Black Crystal Meaning, Healing Properties And Benefits

Are you curious about black crystal meaning? Many people believe these gemstones can offer powerful healing effects for our mind, body, and soul.

In this article, we’ll uncover what black crystals symbolize, why they are used in crystal therapy today, and their key meanings & benefits. Whether you’re an astrology believer or someone looking to learn more about the mysticism of stones—this guide will provide everything you need to know and more!

Let’s dive in and explore all aspects of black crystals right away.

Black Crystal Meaning

black crystal meaning

Black crystals several spiritual meanings, including:

Grounding and protection

Black Crystals have powerful capabilities to ground and protect its user. They are heavily associated with providing energy protection, as well as spiritual grounding. Some stones used for these purposes are Obsidian, Black Onyx, Lava Stone, Black Tourmaline, Hematite, and Magnetite.

These crystals can help shield one from negative energies in the environment. They also reduce electromagnetic frequencies (EMF) or hostile spirits. In addition it can absorb all unneeded energy allowing one to focus on taking steps forward rather than regressing due to external influences.

Furthermore they also promote a feeling of deep connection with the Earth. This creates stability while making progress in life or healing a sick body respectively. All of this is enabled by a flow of grounding and protective energy. It helps us hold our own inner space free from unnecessary negativity generated outside of ourselves. Ultimately, this ensures we reach our true potentials without distraction!

Removal of negative energy

Black crystals are utilized in healing for their properties to absorb and transmute negative energy. Black gemstones such as Obsidian, Black Onyx, Lava Stone, Black Tourmaline, Hematite and Magnetite produce highly protective energies. They can neutralize or absorb the effects of negative energy from its surrounding environment.

This makes them great choices for any type of spiritual protection. Wearing black crystals is believed to bring good vibes. They also encourage grounding energies which help in releasing emotional trauma more easily.

Further benefits associated with black crystals include aura cleansing and spiritual balance. They can be used for chakra healing purposes as well as balancing out the bodies’ different energetic frequencies.

Chakra healing and balancing

Black crystals are some of the best stones to energize and balance our chakras. Black Obsidian is a stone often chosen for this purpose, as it draws out negative energy from the body. It also strengthens your connection to Earth and improves the flow of energy through each chakra.

The black tourmaline crystal is also well-known for its ability to protect against psychic attack. They provide you with an extra layer of protection along with grounding capabilities that help anchor your energies.

Additionally, lava stone absorbs negativity around us. It helps restore equilibrium in our seven major energy centers. So, we can feel more connected to ourselves and be open to attracting positive vibes into our lives.

Moreover, black zircon boosts self-confidence by facilitating attitude transformation. Hematite stone has metaphysical properties that can improve physical health. It can help reduce chronic pain and high blood pressure due to its magnetic properties.

10 Common Black Crystal Healing Properties and Uses

1. Obsidian


Black Obsidian is a powerful gemstone known for its grounding and protective properties. It forces individuals to take responsibility for their actions. The stone enhances courage, and helps to initiate the process of finding one’s true self.

Black Obsidian also facilitates contact with spirits, boosts precognition and prophecy skills. It provides insight into past events or present problems that cannot be explained rationally.

Additionally, it is strongly connected with the root chakra energy. Obsidian promotes emotional healing from past traumas as well as physical ailments of all kinds. Overall, this black crystal provides significant healing benefits particularly in alignment with astrological practices by promoting clarity of thought.

2. Black Onyx

Black Onyx is a powerful and protective gemstone that has long been used in astrology. With its calming properties, it helps to settle emotions and quieten turbulent thoughts. It is said to be able to guard against negative energy and aid in the release of bad emotions.

Black Onyx is commonly associated with grief and loss, helping wearers move forward from difficult times or memories of the past. Those seeking spiritual healing often turn to this gemstone for relief. It can help clear away bad Karma and promote peace during meditation. In addition, it assists with past-life regression healing. The stone helps free one from present connections that cause pain or suffering.

The crystal has the ability to ground individuals while cleansing their surrounding environment. This makes it an important stone in any jewelry collection – not only for its vibrancy but also its meaningful purpose.

3. Lava Stone

Lava Stone is an incredible healing stone which is known to calm and center one’s emotional state. They are associated with the zodiac signs of Taurus and Cancer. These signs are connected to strong grounding energies that can eliminate negative energy.

Lava Stones are used for calming emotions, discouraging doubts and fears, releasing unhelpful thought patterns. They allow oneself to let go – fostering a deep sense of connection with Mother Earth.

