quartz or blue lace agate, are believed to enhance creativity and open your mind to new ideas.

When you keep a blue crystal close to you, it acts as a constant reminder to stay focused and motivated. The soothing energy of the blue crystal helps calm your mind and allows inspiration to flow freely.

As you go about your daily activities, the blue crystal serves as a source of inspiration, igniting your imagination and encouraging you to think outside the box. Whether you keep it in your pocket, wear it as a necklace, or simply hold it in your hand, the blue crystal can be a powerful tool to unlock your creative potential and find inspiration in the world around you.


Blue crystals are powerful spiritual tools with strong healing properties. By using crystal therapy to balance our energy chakras, these stones represent qualities like patience, forgiveness, compassion, honesty, truthfulness, and trust. They help bring peace and serenity to our lives.

With their calming energies that promote emotional healing and mental clarity relieving any physical ailments along the way while allowing us to open up communication with soul guidance.

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