Its powerful properties allow it to reset the root chakra bringing about feelings of safety and centering. The energizing vibration also helps wearers build up strength so they can confidently face their daily battles in life.

4. Black Tourmaline

black tourmaline

Black Tourmaline is a powerful crystal that allows grounding and protection. It also helps in cleansing and purifying the aura. This stone belongs to a trigonal crystal. It contains Sodium, Iron, Aluminum, Borate and Silicate, making it unique from other crystals.

What makes Black Tourmaline an effective tool for energy work is its ability to provide EMF protection and boost psychic shielding. It helps to cut negative ties between one’s self or others by absorbing negative energies around it..

Black Tourmaline also assists with chakra healing, allowing us to access our spiritual power sources more easily. Also, this crystal is known for revealing hidden truths during meditation and creative endeavors.

5. Black Zircon

Black Zircon is a popular deep black crystal. It has an intense frequency and energy to enhance physical health, self-awareness and protection. The stone is strongly connected to the Root Chakra. This makes it a popular choice for those seeking courage and success while overcoming obstacles.

Furthermore, it has been extensively used for grounding and deflecting negative energies. It is capable of providing balance to the Chakras; in combination with Black Agate this becomes even more powerful.

It has the ability to provide physical healing properties alongside its symbolism of power & wisdom. This makes Black Zircon an absurdly compelling gemstone for many astrology believers around the world.

6. Hematite

This iron-rich stone is an important member of the black crystal family. Hematite has a unique healing power that focuses its energy on grounding. It protects the wearer from any form of negative energies, and it aids in pain relief too.

It is associated with the base or root chakra which represents safety, security, and basic needs. The protective powers offered by hematite crystals keep away harmful influences. At the same time, hematite also helps balance your emotions.

By calming inner turmoil, it helps one stay focused and wise amidst uncontrollable circumstances. This intense crystal carries with it great healing capabilities. It allows us to self-reflect in more relaxed thinking as well as improving memory and courage along this journey towards balance and self love!

7. Magnetite

Magnetite is a black mineral that is also known as Magnetic Hematite or Lodestone. It forms in crystalline form and also occurs as solid granular aggregates of small crystals with a cool luster ranging from black to gray in color.

This significant source of iron is often used for various industrial applications. As an important crystal for astrology believers, magnetite has manifestation properties. This can help individuals attract what they desire.

Through its ability to alter the vibrations surrounding it, this powerful stone helps minimize chaos. It also reduces interfering energies on path to manifesting personal goals while balancing out the chakras at the same time.

8. Black Pearl

The Black Pearl is a well-liked black gemstone. It symbolizes power, health, wealth, and protection in different cultures. As one of the rarest and most sought-after gemstones in the world, pearls have long been believed to carry spiritual properties.

According to believers, wearing a Black Pearl can help receive protection from negative energies. It also stimulates both moods and creativity while helping restore inner peace.

Its rarity gives it immense symbolic value – many cultures attribute Black Pearls with good fortune. In terms of healing benefits related to spirituality, they are said to be especially beneficial for people undergoing evolutionary growth. This includes removing fears associated with death for example.

9. Black Diamond

Black diamond is a stone with powerful energies – great for protection, absorbing and deflecting negative energy. Metaphysically, black diamonds possess spiritual benefits like strength, grounding, and stabilizing energies.

Symbolically, it represents authority and power. This made them highly valued by ancient Egyptians who believed that the gems held sacred powers. When worn or placed in one’s environment correctly they can bring balance to the soul & chakras. These stones can also help guard against psychic attack & other evil threats.

Black Diamond should be cleansed regularly to ensure its effectiveness in providing protection from negativity in all forms.

10. Shungite


Shungite is an ancient healing stone, believed to date as far back as two billion years when the Earth was formed. This crystal is highly sought after for its metaphysical and spiritual properties. It is said to be a powerful grounding and protection stone that can absorb negative energy from its surroundings.

Shungite can naturally cleanse water by removing harmful impurities like bacteria and viruses. Its unique structure is made up primarily of carbon. This makes it highly beneficial in reducing electromagnetic emission fields or EMF radiation levels emitted by common household devices such as computers, smartphones or tablets.

Additionally, many people also wear Shungite jewelry due to its purported healing energies. It aids in boosting overall health and well-being while eliminating stress symptoms.

Black Crystal Necklace Meaning

Black Agate Crystal Necklace

Wearing a black crystal necklace is believed to bring protection and grounding energies.

When you wear a black crystal necklace, it acts as a protective shield, absorbing any negative energy or psychic attacks that may come your way. It also helps to ground your energy, keeping you connected to the earth and providing a sense of stability.

Whether you believe in the metaphysical properties of crystals or not, wearing a black crystal necklace can serve as a reminder to stay grounded and protected in your daily life.

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FAQs for Black Crystal Meaning

1. Why do people wear black crystal?

People wear black crystals for a variety of reasons, one of the most prominent being their spiritual benefits. Black crystals are believed to connect us to higher planes of balance and energy, acting as conduits between our world and the cosmic realm.

They represent commitment to spiritual practices and provide people with increased protection. Black gemstones offer emotional stability and protection from negative energies. They allow us to tap into subconscious minds which opens up areas never before explored or understood.

Despite being associated with darkness, black crystals are symbols of life, strength, protection, manifestation, and new beginnings. Wearing them spiritually enlightens their owners.

2. Where do you put black crystals?

Black crystals are powerful stones often used for metaphysical purposes. These stones can be placed in several different areas to bring out their benefits. They can provide grounding, protection, and remove negative energy from spaces and individuals. Here are some specific ways black crystals have been used:

  1. Placed around damaged cells to help with healing.
  2. Near the body to improve blood circulation, provide warmth to cold hands and feet.
  3. Put near the liver area of a person’s body to flush out toxins or draw unwanted energies away from them.
  4. Around an individual’s energy field (aura) to purify it and remove any negative vibrations or entities that may have attached themselves there.

3. What is the name of black stone and benefits?

Black stones have been valued for their unique characteristics and benefits since ancient times. Some popular black crystals include Obsidian, Black Onyx, Lava Stone, and more. They are believed to bring grounding energy, help ward off negativity, and provide protection. They are also thought to improve physical health by increasing blood flow and helping cells regenerate. 

4. What are the benefits of wearing black crystals?

Wearing black crystals can bring you various benefits for your overall well-being. These stunning gems have long been associated with protection, grounding, and healing properties. When you wear a black crystal necklace, you invite a sense of calm and balance into your life.

The energy of these crystals can shield you from negative influences and help you feel more secure and grounded. Additionally, black crystals are known for their ability to absorb and transmute negative energy, promoting emotional healing and spiritual growth.

5. What is the benefit of black stone necklace?

When you wear a black stone around your neck, you can feel a deep sense of protection and grounding. The benefit of a black stone necklace is that it acts as a shield against negative energies and provides a sense of stability.

The dark color of the stone absorbs and transmutes any negative energy that comes your way, allowing you to maintain a balanced state of mind and emotions. It also helps to keep you grounded, especially during times of stress or chaos.

The black stone necklace acts as a constant reminder that you’re protected and supported, giving you a sense of comfort and peace. It can be a powerful tool for enhancing your overall well-being and helping you navigate through life with a greater sense of resilience and inner strength.

6. What does the black stone around the neck mean?

Wearing a black stone around your neck signifies protection and stability. The black stone, often referred to as onyx or obsidian, is believed to have powerful energy that shields you from negative influences and promotes a sense of grounding.

When you wear this necklace, you create a barrier against harmful energies, allowing you to feel safe and secure. The black stone also helps to balance your emotions and bring about a sense of stability in your life. It acts as a reminder to stay strong and resilient in the face of challenges.

7. What does the black Tourmaline symbolize?

Wearing a black Tourmaline crystal helps you feel grounded and protected from negative energies. This powerful stone symbolizes strength, stability, and protection. When you wear it around your neck, you create a shield that repels negativity, keeping you safe from harmful influences.

The black Tourmaline crystal acts as a grounding force, helping you stay connected to the earth’s energy and promoting a sense of stability and balance in your life. It also absorbs and transmutes negative energy, preventing it from affecting your well-being.

By wearing this crystal, you can feel a sense of security and protection, allowing you to navigate through life’s challenges with confidence and resilience.


Black crystals offer spiritual and healing benefits that are invaluable to many individuals. These powerful gemstones possess the ability to protect, remove negative energy and balance chakras. They are useful for enhancing overall well-being at the same time.

They have enjoyed increasing popularity due to the mysticism they exude in astrology and spiritual practices. Some common black stones are obsidian, onyx, lava stone, zircon, hematite, magnetite, and shungite. Each black crystal has its own mystical properties and beneficial effects.

Overall, “black” is a color not often associated with joy or abundance. But these dark crystals command respect for their important role in metaphysical activities such as crystal-healing rituals. It is believed that different colors, including black, can send messages within our physical world for healing purposes.

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